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Bringer of Death has sent me the six-page article in Fangoria Magazine in high resolution and inside the article, Anderson has a long chat about the creatures and the cast but one part I did find interesting:

“Lathan’s contract allows for a sequel if AVP is a hit. When asked if he sees this movie as a beginning of a new franchise, Anderson exclaims “Absolutely. This is not Alien 5, and it’s designed deliberately not to interfere with Alien 5 or Predator 3 if there should be such movies… It’s a stand-alone movie. You don’t have to have seen a Predator movie or an Alien movie. If you have, it’s got a lot of cool stuff that interrelates to those franchises, but it leaves Fox free to make Alien 5 or Predator 3 if they want to.”

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  1. Hell Alien
    not nececeraly, they dont need a ton of good writters. They need 1 that will have a good script. A sequel in the area 51/desert is not so bad i think. Would be better than in space. We had too much of that.  We were waitin for that moment for almost 15 years. now we have it but not just for 1 movie i hope.
  2. J
    I don't know Hell Alien, I've always been slightly cagey about the Earth thing.   uummmmmm, they would need an INCREDIBLE amount of writters to create the BEST type of sript, ( they could always do Alien 5 and 6 as was mentioned a while back).
  3. Hell Alien
    NO SEQUEL IN SPACE!!!!!!!!  We had enough of that, i want actio on earth. There is so mi=uch more potential here. More deaths, more action, more strategies etc...   Its 100 times better on earth than in space. Its redondant to have things in space now. Its cool in the way thats its creepy and all, but you can do that on earth too. And we waited so long to finally see aliens on earth man. They cant take it away after just 1 movie.
  4. J
    Hey guys, what are the chances of the sequel taking place in space? ( I prefer the emptiness, bleak and loniness there)  PLUS, wouldn't it be out of this world for a colonanaire marine and Predator combo against the Aliens??
  5. ElTiburon
    G-Dog- I was talking bout the novel based on the movie. Alot of people have made pictures of adult predaliens but nothing official...just check the forums
  6. MechanizuM
    Its just nice to watch a film thats different than the same bullsh!t u yanks keep making, like remake after remake of each old film or more films with the same crappy storyline in it! fool
  7. MechanizuM
    Yeah 28 days later was a really good tence horror for once and actually had me alittle on the edge of my seat at some points.Be great if he done another Alien film.Not kinsa up for a predalien pile of crap like that though in the new avp film, i think that would really kill the whole thing all together.If they do that then there just getting to carryed away with the whole thing and could destroy some of the best science fiction classics for good.There going to have to stop at 1 point with all the Alien and Predator films...they cant just keep thinking up things and keep making better films.Everything has to end at some point.
  8. J
    Jonatron's right. Danny Bole ( I hope thats correct ) would be perfect to direct an Alien movie. He seems to be the ONLY one who knows hard to deliver fear, ( for anyone thats seen 28 Days can say the same). He narrated the channel 4 documentary on Alien a while, being a fan himsef manages to some up EVERYTHING what Alien had to offer, his brilliant ( just watch 28 Days and you'll know what am talking about).  The TIGHT camera angles,   those LONG tense moments,   those SHOCK moments of Danny Bole's movie all seemed to add up to the exact ingredients an Alien film needs ...   BRING BACK THE REAL TERROR , BRING ON ALIEN 5 (this has no reflextion of AVP)     ;D  
  9. G-Dog
    To: ElTiburon What book are you talking about? and yes I have seen the predalien chestbuster concept art, I was referring to something more thant that. Maybe an adult version of it. Maybe they just introduce this thing in the movie kind of hinting it for the sequel?  Thanks for the info though.
  10. ElTiburon
    Well, there have been alot of rumors going around bout a predalien in the film...i can tell u what i know..there is a production concept art of a predalien chestburster, and....  ***SPOILER****  at the end of the book, after the elder preds pick up the dead Scar, there is a scene in the predship where scar is lying on a table and his chest starts to bulge outwards as if something is trying to get out...oh yeah, i forgot to mention there is one predator who almost gives birth to predalien...i'm not sure if they show it in the movie, but in the book, as it bursts out his chest, Scar shoots it with his plasmacaster and the predator catches on fire... ***END SPOILER****
  11. G-Dog
      8)   M friends, Do ANY of you know ANYTHING in regards to a f**kin' alien / pred hybrid in this movie???? Rumors has it that YES! (Paul A. hinted that maybe?) I know there are some smoothe cats out there with skills so whats the scoop dawgs? Any pictures? drafts? (NO! not freaking home drawn shit either) ligit production shit!
