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AvP Article in Sci-Fi Magazine

As you may know, a while ago I told you there was a new article in August’s issue of Sci-Fi Magazine and Renegade, over at Gamegossip, has posted the ‘important parts’ of the interviews with Lance Henriksen and Paul Anderson. Here’s an extract:

“Inside the vaunted pyramid lies a series of chambers–Entrance Chamber, Chamber of the Gods, Sacrificial Chamber, Hieroglyphics Chamber, Staircase Chamber, Fight Chamber, Bone Chamber–all of which are bad news for the unlucky adventurers who’ve stumbled upon the domain. The Fight Chamber is the locale for the first big battle between the two creatures.”

I’ve included the parts that Renegade posted on the next page.

— Article —

“This Bishop is the father of modern robotics, which means that the Bishop we saw in ‘Aliens’–over 100 years in the future–was built in Weyland’s image. In the film, Weyland’s dying, and, facing the end, he wants to leave some kind of legacy behind, like most billionaires. He’s a good guy in the film, and the role forced me to try and imagine what it’s like to be a billionaire. Weyland wants immortality, which explains why a robot–centuries from now–would feature his image and would be named Bishop. He lives forever.”

Anderson doesn’t want ‘Alien vs. Predator’ to deal too deeply with the origins of either monster, but feels that audiences will identify more clearly with the Predators, who are much more heroic than the slimy Aliens.

Inside the vaunted pyramid lies a series of chambers–Entrance Chamber, Chamber of the Gods, Sacrificial Chamber, Hieroglyphics Chamber, Staircase Chamber, Fight Chamber, Bone Chamber–all of which are bad news for the unlucky adventurers who’ve stumbled upon the domain. The Fight Chamber is the locale for the first big battle between the two creatures.

20040622 AvP Article in Sci-Fi Magazine

What’s going to happen is that you’ll see a real Alien and a real Predator, but some of the parts will be CGI-created, like the Alien tail. We couldn’t puppeteer the Alien’s tail, so what you’ll see is a real Alien with a tail that’s made of CGI whipping through the frame.

In fact, the Predators in the film have been so humanized that Anderson feels that audiences will feel genuine sympathy for them…not to mention that the Predator is the hero of the story. Sort of.

“Whoever wins…we lose,” Anderson says with a laugh, a reference to the film’s tagline. “The Predator is the lesser of the two evils, no question about that, and that’s what the human characters realize in the film. I think the Predators are the good guys, in that you can sympathize with them in the film. They have a code of honor, like the Samurai. They’re noble warriors and easier to understand than the Aliens.

