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Tom Rothman Talks AvP2

A new video interview with Fox chairman Tom Rothman has appeared at He talks about Fantastic Four 2, Wolverine and The Simpsons movie as well as AvP2, of course. He says the Strause Brothers did a great job, the movie looks great and the film is still scheduled for Christmas. He confirms that AvP2 will be R-Rated. “Hard R”, Rothman said and that we should start seeing a lot of new things this summer.

Thanks to SonoftheDark for the news.

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Comments: 9
    Think about it, what are they going to say? "Yeah AVP2 looks....ok, not totally great, but mmmmm ok I guess?," lol.  Or better "Yeah AVP2 looks kind of stupid, you going to get the same shit feast like in the first one, don't see it people, good day everyone!," lol.
  2. Ermac
    With it being released at Christmas, I'm guessing it'll be rated 18 here in England.  Still, if Tim Rothman says the movie looks excellent, who are we to question him? Wait, he's one of the Heads at Fox, so of course he's gonna say the movie looks brilliant.
  3. Hankerson
    AvP was more “Aliens” than “Predator” when it came to style and story. I suppose the “Hard R” for AvP2 is a sign of compensation. AvP2 will probably be more “Predator” than “Aliens” this time!
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