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  1. Hell Alien
    Man I LOVE YOU buddy!!!   ;D   Darkness hurry up and post those man. Like we say, take your time but do it fast!! Cant wait to see those. Man !! cannot witstand  myself right now!!!!!
  2. ryanpoli
    Yes...I believe we agreee now :)  Also, Im going out to the store NOW to pick up the mag for you guys.  I will email the pics to darkness (horray)!  I guess I really should write a novel with all im writing here lol
  3. Hell Alien
    Man !! I told you to go write that damn novel !!!   ;D   Anyway its clear that the acid loose its acidic qualities after a while so if Lex and the pred wait long enough for that, they wont have any problem touching that head. We all agree on that I think? right ? Anyway, that pen thing in Alien prooves it.
  4. ryanpoli
    Heh, no problem El Diablo, I myself prefer people to be as elaborate as possible with whatever they are saying :).  And you know Hell Alien, you may be right about that.  Heres what Im thinking though....About the guy touching the acid on the whole.  After time the acid slows down, think Alien 1 when it was first burning a hole through the ship.  I think after being out of the aliens body it just loses its acidity.  Perhaps while it is circulating it gains some sort of chemical that MAKES it acidic (similar to how our blood gains oxygen through the circulatory/respitory system).  And after it comes out of the body it begins to lose its acidic quality.  Or perhaps once it uses its acidic chemicals to alter whatever it is touching (skin...metal...the pen in Alien) then its just that, no longer acidic.  Again, not to discount your theory, im merely seeing where this takes us...and hey im never one to pass up a good discussion about something I like.  And about in AR with taking out the tongue/inner mouth.  Take this into consideration first.  Ripley ripped it out.  I *think* she is pretty much immune to the acid much like an alien itself is.  Didnt she have the same acidic qualities to her blood (remember how she uses her blood to burn through locks and at the end throwing it on the glass [i think this happened] thus comprimising the hull of the ship?)?  Damn i compose complicated sentences, i apologise for that.  So if Ripley was immune to the acidic blood, then she would have no trouble taking it out of the aliens mouth.  Did Call actually touch the tongue?  Even if so, perhaps it had enough time to lose its acidic qualities.    Im just going to wait for someone who knows alot more than me to come and post the truth to this whole issue heh.  I am merely making guesses at this, though educated they may be, so please, do not quote my babble as fact    :)  
  5. Hell Alien
    Oh and Bringer, I just forgot about the two most obvious proof of that an alien acid is neutralised after death. Take Alien and Aliens where Ash and Bishop take a inner look at the dead facehuggers. No tools or material is burn during the process. in either of those two films! and dont forget that alien`s acid is mollecular.Its not like sulfurik acid. It stop burning after a while.
  6. Hell Alien
    Well Ryanpoli, just look in Rez, when the two aliens kill the other one. When Gediman goes in the *cage* to look down in the hole made by the acid, he burn himself on the hole`s edge but this was far from being an acid burn. was more like hot water. and again in rez, when Ripley kills that alien that just killed Elgin, she ripped his tongue out and Call take`s  it in her hand and TOUCH the ripped part of the tongue and dont burn herself. Of curse for the acid not to make its devastating effect, a certain lap of time will have to go by. lets talk about several minutes.
  7. El Diablo
    I don't mind long posts (you should see the stuff I write on other forums), especially if it's dealing with new info concerning this movie. Thanks for the details, ryanpoli!    ;D  
  8. ryanpoli
    Are you sure thats so?  I mean how would a creature dieing make blood neutralized?  Im not saying its not true...perhaps cite your sources?  What movie?  I can think of quite a few times aliens were blown away only to shoot their blood all over the human (aliens anyone).    Or is it only after a certain amount of time that the blood loses its acidity.  Was this in one of the movies?  I dont recall, but prove me wrong, im intrigued.
  9. Hell Alien
    Yeah sorry think I read too fast sometimes. i was thinking that you were saying that it would melt trought but reading it back, I said the exact same thing as you    :-\    Anyway, for that weapon clean-up, They shouldnt have to worry about the acid cuz when it dies, an alien acid is neutrolized. That is what they say in the movies.
  10. ryanpoli
    Heh, Hell Alien, thats what im trying to say.  If blood god on the head shes using as a shield it wouldnt go through.  What im saying is that they need to be darn sure that the head is cleaned out well on the inside so theres no acid there to get on her hand.  Get it?
