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Greg Strause Talks AvP2

Now we’re rolling. Two trailers in, new pictures and now Greg Strause talks some more about AvPR. Fangoria got chance to talk with one of the brothers about AvPR:

“But what about the worry that everything that’s cool about the new film has already been shown or suggested in that coming attraction? Strause puts those concerns to rest: “Not true. There’s lots of stuff still unseen””complete scenes that are not in the trailer.” Then he lets loose the juiciest of tidbits: “A new world perhaps…”

He talks about the usual things – intensity and etc. However, he’s also given us a nickname for the Predalien. Chet. It’s most likely a nod to Bill Paxton’s character in Wierd Science – thanks for that one SiL – and once again refers to the Predalien as a she.

More importantly, seems like we’ll be seeing the Predator homeworld in AvPR. This a good or bad thing? I’ll let you decide. You can read the full article here. Thanks to Ishallsmitethee for the news.

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Comments: 19
  1. zen
    You guys do realize that all aliens are both male and female?.Even the drones?.And the title"Queen"means that it commands the entire hive?.Some of you people should read the novel ALIEN 3.As for the pred homeworld,i dont know if they'll even show it.But if they did,i think i'd have a heart attack!!!   ;D  .
  2. insaniac
    Perhaps that's what the Predators call the Predalien in there native tongue "CHET". After all predators are refered to as Yautja in the novels and speak there own language. Why do we assume everything in the Universe have to speak English?  Agree, showing the Predator homeworld would be HUGE, if its done right.   :)  
  3. cdiehl
    maybe if they do show the alien and predator homeworld, that might set up something to come for Alien 5, like where the aliens came from. I guess there was a hint of Ridley Scott directing a possible Alien 5, but that has yet to see light. Just a thought.    ;)  
  4. Bender1988
    She Predalien-as far as i know ony she Alien is Queen...soo Predalienqueen-heh this is something new, i dont remember that kinda thing was in any AvP comics-I hope this will be good. Predator homeword-i personally dont care about that,but if they show some of Wolf past this will be good. If they show Alien homeword,nah if yes they musted show some of the "Giants"-race who trawel along space and "clean it" with Aliens-i dont think they do that.
  5. Jenga
    I bet it's a queen or something like it. That is how it could have the impact on the story he mentions (i.e. helping to spread more aliens etc.)  Even if that's not what he was alluding to I can't help but think the mouth and the back of the head clearly are shaped more like a queen's than a drone's.
    i agree with you elderpredator. i want to see the predator homeworld too aswell. i bet it's going to look so freaking cool. now all we need to see is the alien homeworld which would just as cool as the predator's homeworld.    ;D  
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