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AvP2 = Slasher Flick?

A little bit of information about the clip they showed at the Amsterdam Cinema Expo has been found on a Dutch film blog called Diablo_Rosso on IMDB translated the text and said this:

“There’s not much info about what was shown at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam but I did manage to find a small mention on a Dutch website about their reaction to the footage. Apparently, they screened two scenes from the movie and the footage resembled more of a slasher film with the Alien and Predator caught in the middle. They go on to mention something about the film being very bloody, which may be something to look forward to, but the author of the article seemed to have more of a “wait and see” attitude. Like I said, not much information and the translation was rough but at least we know they showed something visceral enough to be compared to a “slasher” movie.”

Hmm, well… a lot of die-hard fans were concerned that AvP2 would be like a slasher flick. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’ll be a step up from AvP either way. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

Update: Colin posted his response to this article in the forum.

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