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Movie Magic Magazine Scans

“Bringer of Death” has just sent me three scans from Movie Magic Magazine which features a three-page article on Alien vs Predator. While no new pictures have been revealed, it’s still an interesting read. You can view the scans here by clicking on the relevant picture. I’m not so much worried about getting into trouble with these scans – it’s all in a good cause isn’t it?

Movie Magic Magazine AvP Movie Magic Magazine Scans Movie Magic Magazine AvP Movie Magic Magazine Scans Movie Magic Magazine AvP Movie Magic Magazine Scans

Thanks to Bringer of Death for sharing these images with us.

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  1. Deathbite
    Wow good job Darkness thx for these. These are rather interesting...they say on the article that Anderson is not gonna stray off from the series and thats good to know at least the timeline of the movies wont be messed up like some ppl were worried it would be.
  2. Bringer of Death
    Ya when I sent this to Darkness I gave him the decision of posting it regardless of the fact that there was no new pics or anything we havent already really heard//read before but none the less I'll read anything that has to do with this movie just for the hell of it.But at least on the cover of this issue they listed AVP as one of the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS so I'm gussing from what they were shown at and were told they found this movie to be pretty damn good, as do I and these 45 or so days couldnt go any slower!   ???  
  3. Galmorzu
    Still, it is a fairly interesting read with some good words coming from Anderson himself.  I actually believe that, if nothing else, he'll actually do a pretty decent job with AvP.
  4. Galmorzu
    It's to be expected.  The author of the article probably hasn't even seen the movies.  He was given the job of writing up an article on AvP with the goal to hype it up.  Usually these guys are able to do a better job than this, but whoever did this one sure didn't.
  5. CoNTRoL
    wow makes me question journalism, not that this is of the highest calibre but i mean, the author gets the AvP catch phrase wrong and the same with the premise of alien3. besides the article doesnt say anything new. im lame for even posting here. time to find a girlfriend to give meaning to my miserable existence.
  6. Alex villalobos
      :)   13 yrs can you belive that i became a fan of AvP in 1992 when i was 5 yrs old that was when Alien 3 came out that was the first Alien movie i saw then it was Aliens and Alien and then Alien resurrection but when i was 4 yrs old i remember seeing predator under my parents dinner table i was so terrified of the Alien hunter i was crying but little boys grow up, so i guess that was the fist movie i ever saw relating to the AvP universe i own all the Predator movies and all the Alien movies on DvD i had them on VHS when thay first came out but man i go back with AvP.  I was born on Dec 23 1986 im 17 now but yes i have bin waiting for a long time for this event good things come for those who wait    ;)  
  7. Corp. Hicks
      8)   AvP is going to make history i just can't wait for the movie, new video games, and new toys to come do you remember the 1992 Kenner AvP action figure line up those were the bomb Alex Villalobos would know he has all of them Wazz Up Alex    ;D  
  8. DeaconRage
    my hunch is that there not promoting it becuz  1. its not good, and they dont want to waste money on promotion is good, and they wanna hold it as a surprise  its almost a toss up, becuz they hyped up "day after tommorow" so much being a great movie, and the movie was such a bad movie
  9. Bishop
      >:D   The thing that realy pisses me off is that the people down at Fox are not doing any thing to promote or advertise AvP this movie is going to be realy big thats realy said that they don't know that    :)  
  10. DeaconRage
    I have a feeling its gonna be like the darkhorse comics. how only 1 pred and human are left versing the aliens while trying to escape
  11. Yarah
    I Doubt it, I think thats answered by fact the aliens don't start showing up in New york City. I feel it's unavoidable for the predator's to team up and win with the Humans, or who's left of the humans that is.... lol   ;D  
  12. sandman19xx
    from wah i read these guy (the film makers) like the aliens more or it seemed that way witch i asked/say are the aliens really ganna win?
  13. DeaconRage
    I just wish they would release a trailer. The matrix reloaded and revolutions had like 5 or 6 by the time the 2nd month was around. we havent even got one  anyways getting back on subject, that was very helpful. i like it more now of why anderson picked antartica
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