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AXP Greg Strause Interview

Alien Experience were lucky enough to interview co-director Greg Strause. It’s a really interesting and in-depth interview that covers lots of aspects in the film. Here’s the most interesting points:

-Some new additional scenes were shot. Greg hints that the Predator homeworld will be seen in the movie. There’s also some new scenes at the beginning of the film.

-There’s a scene at the end that ‘bridges’ AvPR with the first Alien film. It shows how human technology will have advanced so much so I’m guessing some of the Predator technology gets left behind on Earth.

-The Predator net gun doesn’t appear in the film but he does have a new armoured ‘Glove’ weapon. It’s unfolding armour that encases his hand allowing him to punch through concrete etc.

-The facehuggers are darker and slightly different, like ‘Warrior’ facehuggers. This apparently explains why the aliens have ridged heads. There’s also a big Facehugger attack in the sewer at some point in the movie.

Check out the rest on Alien Experience. There’s also three new pictures plus two behind the scenes shots which I’ll post in a moment.

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Comments: 46
  1. Anonymous
    the brothers suck butt BUTT BIG FAT BUTT they kill wolf he is a legend and they frekin kill him then frak them!!! if u dont post this with in 6 threads ur favorite toy will get broken OWNED NOW POST!!
  2. Starkiller
    Remember when greg said that after avp-r, human technology advances quick.   And the conclusion to that comment by mr greg strause was the predator (the wolf) must accidentaly leave an item behind! Well iv'e cracked it!   Its the shoulder cannon (well the hand-held version) because in the new still of the wolf in the hive! he's aiming the gun and of course in the trailers we have a seen one of the charcters (forgot is name) use the hand-held cannon on an alien, so of course u know what that means?    well what you think?
  3. Serious 101
    STOP BLOWING SHIT OUT OF PROPORTION   Everyone thinks their opinion is the only one that matters and what they think must be fact AND WHO THE f**k CARES IF HE HAS A METAL GLOVE when the Pred pulled out a disc that was like a damn frisby no one complained but now b/c one person complains u all do JUST A THOUGHT BUT MAYBE IT IS TO PROTECT WOLF'S HAND FROM ACID    :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o  
  4. spunkmeyer
    I'd say there's more to the glove than just metal.  It'll most likely be some high-tech predator gizmo rather than just armor covering his hand.
  5. zen
    And if the predator is strong enough to punch through a concrete wall then he's obviously strong enough to kick it down with his boot!.Because the only thing the glove can do is keep his knuckles from being broken!!   >:(  .
  6. zen
    I'm not going by what he say's(for the most part).He did make a good point with the domes and the pipes and a few other things,but right now i'm remembering Anderson,and at least he knew what was going on with the preds and aliens.And that glove?.It's like something out of STARGATE or LOST IN SPACE!!!!.Ya the directors have some authority when it comes to the movies,but they ripped the entire script apart!.It whould be like if some guy came up and ripped your kid in half!.I'm going to be co-director of my script,just so that way people like them wont rip it apart!.Ya,making the predalien the star was good,but come on!.I'll be so glad when i get my omnibuses,then i'll have a perfectly kick-a$$ movie!.I'm currently fifty/fifty on the Strause brothers.I think they could have done better!   >:(  .
  7. spunkmeyer
    A shame to hear the Alien suits were left unchanged. I absolutely hate the A:R and AVP aliens designs.  It's like they went for slimey and gross insead of biomechanical and, well, alien.
  8. Mr. Teal
    im confused! with all this differnt types of alien's, eggs, facehugger's. All those things were just changed because of the director's or film makers personal preferences. But the bros. have try to explain it for the fans.  personally i like the fact we dont know, make's the alien's more interesting, lets just wait for the film 2 come out before we start bashing it and the strause brothers, from what we seen so far and heard etc it will be 10 times better than AVP, it just mite not be the avp movie we wanted! if this one is a flop, lets hope fox dont make another! and if its good and the fans love it! then bring on another one, but only with a decent budget, cast & crew and script like set in the future & space etc
  9. jim
    Well, the thing with the changed eggs are harmless to the canon. They can be all the same, only the filmmaker made it in another style.  And the Aliens in
  10. Ricardo
    The original canon was already fuked up...   ???   there was already different syles of eggs to beggin with... the translucent ones in "Alien" and the completely opaque ones in the newer films... the alien in the first one also had a "white-ish" head dome too...besides.. their concept of having the alien adapt it's shape to the surrounding enviromnent makes more sense than your giving it credit for ;)   but here's an explanation that fits with your guys concept of "canon": The "warrior" eggs belong to those in an already well estabilished hive (like in Aliens) and not to those in a non completely well estabilished "hive" like in Alien Resurrection.. why were those aliens not ridge headed? They had more than a few days growth   ::)  
  11. jim
    Warriors...  ::)   They only exist in the comics. In films there is only one kind of alien.  hm...Perhaps it wouldnt be good to bring Anderson back.  Anderson showed the preds as ones who play gods for the humans and make alliances with them. They give them their own weapons as present, too. Anderson f**ked the Predator Canon.   But now the Strauses do that to the aliens. And they will want to do it on AVP3.  It's enough! I dont have to live with this crap. I see the AVP universe as Canon for itself. The Alien canon and Predator canon will be split of this Comic-universe for all times. So everything is fine again.  STRAUSE BROTHERS, YOU FAILED! YOU ONLY CAN CREATE THE AVP CANON, BUT NOT THE TWO ORIGINAL CREATURES IN THEIR CANON!  LIVE WITH THAT!
