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  1. J
    Here's my vision of the predators life style ...  The Predators came from somewhere, their whole entire exsistence is to be born to hunt the deadliest spieces. ( like how the humans were born in the matrix, tube like machine, hence their long tendrills)  Perhaps the are 1 or few individual predators that have themselves been up against a full fledge Queen Alien and lived to tell the tale ...  ... those Predators evole themselves through their technology to become far greater and strong than before ...  ... hence a NEWER form of their old self ...  ... PREDKING!!!!     ;D  
  2. J
    I presume that they are going to be a vast amount ( more than we can count)   :)    For the Sequel they should create an ultimate style Predator (their god perhaps) something that could rival the Queen Alien.  Imagine these 2 duking it out,   NO ...  ... HOLDS ...  ... BARD!     8)  
  3. Bringer of Death
    To guy, as avp fan pointed out the preds use many different versions of there vision modes like we saw in pred 2, the pred couldnt see the guys in there insilated suits because no heat traces were comming off them so trhe pred found a vision mode to see the light beams bouncing of the particles in the air and what not, so Im guessing they have a specific vison setting for detecting aliens aswell I mean they must theyve been hunting hem for thousands of years so in that time they must have come up with the right technolagy to see them, if not thats there death wish.Now I can only speculate on how or what this vision mode will ideed look like but going by the games( avp for pc) they will have that grey matalic sheen to them and the rest of the world will be drenched in another color.This is only  guess on my part but all the answers will be told on Aug 13 2004 baby ! heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  4. Leftcoastpunk08
    HAHAHA! Hey those are my photo shots!  I  posted it up at  It's funny how things spread like wild fire on the internet.  Yeah, the pictures can be found in fangoria, the latest issue.    the article is basically what we've read already.  Things about the movie like, characters, plot, and sfx.  Sorry about the bad quality.

    Oh and a couple things: 1. The pred in the 3rd pic, is the ELDER PRED!  You can barely make it out in the pics, but the cape is draped over his shoulder pad.  2.  ON the 2nd pic, Weyland is on the floor, and Seabass is being choked by the pred, the guy in the net is Max.  3.  An interesting I read in the aritcle, was this is a separate new franchise, if it is a hit the girl who plays Lex will do a sequel, as her contract states.  Anderson says, it will not interfere with Alien 5 or Pred 3, if any movies are ever made.
  5. guy
    Hey bringer of death,could u please answer this question. In aliens, the marines said they are cold blooded and send off no body heat. If the predator hunts by body heat, How can he see the aliens?
  6. uhhhhh
    ok, ive spotted 4 preds, plus the elder.  these are the preds Scar Celtic Gill the predator that is sort of dancing with the alien in the picture before the mural, was the second pic on yesterdays newest update (as well as my new wall paper).  he has 3 verticle slits going down the cheeks of his mask.  i am assuming he is another pred, though i could be wrong  then there is the elder.  these pics are sick.  the second pic is definately an elder, its dreads def. look blueish grey to me.  and the guy on the other message board said that you can see a cape in the actual pic.  i think i might be able to make out a little bit of it near his neck by his shoulder.    anyway, i hope his armour is plated in JEWELS...lovely, beautiful  also, Scar's stomach armour seems to be more ornate than the rest of the armour.  cant wait for the new pics, thanks Bringer.  i keep telling everyone that this movie is the movie event of the century and not to miss it, random people lol, RANDOM PEOPLE ON THE STREETS!  they think im crazy...but they will all go see it lol.  AUGUST 13th, ALIEN VS PREDATOR, DONT MISS IT, BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hell Alien
    Yo bringa, thnx for the pics. Hope we will see them soon. Will be very kick ass again. Eh eh.  And about the greatest hit of summer, forget it, spider man 2 will be. He is breakin records again. Nonsense. he made 256 millions in his first week. Its non sense. AvP will never beat that. But it will be in top 5 of the summer tht is for sure. I think he will do like 3-600 millions.World wide. Wich should be very good. And far than enough for a sequel.    ;D  
  8. BRIAN
    These pics look GREAT and I can't imagine how anyone would want to shit on this film so bad??? All I ever see at other sites is people prejudging the film before seeing it cause of Paul Anderson... I mean, is it me or were his films REALLY not that bad, not as bad as Jaded fanboys make them out to be??? For a fan of the ALIEN VS PREDATOR Comic's, this looks to be a fans dream come true and I do hope there is plenty of carnage to reflect this..
