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The Stunts of AvP2 Article

Hicks over at Alien Experience has done a lenghty article about the stunts in AvP2. They’ve spoken to a few stunt-related crew members. The article doesn’t give a whole lot away though. It’s more about stunts in general rather than any specifically related to AvP2. A little too technical for me.  :wink: There’s a couple of semi-new points:

-Stunt performer James Bamford mentioned one scene he did while working on AvP2: “I was attacked by an alien in the rain and was jerked into an alleyway on a wire and bounced off the wall.”
-Tom Woodruff and Ian Whyte performed most of the stunt work themselves.
-Jeff Habberstad says that AvP2 can be a stand-alone film but the story of the first one continues to be told. Make of that comment what you will.

Head over to AXP to read the article in full.

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  1. Jango1201
    First time comment poster here. Has any watched the exclusive avp2 video. When watcing the directors talk and the short footage of the film, take a look at the backround. Its style is very close to what we saw in Aliens. I do beleive this is a future movie. Check it out   ;)  
  2. JaredK21
    By the way, I was just thinking...maybe there's a REAL reason behind the secrecy of this film. And that is the plot of the movie is much different than what we expect. FOX knows that everyone knows about the AICN script and the negativity surrounding it. Colin and Greg have both said they used a totally different script written to their tastes. The only thing that supposedly remains the same is the setting and characters.  Other than that we know next to nothing about the alien and predator plot. Perhaps it's a big surprise that they are holding out on. And this is why this film can be considered stand alone and not a direct sequel.
  3. JaredK21
    Maybe the way AVP2 shows how aliens get on earth is different from the whole ship idea. Perhaps the predalien at the end of AVP simply shows us that a predalien can exist in the AVP world.
  4. Highland
    sure it can be a stand alone film, if penn and teller make aliens appear on earth for no reason? don'r really get that comment?   ???     perhaps he means we should forget the first one!   :P  
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