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Colin Strause Q&A Updates

Another week has passed and Colin Strause has answered more questions in our Q&A Thread.

  • They were hoping to get the edit locked down last month so that full scoring and sound design can be finalised for music composer Brian Tyler.
  • When asked whether the Predator would have acid-proof weaponry/armour, Colin said the Predator would be “well prepared for battle”.
  • About the Predator facial characteristics, the Predator in AvP2 is their own unique design – Similar to the Predators in the first two films – Wiser in his years. The Predator’s face will be fully animatronic including its eyes.
  • We will see chains in the sewers or elsewhere – reference to Alien.
  • The colour of the aliens are “blackish silver”. The slightly different colour seen in the ADI Book picture is due to the set lighting.
  • Talented comic-book artists were hired to help the directors with their storyboards. They also did CGI pre-vis for the big sequences and pre-edited a huge portion of the film before they started filming.

In other news, Greg Strause said on IMDB today that the AvP2 poster is being worked on. The poster and the AvP2 website should be up soon.

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Comments: 35
  1. ILovJesus
    I wish in d end, there is like a huge rucuz n then da smoke, n da pred coms outta da smoke with da queen's skull. Dat will  be so cool, jus dun get me wrong here i love aliens so much better but givin dis idea is jus my thoughts 4 d avp series. DAT WOULD BE COOL!!! N then ppl wil be like WHAT THE f**k!!! DATS COOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!
  2. Highland
    I wonder how they are going to get the Preds Mask off in this one....? the first 2 it was the duel with Arnie, then taken off by Glover, AVP it was the marking ritual.........wonder if its some kind of face of with the hybrid.........!!!    ;)  
  3. Banman
    Nothing terribly new here...common practices... And the animatronic eyes is quite a courageous move by the Strauses because if it looks too much like a puppet, well, there will be troouble... Still unsure whether the closeups of the Predators faces in the original Predator movie and sequel were animatronic at all... but if it was, it sure looked awesome and worthy of the 'pussy face' hilarious remark by Harrigan...     :D  
  4. RakaiThwei
    Yes, I believe so. Kevin Peter Hall wore contacts in both the first Predator movie and in the second...   Animatronic eyes.... oh, thats not a good thing in my opinion... Only the early TMNT movies were able to pull that off.
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