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Greg Strause Talks AvP2

Now we’re rolling. Two trailers in, new pictures and now Greg Strause talks some more about AvPR. Fangoria got chance to talk with one of the brothers about AvPR:

“But what about the worry that everything that’s cool about the new film has already been shown or suggested in that coming attraction? Strause puts those concerns to rest: “Not true. There’s lots of stuff still unseen””complete scenes that are not in the trailer.” Then he lets loose the juiciest of tidbits: “A new world perhaps…”

He talks about the usual things – intensity and etc. However, he’s also given us a nickname for the Predalien. Chet. It’s most likely a nod to Bill Paxton’s character in Wierd Science – thanks for that one SiL – and once again refers to the Predalien as a she.

More importantly, seems like we’ll be seeing the Predator homeworld in AvPR. This a good or bad thing? I’ll let you decide. You can read the full article here. Thanks to Ishallsmitethee for the news.

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