  11. Hell Alien
    Hell yeah its looking good but I think your wright about that the pred giving Lex the weapons otherwise, she would have to kill an alien, rip his tail off, and rip his head off then stick her hand in that jello trying to grab something to hold at. as for the acid burning true the head, thats sound dumb to me. The alien`s exo didnt seem to melt in the movies you know. So why would the head melt?
  12. ryanpoli
    Well its pretty obvious that the alien head wouldnt be eatin by alien already had acid coursing through it, remember?  My beef is that they better have cleaned it out pretty well, I mean one little drip of acid inside there could really cause some damage if you stuck your arm in.
  13. Hell Alien
    To Ryanpoli MAN! you were born to be a writter!! What the Heck are you doing on this forum!!?? just go write a damn A v P novel buddy!!  as for that Rating thing, lets not just panic too much. Of curse I would prefer an R  but we are going to enjoy the movie ANYWAY !! Right GUYS !!  For that shield thing, I have another supposition. What if Lex use the shield and spear combination to kill a pred.Then the pred (that we saw on the pics ) see it and Lex earn the pred respect and they then ally to get out of that magnificent aliens army that traped them.
  14. ryanpoli
    Well its pretty obvious that the alien head wouldnt be eatin by alien already had acid coursing through it, remember?  My beef is that they better have cleaned it out pretty well, I mean one little drip of acid inside there could really cause some damage if you stuck your arm in.
  15. Galmorzu
    Keep in mind that today Aliens is borderline PG13 if it weren't for the language and only a *couple* of graphic scenes.  There's a heck of a lot that can be done well in a PG13 movie, it's just that title of being PG13 has such a stigma attached to it now that no one can look beyond that.  For the record, however, I'm hoping for an R as well.       ;)  
  16. ryanpoli
    I forgot two pics from the mag!  First is a guy from the exploring crew face to face with the predator with the cool, distinguished mask.  Hes backed into a corner, and its an outdoor shot.  The predator is standing facing him like 2 feet away holding up his hand.  The cool thing is that the predator is like a foot and a half taller than the human lol.  The other pic is an obvious model, suit of a predator unmasked.  It shows his face, nothing new really.  The only thing worth mentioning is that you CAN see the scar on his forhead that would be from completing a successful hunt.  Scar predator anyone?  Well its there, just two little marks that look like cuts on the middle of his forehead.  Pretty cool.
  17. ryanpoli
    No problem about writing it up guys, I just feel bad that I didnt buy it to have the scans for you.  I would have if i was sure no one already posted them here this morning.  Ill tell you what Ill pick it up tomorrow if no one has posted them by then and send you the scans.  And I sure as heck hope its going to be R.  I want all the blood and gore I can handle, as well as  suspense and horror (on a side note, check out the trailer for Saw on IGN if you want horror...thats one movie I cant wait to see).  It just kinda scared me that they were even arguing about PG.   At first I was PG they must mean PG13...but as I read on it just became more clear.  And yes, the whole *action* thing kinda annoyed me as well, but look at it this way...  Id rather have an R rated horror movie.  Whats a PG13 horror movie really?  It just doesnt happen, or not well, because if it was actually scary it wouldnt be PG13 at all.  The fact that they are saying *action* and how much action is in the film actually kinda calms me a little bit.  In my thoughts, a PG13 action film would fare better than an R rated horror film.  Again, this is just me thinkin stuff up, but if this is going to be an action movie then im all for it.  When these 2 species face off I wouldnt really expect horror anyway, whats scary about an alien hunting a predator or vice versa?  Nothing really, thats action, theres not much suspense or horror involved in watching 2 species that cannot talk, that we cannot connect to (yes i know preds can kinda talk, but thats not the point).    My point is that I think I, or we should have expected action from the get go.  its Alien vs Predator, not Alien and Predator vs Humans.  Humans will be killed no doubt about that, but thats not the highlight of this movie, thats not what its about.  This movies about the 2 creatures goin at it like weve always wanted them to.  Myself, im less scared of the idea of PG13 now.  Hopefully itll be R, id be overjoyed if it was, all im saying is that if its PG13 I dont think people need to make a whole big deal about it, not till they see the movie at least.    Oh yea, and check out Saw, really, it looks good :)
  18. Hell Alien
    No doubt in my head that this is rated R. Anyway thanks for that novel you just wrote !!   ;D   It was all but boring. but the thing beign an action bothers me a bit . I taught it was going to be sci-fi horror.  And we now have an idea of  why that pred ally with Lex. He was probably imprested by her survival instinct and that she disurved to be with him. but I just hope she will not kill to much aliens with that spear. Cuz she is far from having the skills of a pred and dont have that much protection with her shield.