  12. Xerxész
    2 things:  Glove weapon I wouldn't call it a weapon, it's a tool. I think it would save him from the Alien acid but he can also use it for punching.  Human technology development Maybe the men of Colonel Stevens (or the Weyland-Yutani) will find Wolf's ship therefore we will get some new information about Predator technology for developping.
  13. Evilpredator
    Their was a shit load of Predator technology and evidence left behind by the Predator in Predator 2 for the humans to find and study.
  14. Dan
    Xenomorphine, the predator in P2 didnt punch THROUGH concrete all he did was punch the wall and some of the concrete came crumbling down.  he punched through the DOORS though...
  15. holdtheline
    I'm interested in the glove, since I've thought that some kind of melee weapon that can immobilise or crush Xenos swiftly at close quarters would be handy when entering a packed hive.  I just hope it meshes aesthetically with Predator technology and doesn't come off as cartoony.
  16. Xenomorphine
    The glove thing sounds iffy, to me. Like they're trying to make the Predator into Fisto, from 'He-Man'.  It was already shown being able to go through concrete in 'Predator 2'. Not sure why it would need stuff along those lines.
  17. Bio Mech Hunter
    Jim, my friend, I believe I'm starting to agree with you.   :'(   I'm really starting to think Anderson should've been pegged for the directorial role for AVP2, but this time, cut the damn man loose, Fox. Don't freak'n bound and gag him with what can & can't be done. I only hope the movie redeem's itself once it's released, but what with certain facts about it already having been disclosed (specifically pertaining to both the Aliens & Predators), I'm really starting to doubt it.  There's so many off the wall notions, comments & ideas from Greg in this interview, I'm not even sure where to begin on an analysis and explanation of what, how & why it's soooooooo wrong.   :o     :-\  
  18. Ricardo
    Starkiller is making sense... there have been multiple types off eggs... the one in the first one was translucent! We never got one like that again in the sequels... i'm digging the design for the warrior facehuggers    :)  
  19. Starkiller
    wow cant believe what ppl are saying. okay maybe the brothers have made a few new ideas but to be honest, I think they are more true and loyal to the original's than anderson was in his train wreck avp.   the warrior facehugger concept explains that there are differnt types of eggs which means different types of aliens, and as for the 'armoured glove' just wait for the film to see how that pans out, and as far as the predator technolgy left behind, anyone remember 'terminator' (same thing happened the endoskeleton was crushed but the hand and cpu chip stayed behind) and as we all know the brothers strause love cameron so they just following a legend, lets just wait and see!   if the film sucks then diss these dude's but until just be optimistic.
  20. botmetro
    no my friend just said he saw it and was probably trying to get me mad because he knew i was exited about the movie and he was trying to make me think the movie is going to suck but now that they said something about the predator stuff gets left behind i thought oh wow what if that actually happens
  21. Serious 101
    ^^ Wtf are u talking about    ???    If this is you trying to be funny well than u have a terrible sense of humor     If ur telling the truth then i might have to start a riot   >:(     >:D  
  22. botmetro
    oh wow.. i hope the thing my friend said about this movie isn't true he said his grampa worked at a movie theater and he burned the movie or something and at the end the predator gets into a car and crashes into a tree and then the mask is sitting in the back seat and it zooms into the mask..
  23. JMR
    -The Predator net gun doesn't appear in the film but he does have a new armoured 'Glove' weapon. It's unfolding armour that encases his hand allowing him to punch through concrete etc.   -The facehuggers are darker and slightly different, like 'Warrior' facehuggers. This apparently explains why the aliens have ridged heads. There's also a big Facehugger attack in the sewer at some point in the movie.  The two coolest things I've heard all day...
  24. ShadowPred
    -The Predator net gun doesn't appear in the film but he does have a new armoured 'Glove' weapon. It's unfolding armour that encases his hand allowing him to punch through concrete etc.  -The facehuggers are darker and slightly different, like 'Warrior' facehuggers. This apparently explains why the aliens have ridged heads. There's also a big Facehugger attack in the sewer at some point in the movie.    THE TWO MOST RETARDED THINGS THAT I HAVE HEARD ALL DAY
  25. Bio Mech Hunter
    It's a little suspicious Greg didn't mention the other side of the debate when speaking about pitting the Alien against the Predator. How much of these creatures do they really know about?  Both him and Colin seem to throw around ideas for new content rather haphazardly and not truly take already-established continuity and lore in serious consideration. And what the hell is with their ideas and views about the predators?!   ::)   I'm afraid to even think of what they might do with the female pred design and behavior.   :-X  
  26. Bio Mech Hunter
    Wow.   :o   Just, wow. I can NOT believe his comments regarding lore, the two species and the films. This film has predator fan service written all over it more than ever. I'm so disappointed.   :'(    Obviously, Colin & Greg LOVED the AVP comics. I'm sitting here reading it with my mouth hanging and thinking "Oh. My. God." Ignorance do'th abound. Where the hell is the logic?   :-\  
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