  12. ElTiburon
    Okay, maybe the preds have bases on different planets but no definitive home planet? I don't think they should even bother making an Alien wouldn't be worth it...Ripley is dead...her character is completely ravaged! they could have a new hero but where r they going to start off since A4 ended with them on earth?
  13. MechanizuM
    That new Alien in Alien Resurrection just destroyed it for me.I could of cryed seeing that mutated freak scratch the Queens face of..but i didnt because i was with my m8s at the time   :D  
  14. MechanizuM
    Well what if the Aliens taken over the Predators home world and now the Preds have there last few ships left because all the Aliens kicked there asses on there home world and the last remaining Predators go to hunt them down.Other Predators get bored of hunting the same breed down so they come to earth for something different to do.Predator 2 proves there now a hunting race because of there skulls on the wall in the ship
  15. G-Dog
    Great idea ElTiburon. But MechanizuM has a point. If that were the case for the predators, how will they build their fleet of ships? They have to have a "docking station" or "home" port some where.  Bringer of Death, thanks for the compliment and for the 411. I appreciate that. About the Alien's origin, I think it is a good idea to know just how that space jokey's ship got to the planet in Alien. However, going too deep into who, what, and from where the space jokey is, is going too far. I mean, introducing a whole knew alien species (space jokey) and going to war with them (Alien 5 and 6  plot right now) because they breed the Alien race that this franchise is about is, I don't know, it just doesn't seem right. It takes a lot away from the xenomorphs. Another thing, I don't think that Alien vs Predator should be connected with the Alien and Predator franchises. AVP should be a stand alone franchise. Then, the predators could be the breeders of aliens and all this crazy shit like in the comics and crap. Alien and Predator franchises, leave them be to the end. I don't know why Bishop is in AVP any damn way. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this......
  16. ElTiburon
    I agree with whoever thinks that it would be a bad to have the space jockeys or aliens origins in the next movie. I would like to maybe learn more about the aliens like the physiology/ hive behavior/ how they see but they should still be left mysterious...that's what makes them so appealing. About the preds, here is my idea: wut if they don't have a homeworld like everyone thinks, but they just have like huge fleets of spaceships and they travel throughout the galaxy searching for game. And each clan has a particular fleet of ships or region of space they operate in, and there are some preds who are solitary; just traveling by themselves...
  17. MechanizuM
    I thought that in Aliens special edition where u get to see the people travel in that 4by4 machine to the alien space ship, that the actual space ship would of been predator made because aliens arnt advanced in anyway possible while the preds are miles ahead in technolagy.To know the Aliens origin would be cool but i think it would be better to know the preds because they are kinda like a high tech race while the Aliens are just another type of breed which dont really think, they only to stuff for the Queen and thats it.Drop dead jonatron.
  18. Jonatron
    About the next Alien movies........I don't want to see the origin of them or the Space Jockey. I want them to keep the Aliens misteriosly. You don't have to know everything....just like you don't want to see the Alien too much. And MechanizuM: Just shut up, Pussy face.
  19. MechanizuM
    PREDATORS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !...and u all know it.Aliens are gay, all u have to do is look at there piped structured head and there wormed second mouth that comes out of the other! While u have the Preds with all there shoulder guns and big shiny knifes sliding out of there hands and to top it all off there masks own.There heads are perfect for snazzling sleek masks. Can u people imagion what an Alien would look like with a mask on it, hmmm...   :)   retarded
  20. Bringer of Death
    Hey guys i was just on, the guys who posted avp as being pg 13, well now the pg 13 part is removed .Heres the comment i copied and pasted ......   If you head on over to iFilm, you can watch an exclusive featurette for Fox's Alien vs Predator. Paul W.S. Anderson's film, which hits theaters August 13th, stars Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Lance Henriksen, Ewen Bremner, Colin Salmon, Agathe De La Boulaye, Tommy Flanagan, Carsten Norgaard, Joseph Rye, Sam Troughton and Tom Woodruff Jr.   Now theres no mention of the rating anymore so mabey they were either misinformed or made it up.Atleast heres a nother pg 13 fact gone down the drain! yeaaahhhhh!     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  21. Bringer of Death
    Im glad your a good sport and dont take every comment so critical like have the people on this site do so i give ya props to that, but ya i use to watch the wraslin but it just gets more lamer every year and the story lines keep getting worse to but enough about wraslin, go to the first comments topic on the main page, some guy named shary says he has a bootlegged copy of the avp movie and says its the shilt , best summer movie 4 sure, dont know how credible this guy is since its just his word against ours.But if he happened to figure out of to prove it it would be reasuring to know this movie will indeed kick major arse like i pray it will
  22. J
    For the ' 5 ' Alien movie heres a FEW things I would love to see:  1. The Aliens Origin ( PLUS their homeplanet, maybe will see a NEW type of alien form e.g. a cross between the look of the Queen Alien and the regular warrior drone).  2. The Origin of the ' Space Jockey '  3. The return of Ripley ( for the last time )  4. MARINES ( more hi-tec with TONS of heavy Weaponry)  5. We get to see the look first hand at the companies so called BIOWEAPON that they always ranted about ( e.g. this could be anything ranging from new robotics fused with the use of the alien's skin).  6. Charles Wyland's other ' associate ' ... YUTANI  am I you guys also have some ideas of how the series can go, what do you think?     ;D  
  23. G-Dog
    To Bringer of Death: Thanks for the correction on that. Me not being a wrestler fan at all, typed in the wrong height that I heard off someone. Now, knowing this...............what the hell, Preds breed too right? anyway, crack pipe in hand, I blaze up once again................