  9. Bringer of Death
    Ya Saint Sinner, its the same picture of the elder inside the book, the one were he's talking to anderson, still a cool picture and its deffinatly the elder due to the fact of him wearing his red cape, and in the pic with scar standing over the alien body on the ground you can see the aliens been stabbed or shot because there green/yellow blood on its back.So when ever Darkness posts em check em out, i scanned them a decent size to so youll e ablr to read all the words in the interview.In the inteview there isnt to much new info but its a good read non the less.
  10. Predgirl
    I think the pics are cool and kick a$$ baby.  Can't wait for the moive oh yeah.  For those who worried about the Predator being stubby looking he looks good to me. I hope they advertise on tv haven't seen anything yet anyone else.
  11. Saint Sinner
    Hell yeah Bringer of Death, thanks man. Someone said on the cover of the issue that there's a really pissed off picture of the Elder Pred. Is this true, or did this guy just get mixed up with the picture we're already seeing?
  12. Bringer of Death
    What up guys, you can thank me now because I just bought this issue of Fangoria and scanned the pages and sent them to darkness a minute ago.There are 6 pages total and as far as I can see its an interview with anderson.I havent read it yet but it looks good.Also the picture of the elder is 100% the elder, you'll see in my scans that you can see his cape on his back.Oh ya baby so now its just a matter of time for Darkness to post my scans for you all to enjoy.   ;D  
  13. Hell Alien
    Bringa, no in tha book, the elder is very different lookin. And look in P1 and P2, the armor of the preds r very diff, from each other. No pred have the same armor once they passed the test, they can do it their way after that. And if you look at the pics of the toys, they r not the same as for the armor is concern. And about the grid compared to other aliens thing, yes in tha book they mentionned it. He is probably a royal guard or preatorian if ya like . That could explain why he is bigger and stronger. But even if its the case, i dont think that PA would have done the alien as small. Would be bulshit. Aliens r 8 .5 feets. That alien is only crawling on the pred gettin to his face for the kill. And look at the alien, it so cool, you can clearly see the shape UNDER the dome. The eye sockle , the ridges ... Its so cool.
  14. SaNdMaNxX
    lol i hear ya rsuty. the pics are maaad kool way to kool .. i mean these look like production pics well most of then  and i think they looks great ......   ;D  
  15. Bringer of Death
    Good point Cetanu and hell alien about the shoulder canon having the tracking system incorperated to were ever the pred looks, also Hell Alien when your talking about the elder and scar maybe being the same pred due to the fact that the armor is the same, as far as I can tell ALL the preds have the same armor besides the helmats,  except Scar has the stomach guard thing that know one else has.These new pics however do rock, im glad we can 100% put our fears to rest about the stumpy legged pred in the novel pictures because every shot with the preds in these pics look perfect to me.But I want to add something to the pic of celtic and the alien on him, the aline may look small because it could be farther over to celtics left side looking smaller due to the fact of being farther away from the camera rather than if it was directly on top or closer to celtics right side it would look larger.Or possibly it is just a young undeveloped alien hes fighting.Hell alien didnt you mention that in the book the grid alien is allot bigger than the rest of the other aliens because its the dominant alpha male warrior or something like that.
  16. Cetanu
    I'm psyched with the way these photos turned out. One thing I'm a little bit critical of is the last pic of Scar. I must admit overall it looks terrific, except, his shoulder cannon isn't pointing down where he's looking. I hope PA didn't forget that the cannons point and track wherever the Pred looks, that was such an awesome feature in the original Predator, I hope to God the guns work the same way in this movie.
