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ADI at Fangoria AvP2 Preview

Remember the Fangoria Weekend of Horror event, we reported last month? Turns out there will be an AvP2 Panel there with ADI SFX creators Tom Woodruff and Alex Gillis. The event will probably be similar to the Comic-Con event that was held before AvP came out. Q&A session followed by whatever it is they’re showing. Though they say preview, I think it’ll be more like a short clip or maybe even a teaser. The event takes place in Burbank, California between May 18-20, 2007. Thanks to Tyler for the news.

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  1. leprechaun62689
    Colin let us know.  P.S. in the ADI book the aliens are incredible looking, very scary.  The preds look awesome.  Keep us posted.
    Wow Ermac, what's your problem?  The Aliens have only gotten better, but the preds were definitely a problem, but you don't need to go "virginia tech" on a couple of effects guys.   Can't wait to hear some reports Hicks.
  3. Ermac
    I hope they get grilled for f**king up the looks of the Aliens and Predators. If they sit all smuggly the whole way through as if they're the best in the business then I'm going to assasinate them.
  4. JaredK21
    Fangoria is more for horror movie fans and it also plays host to actors who play horror villians (like Jason and Freddy) so that their fans can meet them.   Alec and Tom play, and are involved with the alien, so people would be more interested in meeting them rather than two directors they've never heard of. It makes more sense for Fangoria to invite and want Tom/ADI crew to come over the directors.
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