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  1. Hell Alien
    Amen, thats what I want too. your right.  But Jason, 5 preds vs 20 aliens= preds looses. it depends on the distance of the alien tho but to kill 20 aliens the pred wont have any choice to hit with their plasma. and if the aliens are too close, it will be the end. But PA will not make the aliens all of them go on the preds. Thats is for sure. it will be more stealth and atk style. otherwise it would be a short movie.
  2. Neurook
    About the Aliens being cannon-fodder and generally unintelligent pieces of meat. That may be, when commanded by a queen in a established hive ( Aliens ) the drones take on a swarming attack pattern.  Strength in numbers, full frontal attacks, surrounding.  When not in contact with a thriving hive the Alien seem to start using more independent thought. ( Alien, Alien 3 )  Stealth, Hit and Run tactics.  The Alien is obviously a deadly foe either way and while the swarming style of attack pattern involves more losses it probably gets the results all that quicker. I hope they try evening the odds between both species. I dont want to see the predators overrunning the aliens and I dont want to see the aliens slauthering the predators.  I do want to see them scientists bleed though    8)  
  3. Jason
    I read somewhere about the hive coming out of hibernation, but i'll read up on this. 5 preds could easily take 20 aliens. I think we've had this argument before though.ah well, i'll follow up on this post.
  4. Hell Alien
    Well here we go. it will be around that pretty much. 20 aliens, 6 preds, around 15-19 ppl goin down. Still to know if tha preds are gonna use that Plasma against the aliens. we see that one shoot of it but on who?
  5. SaNdMaNxX
    i just checked the trailer and i counted 19 if them maybe i missed a ferw but i counted 10....   ;D     more beats and more spines to come off lol
  6. Hell Alien
    No more than that, looking at the trailas out so far, look like there is goin to be about 10-12 ppl. But I will check again, the thing is that with trailas, we see ppl that haves bigger roles but not really the ones that die quick and things. So Ill check this out again and Ill try to post something more accurate. But since we didnt saw the thing, Nothing is to be taken accurate here.
  7. SaNdMaNxX
    yeeaa maybe when shes freed like in the concept art u see the pred telling lex to leave or run w/e and then u see her in front running towards them with alot of aliens behind her
  8. Hell Alien
    Knew it, its crap. PA would not do such a thing. To dumb. Or not every aliens is released at the same time, just at the end when the queen is freed.
  9. Hell Alien
    100 !!!!!!!!!!! forget it, cant be. No chance in hell. Otherwise the preds wont have time to pass any test, as soon as an alien will saw them, its really gonna be war, and the preds are really gonna need their lil gizmos to save their butts. But they wont survive 1 min against 100, that guy is not knowing what he is talknig about. i consider this as bulshit. Did he said where he got the info on that????????
  10. SaNdMaNxX
    some said  on another site that theres ganna be like  100 aliens i said wah a f**king dummy i was like man there cannot be 5 predz and a hole army of aliens other then the pyramid scene , i mean if u read deep in to the reviewz and interviews ull c that theres alimit of  alien just like predator..
  11. Hell Alien
    Yeah, 9 from the sacrificial chamber + the crew  = around 20 aliens. Or the aliens all come from the crewand the sacrificial chamber mummys were used like 100 years ago. Or more
  12. Hell Alien
    Both will get their ass kicked. Its A   V   P. Preds are goin to get trashed, then aliens are goin to get trashed. But still, how many preds, how many aliens, does the queen have time for some trashing before the end,  Put these all together and youll get a lil idea. I think that there will be 5 preds + elder= 6 preds in total. I think that there will be around 9 aliens in the start but goin up in the movie to maybe 20 cuz of the crew. = 1 predalien. And that the queen will screw like 2 preds, then at the end, its lex the pred vs the queen and maybe 10-15 aliens. Ten the elder come to take the surviving pred home, discover that lex is there, that the queen and the aliens are out. So he decide to fight the queen to let time to the 2 survivor to get out. Then BIG BADABOOM. the pyramid get or sealed or destroyed. The end.
  13. SaNdMaNxX
    and wha makes u think that the hive of aliens are still alive?????????????????? i read befor an interview thats was posted here alil while and back i remember the guy who who had visited the set said that it was last scenes shot and he said there were only 3 survivers an alien witch he didnt witch one it was  a pred and lex ......So no i ask u how U figure that the predz are the loosing bunch?? none of  us really know who will win,  but there alil something to think about......
  14. Bringer of Death
    Fari freak show, how do you figure the preds win, they get there asses kicked if you ask me seeing as how if there are 5 in this movie only 1 lives? thats sounds like there get beat to me, Im a huge pred fan but dont count out the aliens strength speed and agility as we see when the 1 pred in the prailer gets f ed up by the aliens.
  15. Fari_21
    Ok ok imma put it simple for those so Called ALIEN HARDCORE fanz....THEY SUCK,,, u wanna wait fo da dvd better dat way u don't pay to see ur so call hardcore aliens get fried, chopp up like chap suyi...  they hatin on me in other boards for speakin the truth but i aint gonna be a fa...g about it and  give their names here since i'm not to tell people off when they aint around......anywayz,,,,,,,,PREDS RULE LIKE IT OR NOT IS THE TRUTH..... PEACe....   8)  