  24. G-Dog
    JustAnotherAlien........????? WTFO? Anyway, So far, the rumors for the plot of Alien 5 and 6 sound like kick ass movies. Especially with a director like Ridley Scott or James Cameron who know how to make a great movie. I am kind of iffy on Ridley though, I mean, he talked about liking the idea of ONE alien in his version of Alien 5, with all the origin stuff. (???) Kick ass plot ideas having ripley go to the alien's home planet in Alien 6. I agree with J.  Fans, come on people, its up to the fans to get our feet in Fox' ass to give us our pre/sequels!!   I hope they make a Predator 3 aswell, but not any of the idiotic Predator fighting a ship crew from the 13th or what ever century, or any bull shit like that.   To Ungeromimizu: I agree with you on the space truckers deal, however I disagree with you on Alien 3. The movie itself SUCKS like Alien 4. The characters however, are DECENT. Dillon was good, about the only one, Ripley, of course she is going to be in the alien movies because its HER story fighting the Aliens hence them even cloning her back in 4, and them wanting her back for 5 and finishing off the story with her in 6.  The alien is what makes the movies cool, but its the characters that bring the sotry to life. Why do you think they didn't just make Alien vs Predator with just the Predators and Alien if they were the MAIN characters in both of their franchises????????  The gung ho marines gave the movie Aliens the action it needed. Reason why Aliens is a much better movie than the shit hole Alien 3 and ridiculous Alien 4 with that supid ass human alien hybrid!!!!!   >:D  
  25. Bringer of Death
    Lord Hamster and JustAnotherAlien , Like I said earlier the guy who played BOTH predators in the first 2 movies is Kevin Peter Hall, now regardless of what you guys think thats 100% fact right there baby and true van damme started out as the pred but quit do to the heat in the costume and the fact of not being credited.Now I hope your joking about the monkey? And G Dog theres no F'n way in hell that China is or ever will be 7 foot 9 there buddy, so your saying shes taller than the Big Show, Undertaker, Kane ! keep smoking that crack pipe    ???   shes mabey, mabey 6 -9 on a good day, man shes shorter than thriple h and hes no were near 7 feet at all.Ungeromimizu , sorry I have to dissagre with you on that aliens characters , hell even alien 1 s characters were and are better than all the maggots in alien 3, sure dillon was a strong role, but thats about it.The rest were greasey ass maggots that were all rapists and murderers, oh ya there sweet    ???  .But hey you have your own opinion and tast but i cant agree with it at all, no offence or nothin.
  26. JustAnotherAlien
    The predator in the first movie was played by a guy who was 7 foot two inches. But was first played by Van Damme, then a monkey. Van Damme quit because he didn't have a credit in the film, then a monkey put on the suit. That failed, so they got a guy who was 7ft 2" and that was who they went with the rest of the movie. Funny stuff.
  27. Neo
    Sorry Bringer of Death, really nice work. J you are right i think all the alien fans want to see the Alien origins, but i also want a Predator 3 movie because i
  28. J
    SERIOUSILY GOOD FOLK, I really think that after this movie we should start the campaign going on the last Alien movie... number 5.  * Miss Weaver would be back.  * Ridley Scott will have some envolment in the film  * FINALLY get to find out the Aliens TRUE origin  COME ON PEOPLE, BACK ME UP ON THIS!!!     :-\  
  29. Ungeromimizu
    i actually cared more about the characters in a3 because i thought they were much better than gung ho marines or space truckers. just look at dillon the bad ass, who went toe to toe with an alien bare handed (or did he still have that axe and just not swing it? my memory is failing) and still had enough strength to talk shit, if only he had his cranium splitting pipe to re-educate the alien.   to me hicks sucked, he was just a cardboard hero that should have been the one to get ripped apart by the queen (i want organs and blood not tubes and milk) so it was good for him to get smashed right away.   i always thought ripley was excessively bitchy so it was good to see her die. to me the series isnt called RIPLEY for a reason, the alien is the main character.  newt was a decent character but you cant always get what you want.  considering how interconnected aliens and predators are in all of the comics and the games, i think they could make plenty of sequels for avp.  f.y.i. arnold is actually SHORT.