  17. Hell Alien
    How kooooooool. Eh eh, scar is tha pred. He's the one to fear. I love that last pic, so menacing, cool, and showing the pred as he is, saying " so did ya got enough ?!!  cmon stand up so that i can kick ya ass once again !!!! " Eh eh, I love preds so much. But the thing is, that that alien was probably killed in mid air or something by the pred plasma caster. The preds only get it out to use it, not to look cool. Or the pred got his plasma out cuz they were maybe 2-3 aliens, cuz look at his gun, its pointing in the air, maybe another alien is there.   And I think that the pred we see with PA is scar. Cuz some of ya brought out the dreads thing beign longer and all in the elder. But look at them carefully in that pic and the last one, youll see that they r the same. And the armor is also the same, Im talkin the shoulder pad, and the guntlet here. Since the elder trusting the book, is very diff lookin of the youngs. And in that book, they say that ** SPOILER **  Scar armor was VERY damage by the atks of the aliens, 3 with grid ( ouch ) 2 with othe aliens, thats make alot of battle damage.  END OF SPOILER   So its possible that in tha movie, Scar is so damaged that he take off what is left of his armor to fight the queen. Kinda honor thing vs the ultimate threat, named, the queen. and in tha first pic, its obvious that the pred is indeed oinned to the ground. The dreads wouldnt go like that if wasnt the case, and the alien wouldnt be so small. Aliens r 8.5 feets tall and preds r 8. Anyway this movie will kick some serious aliens and preds ass!!
  18. AngryHobo
    Inkedspawn... Scar takes off his mask and burns the lightning mark into his mask...then using the reflection....burns the scar on his forehead also. The "elder" Pred doesn't show up until the end of the book...he has ornate jewel encrested armor and gives a spear to Lex. No "elder" or blooded Pred accompanies the 5 teen Preds....
  19. AngryHobo
    I don't know if this has been covered, but the unmasked Pred with Anderson doesn't have the belly guard or the lower arm guards....just shoulder pads. Could this be the Pred that is... SPOILER ALERT  held down by the Aliens and impregnated after his mask is burnt away buy facehugger blood?  END SPOILER  As far as I can tell, it isn't Scar...unless he does have to remove his armor due to acid damage....what do you guys think?
  20. inkedspawn
    lol at barreth. i always thought there was the 3 preds in the flash back, then gill-celtic-scar. so does the elder drop into the movie from time to time to give scar his marking? i thought that the mark was placed on the head not on the actaull helemt. Ot does look like the alien is on top of celtic look at how his dreeds are laying.i think celtic is gonna be l ike teh arrogant one thinks hes the shizzle.

    i just noticed something on the wallpapers. The one with just the predator whos looking over to his left shoulder is scar i think but where is the armour down the middle of his body? the pred also stood by the human, is that also scar do u think? as i cant see y an elder would be there yet if they come at the end. can someone answer my questions in my last two posts who and read the book maybe, thnx.
  21. Barreth
    The Gill pred and visor pred are the same in my opinion... both have a visor... and I'm not sure what you mean when you say they are flowing in different directions... they are both flowing horizontally.. and they both appear to be the same pattern...  **SPOILER**  The scar pred and normal pred are the same predator, scar gets the marking put on his mask after he kills an alien (being blooded)  **END SPOILER**  The other predator we've seen is the elder... with no mask and long blue dreadlocks...  Therefore, we've only seen 4... celtic, scar, and gill are the 3 teen preds we have seen... the 4th is the elder
  22. Frosty
    We have definately seen 5 now  Celtic Pred: fancy muzzle design Scar Pred: blooding scar on helmet n head Gill Pred: shown in face off with alien in trailer Visor pred: on new wallpaper Standard pred: plain normal helmet  now i can see the differences between gill n visor pred, both have side patern to their helmets, but, flowing in different directions, correct me if a wrong but im sure i have seen 5.  p.s. i hate the above names, celtic etc, but everyone uses them to describe the helmets, so that i will except, but cool netherless
  23. Somebody
    Those pictures are awesome!!!! I can't wait to go and see AvP.    ;D   Paul Anderson did a very nice job on how the Aliens and Predators look like.
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