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Colin Strause on AvP2 Release

Further to our last news post, AvP2 co-director Colin Strause posted in the AvPGalaxy Forums about the potential release date of AvP2:

“Nothing is offical yet. Dates move all the time this early from release. We’re done in early summer, so it could come out any time after that.”

So we could be seeing it a lot earlier than December. In another post, Colin says they’ll be showing the studio their director’s cut at the end of the month and that their time is focussed on that. Thanks to Colin for posting.

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  1. Predator Schwarzenegger
    Yeh, only thing I'm worried about is that the execs in their infinite wisdom decide to butcher the directors' cut. Fox doesn't exactly have a glowing history in that area.    >:(  
  2. JaredK21
    Oh man, I'm so jealous of those studio people! They already get to see it basically. If I was one of their kids I'd be begging for information, promising not to tell ;P  And yeah, judging from this information, (if the directors cut goes well) the marketing steamboat should start sailing.
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