  30. G-Dog
      8)   Some one get China (the wrestler) on the phone for an AVP sequel. She could be the 1st female predator. (7ft 9 inches tall people!) Anyway, Heights of predators, I think not that importnant. I mean, yeah we know that they are bad asses just by looking at them. Tall or short, male or female, he/she will still kick your ass. Who cared how big Jason had to be compared to Freddy? or Godzilla compared to King Kong? and vise versa. To think that a pred shrinks when older is just the same as calling him a pussy. Lets not think of a Pred this way people. Just like all species, they come in different sizes and looks. Would we want to see a Pred that HAS TO BE 8 feet tall and has to have THESE same colors and patterns and armor? I think not. In fact, from what I've seen from this movie, they seem to be using he same type of armor and weapons for each predator. Either members of a clan use the exact gear each, or I thought that a pred used their own type of weapon? I'm basing this on the 1st and 2nd Pred, not any comics and shit like that. I expected each predator to be different in regards to their weapons and different armor. The helmets seem to differ but thats about all. Maybe we're in for a surprise, Aug 13 seems to get longer and longer away damn it.......
  31. Jonatron
    To Shadow of FUS: It's obvious that Paul is a die hard Alien fan. He loves Predator, too, but not as much as Alien(just like me ;). But I don't like how he talks about Alien3 !!!! I mean you saw a glimpse of the Facehugger in the (great)opening credits...and that is too much?! And yes, you didn't care about the caracters as much as you did in A1+2....but that wasn't the point of this movie!!! It was all about Ripley and it worked because Weaver did her best acting ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A great movie!!!
  32. Lord HamsteR
    streing..the pred at 2 movie was almost same hight as main carecter but in first film the pred was very tall,taller the Arnold even...and eyes of pred at first film where good they where eyes of actor that playd pred unlaik 2 film... and in avp some how all preds on the same hight...
  33. Bringer of Death
    Kevin Peter Hall is one big man, he played both preds and Harry from harry in the hendersons, so to say what you said is wrong my friend, he indeed was a very tall guy before he died.Im almost 100% sure he did pass away though.
  34. Lord HamsteR
    O_O! the oldest preds are the short ones? i think no one had tall actors the days of first pred films...they lookt human laik back then... btw-who plays avp2 now?
  35. Bringer of Death
    There my scans!!!!!!   >:D   Just jokin i dont give a shilt, just as long as everyone enjoys em as much as i do couse the preds look damn good.Lord HamsteR, good point about the preds looking taller i agree but that is weird cause the first to preds werent teens were they? if not they were either just short preds or the start to get shorter the older they get.? I dont know
  36. Lord HamsteR
    jungle,city,space,new planets all done and would be boring! in predator 2 in city with al thous ppl he killd thous in hotel the bad of drug dilers and thous in train ah there where girls in suits at the end and how wen he killd then was BORING + they made eyes fore the pred to look laike dols eyes UGLY! but in AvP preds look cool and TOLER then in predator movies and they kill more!! aliens is aliens but i dont get why Anderson wanted to have alien legs from first 2 movies and atacht feet from 4'th movie...but enywey my hopes are that thise movie will make a new game and new movies!! P.S Anderson love both of them and he sed that "youl work hard to finde some one with stronger love to aliens and preds then me"...
  37. Bringer of Death
    Im glad you doggers liked the scans   ;)   as soon as i say them here yesterday i had to go get the magazine for myself, so i did snanned em and sent em to Darkness.But about the not seeing an alien or pred 4 45 mins sounds good to me because thats what  i likes about the first 2 alien movies and the 1st pred is that they waited awile to introduce the creature and in that time distinguished the characters more so when they got there heads bit ot spine ripped ouut you actualy felt s little something for that character.Also like Anderson said , in alien 3 and resurection in the opening parts of the movie you got to see an alien after that its like alright ive already seen the monster so now whats next type of attitude.Also this may mean were infor a 2 hour + movie here! I hope anyways..And J good point up there, you have to have the movies in different enviroments to keep it new and interesting
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