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Possible UK Release Date

Okay, got a short piece of news here for you guys. The Odeon Cinema release sheet has Aliens vs Predator as being released on the 18th of January. Once again, this is a friday release date but has just been pushed back two weeks. From what I could see, it left AvP2 pretty much against no competition whatsoever.

The release sheet also had the film as being “saturated” which means that every Odeon should be getting a copy of the film. A tiny bit of news, I know, but interesting none-the-less.

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  1. The Budday
      :-\    Well, here's a problem. AvP2, it seems, is getting a release date of 1/ 18/ is JJ Abrams Untitled monster film AKA Cloverfield which, if you haven't noticed, is one of the hottest stories on the interweb right now. So, being released on that date along with all the hype over Cloverfield, may totally screw with AVP 2.
  2. PredatorKing 2776
    Okay Hicks Calm down, I get it.    :o   I'll rephrase it, has FOX stated anything on the official release date or not.  Better?
  3. PredatorKing 2776
    Hey Hicks are you sure it is still 25 for US cause with all this crap going around about 18th 4th and stuff I don't know. I don't think it will be on the 18 of January because another big Creature horror film is coming out that 1-18-08 film in NY so who knows.
  4. SHREK
    CAN U JUST SHOW THE TRAILER PLEASE !! and i aggre with hicks if u cant decide which 1 to use show both   :P   either way i cant wait any more!!   :-\  
  5. PredatorKing 2776
    The trailer will be released next Wenseday. The Bros are finishing some stuff up and still deciding which trailer to use. I can understand what Yautja Boy good things do come to people who wait but. . . . we have been waiting a long time. Ever since Anderson left and the first pic of The Wolf holding the Alien came out in January 07 we have been waiting a while. Everything else has a trailer out and OFFICIAL release date. The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Resident Evil 4, The Kingdom, 1-18-08 (not an official name but the date) And most of these movies come out after AvP2 is suppose to unless they move the date back but then most of these would still come out after and we have seen previews and crap for all of them SO WHY NOT AVP 2!!!!!!   >:(  
  6. BodySnatcher
    .. Dont you think it would be cool if colin did like some sort of webchat? Like tio dispell some rumors once and for all and stop people whining, you know just to keep us happy until the trailer?
  7. KanesSon
    yautja boy!  What the hell are you on about? Can you not read? I said i don't care when it's released aslong as they dont keep playing us along .. u retard stop trying to be a smart ass. Learn to read before you start snapping at people Lmao im not whining God grow up!
  8. Yautja boy
    Hey KanesSon,if you were making a trailer for a movie whould you want it to look like crap,and consequently kill the film do to bad publicity,or whould you want it to look great,and impress all the fan boys?Thats what i thought!So you "shut the f**k up."and stop whining!   >:(     >:(  
  9. BodySnatcher
    For me the problem isn't waiting its them bullshittin us saying oh it's coming out at comic con .. then oh actually ita a week after, then of we don't know! It's like of just tell us a date (whenever it is) or shut the f**k up.
  10. Yautja boy
    To Procurator.I AGREE WITH YOU 100%.I saw all the behind the seens on predator,predator2 and AVP plus over a dozen other movies so i know its realy hard.And before the Net we whould all have to wait until a few  weeks before the movie even came out!So i think everyone shood calm down and just wait   ;)  
  11. Yautja boy
    AHHEMM!!.All GOOD things come to those who wait!   ;D  So just sit back and relax!.   ;)  And besides, Rome was not built in 1 day.   8)  
  12. Procurator
    : Sergeant.Poncho and all the other flamers, of course it's easy stepping over the director, when most of the decicions isn't even up to him. You have no idea how hard the movie industry is and you never know until you experience it. I have been doing 3D work and special effects all my life and know what hell this is.   My opinion , hope the trailer doesn't come out until the last 2 weeks before the release!   You should be great full enough that the brothers bother to take the time out of they're pockets and post updates for asshole fans that don't even appreciate it.   The big picture is either you flame the director , studio or the entire team , wont make any kind of difference , you'll still go see the movie when it'll hit the theaters , so you might as well just shut it.
  13. YutaniDitch
    Yes, Genocyber...I will do just that...just because you said so...   ::)     ;D    Also, I know this is the UK scheduled release, but my point is that nowadays given the piracy underworld and the power of reviews, especially bad ones, the delay between release dates works against the movie's boxoffice and not for it, so my question was if anyone thinks this UK release could be simultaneous with the European or, why not, the Worldwide release one...?
  14. SHREK
    are we ever gonna c this damn trailer??!! this is gettin damn rediculous now!! im fed up pf waiting and im sure all the other hard core alien and predator fans are!!    :-\  
  15. YutaniDitch
    So, unless FOX is willing to have movie reviews way in advance of the UK and rest of Europe's release dates, and a lot of pirate copies out there, I would assume this will be the European release date then...?   ???  
  16. SHREK
    the 18th of january?    :-\   it was supposed 2 b out on the 4th of january which is my birthday   ;D   oh well we dont need to think about when its released yet cus we havent even seen the trailer!!
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