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AvP2 “Clip Rocks”

Arrow in the Head, an extension site of Joblo, recently reported that a clip from AvP2 made its way to Amsterdam’s Cinema Expo:

“So for those of you who are looking forward to this film it should bring you pleasure to know that a clip of the film was shown at Amsterdam’s Cinema Expo and the crowd response was spectacular. The clip was prefaced by a short word from 20th Century Fox’s Tomas Jegeus and then the clip followed. According to Variety, the clip garnered a “shock response” from the crowd. – And I’m assuming that’s a good thing.”

Variety, who Arrow in the Head link to, had this to stay about the clip: “The horror clip elicited the desired shocked response from the packed auditorium.” So things are starting to look up for AvP2. It’s just a shame the article didn’t give some information as to the content of the scene. You can read the Variety article here and the Arrow in the Head article . Thanks to Darkoo for the tip.

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  1. jasonlotr
    I agree, I have only been on the site for like a week, but I come here every day.  I am going to California from 28th the August 12 but I won't be in San Diego in time!  All we can do is wait and complain.   :-\  
  2. Dual Blade
    ARE YOU SERIOUS Pvt.Hicks ????????????   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D    Please don't play with my feelings, but seiously, what do you think the likelyhood of us getting THAT Alien 5 MOVIE??
  3. Dual Blade
    I love the film and am sure like everyone else were just let down a bit by how it was handled. I actually thought that if he just soley wrote the movie and it was directed by someone else it could have turned out far different.   DANNY (the brilliant) BOYLE should be called in to direct Alien 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. meetxj9
    I have been an AVP fan as long as i can remember. After waiting years for the first 1 i was somewhat satisfied and dissapointed. I get to see them go head to head with one another which is cool, but in the end i get a love story between Alex and the predator. Not to mention the storyline, Alex actually fits in with one of the characters in the comics. Only differents is that she doesn't go into space and joins the clan. My hope is that they don't go TOO focused on the humans. The show is called Aliens VS predator, so let US SEE THEM GO ALIEN VERSUS PREDATORING AT EACH OTHER MORE!!! and please give us colonial marines please!!! That would be sweet. What ever the case is, i will give the Struase brothers the benefit of the doubt. They can't possibly be worse then the guy who did Superman Returns.
  5. Orion the hunter
    As for dual blades comment, I think a little more gore would add a new atmosphere to the movie, but overall I agree with Hicks, If too much goes in, the movie will lose that classic feel that the older ones had, we don't want to screw with it too much, but hey, we all have our own thoughts on the topic.    ;)     ;)  
  6. Orion the hunter
    Hicks, sorry for the confusion, I'm insulted that you got the idea I was dissing the alien and predator legacy, I love alien and predator, I was just saying that they are... in a sence... big man like movies.   :-[   my apoligies...
  7. Cellien
    While the gore adds to the overall "feel" of the creatures and what they are capable of.. whats most important to me in the previous movies is the overall (sci-fi) atmosphere.  Changing it to a movie like "Saw" would be such a major disappointment to me    :-\  
  8. Dual Blade
    Come on Pvt. Hicks    ;D   you know you'd love to see a scene like that.  Definately something WE ALL didn't expect to see! I just reckon its elements such as these that will give us that lasting impression. I mean how dark, grim and griity could you get?I have some other bits that I think MAY feature in this movie.  1. A close up of a Predator's hand piercing through a human (cluthing onto the spine as he burst through).  2. A human getting face shot by an alien (most presumably).  3. Severed limbs (most definately) from both aliens and predator/s.  4. A Predator throws his spinning disc and decapites heads (both human and aliens).  5. Blood, Blood,Blood,blood AND MORE BLOOD!!!!!!  Its all about catching the audience off hand. Ooooooooooo man!!!!! JUST SHOW ONE TINY TEASER,THATS ALL.
  9. Pvt. Hicks
    I used to want to see something like that, now im not so sure. im kinda 50 50 now.  ive never been disturbed by anything in any of the 7 films, i can watch them comfortably. I would like to say the same with avp 2.  well, Kanes bursting scene still kinda gets me, otherwise thats it.    ;D  
  10. Dual Blade
    The problem nowadays its hard to get really scared any more, especially movies such as these that rely more on the element of surprise ruther than creatur shock value. Saying that they are many people nowadays that DO still get scared off even to this day of the infomous chest buster scene, pure gold   ;D    I would love in a sense to see if this movie has tiny elements of a type of Hostel/Saw esq torture type of scare.  Imagine: a predator, slowly approaching its prey ( a traped,human hanging upside down) and before you know it we get to see a very first SKINNING of a human being first hands, think about it, its something that horricific to see, claws peeling away at the skin.  That in itself would DEFINATELY garrantee its stasis.  who knows??   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  11. Pvt. Hicks
