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New AvP2 Release Date: 18-Jan-08?

A couple of reports over at Bloody-Disgusting and at Arrow In The Head are saying that Fox have shifted the release date from December 25th to January 18th. If this is true, I guess they’ll have to change greenband trailer and what about the movie title? The January 18th release date also happens to be the UK release date of AvP2 so if the US date has changed, so will the UK one.

Yeah, I always said they would postpone it but moving it from Christmas to go up against 1-18-08 is perhaps an even worse move. We spoke to Fox who said that AvP2 is still scheduled for the Christmas release date though. Thanks to DazAvP01 for the news.

Edit: Okay I can confirm that the date has not changed. The 18th is the international release date. Those site’s just got the wrong end of the stick. Here’s what Fox said on the matter:

“Some have heard through the rumor mill that the date for this release has changed. NOT SO! Forgive the confusion, but an international site posted the UK release date which is January 18th (and many other sites have picked up on it). We in the U.S. have not waivered from our bold release date of CHRISTMAS DAY – Dec 25th 2007.” (Hicks)

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