  16. Jason
    Just thought i'd add my comments on what i've read. We were saying the pred has a code of honour. true. but then the subway was brought up. Did anyone notice that everyone in pred 1&2 that got killed had guns. Hey even the grandma had a big one. That why the pred didn't kill the south american chick in pred one. she wasn't armed. And dutch realized it too, that's why he kicked the gun out of her hands. Now too the aliens, they're a constantly evolving species spread out across the universe that rarely come into contact. they rely mostly on instinct. yes, they are smart and i won't argue that, but when the queen backed away from the torch it was instinct. Plus those things get pretty frickin hot.   :D   anyhoo just my thought i could be wrong but hey whatever right    ;D  
  17. Bringer of Death
    thanks there Alien Emperor, I dont really think that the aliens in resurection were that much more intelligent then any of the other ones we've seen before.
  18. Bringer of Death
    I thought the only alien that was spliced with human dna was the queen so she could grow that uterus type thing and give birth to the newborn like a human or mamal for that matter and also thats why the new born looked more human then alien because of ripleys dna and thats why it feels ripley is its mother not the queen.The queen didnt have the right human pheramones that ripley did so the new born killed her.And as for the alien that pushed the button on that guy, it new how to do it because its been tortured with it for who knows how long until it would stop and back off when the scientist would just have to put his hand over the button as to say if you dont do as i say your gonna get it
  19. Hell Alien
    Good, darkness you rule. was about time tho   ;)    Well lets get back to buisness, First winston, I will stop writting comments on A vs P. It is just not working, I should say that we all do the same. Lets argue on tha movie. Anyway bud, I better love talking with ya than shitting ya. your a cool guy bit its defenetly not working for the avp.  For the first thing, P A said there was 5 preds. I dunno why someone said it was 3?. Cuz we see 3 in the trailers? Well think to this,1- there is more than 1 celtic and more than 1 fish face or normal pred. May be they are all from diferent clans that wears different masks, so 2 of a clan, 2 of another. A single representant of the 3rd clan and finally the elder. could be a possibility. taught to that?? Or 2- there is 3 pred and Pa said that to take us on a false route. But I doubt it, It would be kind of boring if there is 3 preds dont ya think?   And for the alien intelligence, true in Rez they were very intelligent, but not too intelligent. And we dont know if the "normals aliens " would have done the same thing. For the push of te button to the trap etc. Since we only saw it in Rez, we cant say that they were more intelligent cuz of the humans dna. If so, then be it, but the aliens would have reacted a simillar way.
  20. Variable
    Yea, in AR they were scary smart. Like when it used its mouth to turn on the steam. Or when they pulled Wincott through the floor and used his dead body to lure everyone to it. They were beter in Alien, Aliens, and in Alien 3 when they wernt a bunch of genues's and I am not afraid to post Winston.    :D  
  21. A-J
    actually i'd prefer everything the way it originally was, aliens SHOULD not be smart, they're supposed to be like a wild brood, killing anything that comes in their way.. alien resurection was just too weird showing the aliens as smart creatures.
  22. Winston
    is everybody afraid to post in fear that Darkness might get pissed? if not id say we basically taked the shit out of this topic    :)  
    DARKNESS YOUR TO FUNNY   ;D   dint you just hate trouble makers BAMM! your banned lololol,it reminds me of me and you when i sent you those great emails lololol.    ;)  
  24. Majin Jekku
    Okay, okay.  So, I guess I wasn't specific enough when I said the aliens were mindless killing machines.  When I said that, I meant that they kill upon instinct.  They are trying to survive.  They are intellingent in some ways... If they can't get through a blast door or something... They will surely try to find another way around and they know how to cut the power... But, I think they just learned that after being at that colony for such a long period of time.  These creatures can learn to be obedient... to a certain extent... Like, in Alien Ressurection.  So, we know they are pretty smart but they would kill a pregnant woman without thinking twice.  The alien queen is far by the smartest though.  She can figure out how to use things real fast and is far by the toughest b*tch.  She told those other aliens to back off when she realized that Ripley was a major threat to her "babies" inside the eggs.  So, she's the smartest one... But, her objective is to survive and keep the hive populated.  You see what I mean?  And, about the Predalien being born in the lab?  Ha!  It's definitely born through the chest of a impregnated predator.  Predators are not the "good guys."  However, since they are of high intelligence...  They can be reasoned with and might team up with the humans or something in a tight situation.  I dunno...  They will most likely win.  >_>;  But, who knows?
  25. Barreth
    And thats.... how we do that... lady's and gentleman good work Darkness... sorry for the flaming and swearing...   Alien Emporer: Thanx buddy  Winston: hehe, glad you were entertained
  26. Shadow
    I think the best thing for everyone is to ignore RotaderP. I just noticed now that RotaderP is Predator backward. That says something about the owner of the name. hehe.    :D  
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