    A monster movie?  Alien and Aliens are considered some of the greatest films of all time, on imdb they are ranked somewhere in the 50's/60's.  Alien 3-a cinematic masterpiece. Underrated by many. Lots of people love this film, its ART.  Alien Resurrection-An amazing space adventure that was way different from the rest. Dont tell me just an average "monster movie" cost 70 million to make.  Predator-One of the greatest action films of all time. It has ARNOLD in it for crying out loud! STAN WINSTON IS AMAZING and so is John McTiernan  Predator 2-Danny Glover, Gary Busey, more predator, impressive special FX, a dceecent follow up.  AvP-Crappy film, but made about 200 million at the Box office, average sci fi action fare.  Dont call any movie in this series a 'monster movie'
  12. EvilPenguin
    predx ur right bout the avp movie...but the whole him helping a human out..a chick on top of that..ruined the dang movie..paul anderson sux
  13. Orion the hunter
    ^ Xenomorphine, you're absolutley right, I also appreciate what you guys are doing... but man, this is a site dedicated to a monster movie, it's not a salute to "Under the tuskan sun", don't be so dramatic.    :-\  
  14. Xenomorphine
    I don't have any problems with people puzzling over why there isn't more publicity. I just lament what's become a sort of 'elitist' attitude among some fans, of how they're somehow owed something.  I think we're in for what could be the ultimate teasing campaign, personally. :) I remember one of the directors once speaking on one forum about how certain magazine interviews had been done, but I've seen nothing of those, which means the results are probably still under some sort of embargo.  There's stuff waiting. They just want to blitzkrieg us with it, when the time's ready. I still think a large part of it has to do with their confirmation of them tinting the colour on every single frame, much like the original 'Underworld'. That must have been taking a huge amount of time.  Hicks, Darkness and co, I salute you guys for even bringing us the interviews you've all managed to secure. I know a lot of us are slavering for even the tiniest bit of new information, but at least you are going to this trouble for the rest of us and I, for one, appreciate it. :)  It's stuff like this which makes us feel like a real community. Even if it's one which enjoys eating its own young, from time to time!
  15. Dual Blade
    From when we see the teaser trailer to when the film is released if your listen Strause bros ... don't show to much of those ' shock' moments because it is those MOMENTS that hopfully will get as SHOCKED!!  I want to have that sense of uneasiness (in the good sense) about this movie that I believe may turn around 'those doubters' opinion upon a good quality AVP movie.  The end of 2007, THIS FILM WILL DOMINATE, FULLSTOP!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  16. Xenomorphine
    I really get uncomfortable when I see, every so often, people posting on here about how they "deserve" to see something first.  As much as I appreciate the site, it is only one site of many and is in no way affiliated to the production - we're extremely lucky to get the interview access we do.  They don't owe us anything, not even that.  Even if there were some official production stills which showed something average, even though some of you are saying you would be happy for that, in reality you would bemoan Fox and the directors for not giving you something far more amazing. You know you would.  Please realise that we're in no way 'significant', any more than IMDB is. We're just fans on one more forum of many more.
    AVP2 can be a 2 hour film easy. I hope it's two hours! A movie like AVP was way too short, you can clearly tell how they rushed the dam movie and quickly killed off all the characters just so it could not be two hours lol. You can also clearly tell how they tried so hard not to make it too violent   ::)     It was such a dead give away, the moment red blood appeard it's almost like Paul Anderson quickly panned the camera away in fear red stuff would show up in his shots lol.
  18. Orion the hunter
    Don't get me wrong Alien vs. Predator is awsome, but I feel like such a F**cking monster nerd when I'm on this site   :-\    P.S. Tool is the f**king greatest thing to happen to a guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drum set, and microphone.  Off topic, but true.
  19. Pvt. Hicks
    I dont come here just to pass the time! AvP 2 TOOK MY SOUL AND THIS IS THE FIRST SITE I GO TO.  Can we get a picture of SOMETHING? A picture of a SHOE from the movie would be nice! A picture of the transportation vehicles for the actors! Colin's watch on the set for f*cks sake!
  20. SiL
    Why don't we get it?  Simple. We aren't important enough. We aren't the ones playing the films for all to see, which, obviously, comes above us actually going to see it. After all, if they don't play the film, we can't see the film.  Still, what a f**kin' gip. Not even a teaser.
  21. Johnny Handsome
    I dont think thats funny at all, i visit this site every single day... We are all hardcore fans (or most of us) and all we have is a bad production pic while the people in amsterdam saw the first clip from the movie!!! I dont know how you guys feel about that, but i feel a little f**ked right now from fox and colin aswell   >:(  
  22. Cellien
    @Pvt. Hicks:  I agree...  I come here everyday to pass the time by during slow periods at work.  I am always hoping to see a new update on the news page.  I deserve some freakin clips!    ;D  
  23. Pvt. Hicks
    We kinda deserved to see this though now that i think about it.  Look how desperate and sad we are... We come to this site every day for official news hoping for a PRODUCTION STILL, and yet some random people who could give two hoots saw it? Get f*cked Fox!
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