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New AvP2 Release Date: 18-Jan-08?

A couple of reports over at Bloody-Disgusting and at Arrow In The Head are saying that Fox have shifted the release date from December 25th to January 18th. If this is true, I guess they’ll have to change greenband trailer and what about the movie title? The January 18th release date also happens to be the UK release date of AvP2 so if the US date has changed, so will the UK one.

Yeah, I always said they would postpone it but moving it from Christmas to go up against 1-18-08 is perhaps an even worse move. We spoke to Fox who said that AvP2 is still scheduled for the Christmas release date though. Thanks to DazAvP01 for the news.

Edit: Okay I can confirm that the date has not changed. The 18th is the international release date. Those site’s just got the wrong end of the stick. Here’s what Fox said on the matter:

“Some have heard through the rumor mill that the date for this release has changed. NOT SO! Forgive the confusion, but an international site posted the UK release date which is January 18th (and many other sites have picked up on it). We in the U.S. have not waivered from our bold release date of CHRISTMAS DAY – Dec 25th 2007.” (Hicks)

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  1. Optimus Virus
    Hey gb! yeh man i decided 2 change my name to optimus virus! lol  do u like it? i do!    :)    Man i cant wait for this movie!  Rock On!
  2. Optimus Virus
    I knew the 18th was just the u.k release date lol. we can all relax,!  what's this about the predator having a sword? that cant be right, not sure if i like the idea! he aint a jedi knight! mite be cool! we'll have 2 see, but a 'hand' canon and a sword make's him more human, anyone agree?  Rock On!
  3. Bio Mech Hunter
    Speaking of the razor whip... did anybody else notice in the RB trailer when wolf faces of with "Chet" *briefly shutters* in the rain (right after he extends his spear, no wisecracks guys lol), it appears he tried to razor whip her but it wrapped around her tail (either by mistake, or she countered) and she yanks it out of his hand and it goes flying into the background?  Good stuff. lol   :D     ;)    Although, I'm still having trouble believing it's capable of cutting an alien warrior in half. Like a chainsaw.   ::)  
  4. AlienTailWhip
    Wolf has a sword i paused it on the spot b4 he whips the alien in half he swings it back and there u can see he has a pretty positive thats one of his new weapons..cuz in alot of AVP comics they have a sword that would be awesome to see..
  5. AlienTailWhip
    matter of fact i just went back to the whip scene he does have a sword on his back i can see sure u ppl prob wont agree but to me its a sword and its in there i thought it was empty but i see now that i paused it that its a sword..
  6. AlienTailWhip
    plus when he whipped the alien in half on his backside like i said b4 he had a case i think on his back almost looked like a sword case can anyone find a production still and tell me what it is..cuz to me its a sword that he used already cuz it was empty unless im looking at it from the wrong angle...when he was swinging his whip back it looked like a case on his back..plz sumone answer my ?
  7. AlienTailWhip
    I just paused it and i seen when the predator is holding the aliens up he turns to the left alien and i paused it on that exact moment and he has his shoulder cannon red laser beam pointed on his head..he probably shoots the one on the left with his cannon and does hand to hand combat to the one on the right..cuz that would make the fight scene more intense plus the straus bros said they did in camera angles in fight scenes to make it seem like your theres so hand to hand combat would seem more intense and believable..
  8. gb
    rambo does luk gud like-PK. OPTIMUS, av u changed ur name or iz it a diffrent guy? and yea ATW it wud b a gud gift, im jst not gettin my hopes up.
  9. AlienTailWhip
    yeah but i doubt it GB it just wouldnt make it as good as to see it on x-mas...Now thats a gift from santa.. AVP 2. i got my wish list
    Thank God for sequels with most of the crap they put out these days I' de rather see a sequel to something that's already good. Aliens, Predator, Terminator, Robocop etc. Have any of you seen the Trailer for the new RAMBO movie? It looks awsome.
  11. AlienTailWhip
    First i thought it was true.But why would the put Silent Night on their trailer if it doesnt release on x-mas that would be very stupid so i know its on for x-mas still..
  12. YutaniDitch
    Yes, Optimus, that too...   ;)    I had a secret hope the 18th could be both the US and International release, but that would bea sking too much of poor old Fox...   ::)    Well, it's their loss...   ;D     ;)  
  13. Optimus Virus
    oh & the austrailian release date should be same as the U.S. the further the apart the release date's are, more chance of piracy dvd's and critic's slating the movie which mite change ur opinion without giving the movie a fair chance.  Rock On!
  14. YutaniDitch
    Great...  The international release a.k.a. UK release keeps getting postponed... from 14 to 18...  before we know it, it ill be a full month between the US and UK releases...  Well, more time to check the initial feedback...   ;)  
  15. Optimus Prime (Optimus Virus)
    Hey gb, hows it goin dude? my ideal release date? hmmm.  Well the U.S release date should be Dec 28th,  and the the U.K should be Jan 4th.  There both relesed on a friday, its after xmas and should be no problems..the title also could be the same AVP-R in the U.K & U.S because the releases are so close   Rock On!    ;D  
  16. SHREK
    Ahh F**K sake....why does it always come out so much later in the UK? foregin countries get it before we do and theres has 2 be dubbed in their language...we live across the pond from the US and Austrailia is opposite side of the world to them and they get it before us!!!!    >:(  
  17. predatorrudy
      :D  i would love 2 see AVPR this coming Christmas 25th. Who doesn't? I do. No matter what! No changing the date of the  movie, PLEASE! I CAN'T LEAD A ARMY, I might not b me so it has 2 b u so u got 2 stop this, stop this from happening!
  18. killzonewithbladesandteeth
    I liked AVP it wasn't brilliant but i liked it I think AVP-R coming out at christmas is fine with me I mean f**k, we're all gonna watch it and lets face it wasn't there a horror movie last year called Black Christmas released on Christmas Day
  19. frankaster
    no that that is for international release date... damm! but usually you can get a screener dvd after 1 week or 1 day to download a torrent that happened when avp1 was released on mexico few years ago... looking foward to dvd next may...   :P  
  20. Jonesy
    I thought it seemed kind of crazy to have christmas on the trailer and play silent night and then all the sudden change their mind.   Oh well, I wouldnt expect alot on christmas but that coming weekend (after xmas) it could do well. It could also do well over new years weekend. Thats two holiday weekends for it to make money, but it has alot of competition too.
  21. Slasher Predator
      >:(   grrrr its not in Jan for US. Its Jan for UK! If you want, you can go onto and join becasue Ian Whyte is there and he's been answering quetions. Ask him if the date was changed again, but Its not changed esp. if have 2 trailers that have a christmas date on it.
  22. Chet
    guys theres a update on the article that the story about the release for america is not true!!! It's still on X-MAS just go back to the article and it would say update that says the official release date is still slated for XMAS so TOO BAD LONG WAITERS!!!
  23. Sulaco
    BMH... We hate Anderson because of what he did to the predators, P 1 and P 2 were awesome, the alien saga was already in a downward spiral, I'd love to see a Predator 2 directors cut NC17 hddvd someday...I only hope AVP R will bring it all back!
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