  19. Shadow of FUS
    trust me.Aliens series was R.Predator series was R.This will be R.Most magazines out there have shallow sources or rely on rumours.
  20. ryanpoli
    Well guys I saw the mag, its at my local Barnes and Noble bookstore, and it had a nice beefy article with 3 or 4 new pics.  I was disapointed though, they talked about the rating and how graphic the movie is, I didnt buy the mag cause I thought by now someone would have already posted the pics and stuff (i was wrong i see) and its a freaking 9.99 magazine.  Well heres the scoop on the rating.  If youre too lazy to read all this, ill sum it up...they didnt say anything conclusive.  So, if reading on, this is all just stuff, some old some new that people are saying about the movie and its rating.  So many times they said \"Oh this movie isnt going to be PG, no way its going to be a PG movie with all this action.\"  Did anyone ever dream it was going to be PG?!?!?!?  Sheesh, and we thought PG13 was a drag, apparently someone was talking about PG at one point.  Well they say a few times how theres no way it will be PG, but they also say that Anderson wanted it to be R.  How hes sure it will be R.  They conclude the article by talking about the level of gore.  This disapointed me, but the more I think about it the more it seems alright.  They are making this an action movie.  They say about 20 times how the level of action is going to be so high.  They also talk about \"beheadings, chest burstings, alien eggs, etc.\"  But they say that the gore and trauma to humans is...oh i forget the word...they used some word that I thought summed it up very well, but in other words, the gore in humans isnt going to be very extensive.  Aliens/Preds on the other hand are probably going to get torn to pieces, but the way they were talking about it in this article it sounds like they are going to do alot of the camera panning away type stuff.  Where you know the guys dead and you hear the noises but you dont see it.  I wanna see it dang it, just like seeing bishop get split in two, that was just awesome.  I guess we shouldnt expect any of that here.  If you want to know more about the rating situation read the article, im just doing this from memory.  The new pics were just downright awesome.  The cover pic *look above* is really sweet showing a pred and an alien.  The alien just looks sweet in that shot, I love the way its head/mouth looks.  Inside theres a headshot of a guy with a facehugger firmly gripping his skull.  Its a member of the crew no doubt, as you can tell by his jacket.  There is also a pic of lex holding a spear of sorts and an alien head as a shield.  I dont remember if this was ever argued or disputed, but it is an alien head shes using, it says it in the article.  And the spear?  Its a spear fashioned from an alien tail (remember the concept art with her facing off with a queen holding what looked like an alien tail?)  It was a great picture.  Another pic is an effects guy standing with a huge model of the queen.  It looked awesome.  The last pic was a long distance shot of a foggy scene where you could only see the sillouhette (hard word to spell) of the queen.  Her head just looked great, you could see the jagged ridges going up the top of the crest.  Well I hope this helped, its a good article, check it out, but at 9.99 im not going to buy it lol.  Later fellas.
  21. Stryker
    I WILL DEFINITELY get my hands on this issue no matter what it takes. I'll beat down old old people for christs sakes if i have to. Dont think I wont.    8)  
    i cant wait to get the new issue of fangoria to see the pictures of Alien vs Predator. i hope that avp will be rated R and for it to be very good movie and i hope they make Alien 5 and Predator 3. i want to see more movies of both the aliens and the predators. i been a huge alien and predator fan for nearly 14 to 15 years. this month also that mcfarlene toys will be releasing the aliens and predator figures. 2 aliens from alien and aliens and 2 predators from predator and predator 2.    ;D  
  23. Bringer of Death
    I was just in the Fangoria site and this issue does not go on sale until June 17th, I guess they go to the set for an interview    :)   with hopefully some new pictures to help us crave our addiction!    ;D  
  24. Jason
    The magazine is supposed to be this month's issue. I'll see if i can find it when i get paid. Hopefully one of you guys will beat me to the punch.
  25. Hell Alien
    MORE PICS!!!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE SCAN THIS!!!!! I DONT HAVE ACCESS TO THIS MAG SO HURRY!! and have you saw that cover!!   ;D  its awsome!!! I bet its a scene from the DAMN GOOD!!!! movie upcoming
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