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AvP2 = Slasher Flick?

A little bit of information about the clip they showed at the Amsterdam Cinema Expo has been found on a Dutch film blog called Diablo_Rosso on IMDB translated the text and said this:

“There’s not much info about what was shown at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam but I did manage to find a small mention on a Dutch website about their reaction to the footage. Apparently, they screened two scenes from the movie and the footage resembled more of a slasher film with the Alien and Predator caught in the middle. They go on to mention something about the film being very bloody, which may be something to look forward to, but the author of the article seemed to have more of a “wait and see” attitude. Like I said, not much information and the translation was rough but at least we know they showed something visceral enough to be compared to a “slasher” movie.”

Hmm, well… a lot of die-hard fans were concerned that AvP2 would be like a slasher flick. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’ll be a step up from AvP either way. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

Update: Colin posted his response to this article in the forum.

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  1. Mr Fox
    you guys need to chill, you have to understand that other countries view slasher films differently, and it was only two clips with intense fighting and gore n or blood using out just like we would expect. im really exited about this
  2. Elorrra
    I bet anything that this film has something to do with the end of the Ressurection!!! (Remember? Desert, no life...)=>maybe kinda big BOOM in the end by Preds? Who knows?   ::)  
  3. pretrixalated
    look people this can't be a vulgar saw or hostel film it has to be classic and smart . Imean I have seen saw and it was ok but nothing special Aliens vs predator has to be spectaculour!!!   ;D  
  4. Invisible Darkness
    "For the last damn time AvP and AvP 2 are Predator sequels" <------ That statment is just your oppinion. Aliens Vs. Predator is the sequel to the 1st AVP. These 2 movies are not sequels to the Predator movies. After Aliens Vs. Predator is released there are plans to make a 3rd Predator movie. Just as long as Aliens Vs Predator does well. It may not even be a sequel. There has been talk of them starting the Predator series over....kinda. A fresh start if you will.
  5. Necrotard
    I'm psyched.  *shrug*  I assume the clip was just kind of taken out of context.  If you just saw a violent moment from an "Alien" or "Predator" movie, without witnessing the whole thing in it's entirety, you might just see them as just another monster movie.  Even something like "Silence of the Lambs" or "Interview with the Vampire".  If you JUST saw a certain moment, you might see it as a standard slasher.  I trust the Strause bros. to give us a nice visual style and I'm pumped to see some alien-related violence.  I have faith in this sequel.
  6. cockroach
    heres hoping there will be dog aliens aswell as well as normal warriors running around the town... tho i think with the predalien now included they ll just have normal warriors. the dog alien (in my opinion) was the best looking/designed alien since the first original alien... i think alienS vs predator will be great from what the brothers have been saying... i want full acid spitting/melting, tongue stabbing, tail poking, blood curdling screams & facehugging terror!!!
  7. Commander Griker
    For the last damn time AvP and AvP 2 are Predator sequels  The Predators are the main problem and the Aliens are bread into the hunt because if the predators   for the Alien films the humans are at the wrong Worlds or ships at the wrong time
  8. Jonesy
    This doesnt surprise me. I think when they originally planned this movie it was in the middle of the "torture porn", gorey horror movie trend. Hostel 1, the Saw movies, Final Destination, etc... were all making alot of money. That trend has seemed to fade a little bit though. They may have just missed the wave.   Im glad its going to be graphic though. Being graphic doesnt automatically mean its torture porn or a "slasher" movie. If its part of a movie with a good story it just makes it that much better imo.  Im getting much more positive about this movie. I think theres going to be a lot of surprises that were/I'm not expecting, especially with creatures that we havent seen before. I think its cool that the military is going to be involved too (like in Aliens). I just hope they kick a little ass and arent made to look like incompetents, which is what youd expect from liberal Hollywood today.
  9. Predboy
    AvP2 = Slasher Flick?  
    QuoteHey, better than AvP2 = Comedy Flick? Right?!  Nah, seriously...I think Jonny has a point here. I would even say that most of the AvP comic books were always more predator than alien. People expecting an alien movie here will be dissapointed.
    Yeah, Im starting to think that too. Most of the news  Colin ever told us was about predators, nothing about the aliens except, there will be a hybrid and chains. I can only imagine how the aliens will be treated in this movie. Hopefully, the directors didn't forget to work as hard on the aliens as they did on the predators.
  10. johnny handsome
    I would not say that this is an Predator movie at all, some people say that avp was more an predator then an alien movie, i think its more an alien movie with preds in it, we just have to wait and see people, its that simple.
  11. Skelta
    AvP2 = Slasher Flick?  Hey, better than AvP2 = Comedy Flick? Right?! Nah, seriously...I think Jonny has a point here. I would even say that most of the AvP comic books were always more predator than alien. People expecting an alien movie here will be dissapointed.
  12. johnny handsome
    Thats the problem with you people, the alien movies werent gory and bloody, but the predator movies were, so i want this movie so bloody again, f**k the alien movies, i want predator violence.
  13. ElderPredator
    I'm worried that the film will be too bloody because really most of the Alien and predator films weren't that gorey so why should this one be anyone here agree.
  14. Alex Villalobos
    AvP 2 should give back the classic feel of Aliens and Predator cause of the gore but it wont bring back the classic Alien future concept  but think of it as predator 4 after Paul Andersons AvP f**ked up the Alien future concept both films being set on Earth i see them as Predator sequals they bring the Aliens to this planet   The Alien saga starts off in the future when mankind has colonized diffrent worlds "Aliens movies" AvP is mostly about the preds and the Aliens being trophies
  15. Alex Villalobos
    The guy who said that AvP 2 is a slasher flick is an idiot Aliens and Predator is supose to be bloody this guy is probably confusing AvP for freddy vs jason  f**king idiot  AvP 2 might be a little bit of a slasher because of the teens but they are being hunted by Pred and Alien and PredAlien
  16. Pvt. Hicks
    Hey think about it its AVP 2 being called a slasher flick not an ALIEN 5 or PREDATOR 3. No offense to anyone or anything itll be good but the future films will not resemble slashers/.
  17. Kane'sSon
    Ha it's gonna be good i can tell bring o nthe gore! Not overused but just enough .. I believe colin and greg are going in the totally roght direction with this. This guys view doesn't bother me ill decide for myself when its released!    ;D  
  18. pretrixalated
    ok people I think that there is to much of a fuss about this I mean this is only one guy's opinion!!! I whant to see scenes were military dudes are trying to fight the threat and have a couple of chest burstings,predator decapitating some marin and aliens attacking poor soldier.  I'm happy with the news... go strause bros go!!!
  19. Danger Close
    I'm not worried, lots of blood doesn't mean a slasher flick. They were most likely trying to reference the amount of blood. I think the Aliens are gonna be bad-ass and ruthless. Chestburster scenes are bloody and so are skinned trophies.
  20. SE7VEN
    I agree with the corpral it'll just end up as being comic style gore like in AR and P2. But then again I dnt see how they could assume it's a slasher flick from just 2 scenes? I don't know what to think!
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