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Disney’s Bob Iger Says R-Rated Fox Properties Can Continue After Acquisition

There’s been a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the impending closing of the acquisition of 20th Century Fox properties by media giant Disney. But we fans of the Alien and Predator franchises can rest a little easier thanks to recent comments by Disney CEO Bob Iger on an investment earnings call.

 Disney's Bob Iger Says R-Rated Fox Properties Can Continue After Acquisition

Photo by Joe Penniston of the Alien featured on ‘The Great Movie Ride’ in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. The ride unfortunately closed two years ago.

Though Iger had previously seemed open to the idea of the R-rated ‘Deadpool’ franchise continuing, we didn’t hear much more than that until late last summer when we got some worrying news from The Wall Street Journal that Disney would be scaling back on adult films. This information comes to us by way of DiscussingFilm…

“Bob Iger has said that they plan on keeping Deadpool an R-Rated brand and plan to further include R-Rated film brands in their future product portfolio.”

This is the first we’ve heard of other Fox R-rated brands continuing besides ‘Deadpool.’

DiscussingFilm additionally tweeted some other noteworthy mentions of Iger’s comments from the call…

“Bob Iger has said they do not plan to publish video games through Disney in the future and will instead focus on licensing their brands to respective game studios such as EA with their Star Wars license.”

“Bob Iger has said that FX Networks will be able to create and produce content for Hulu but likely not for Disney+ as Disney+ will be their family friendly streaming service with Hulu being adult oriented.”

The comments made regarding Disney not publishing video games makes me wonder about recently formed Fox Publishing arm FoxNext, and if that studio will survive moving forward, or if Disney will license out the franchises to another Publisher.

Also, given Iger’s comments regarding adult shows on Hulu, if we were to ever see an Alien, Predator, or AVP series, it’s plausible to think we’d see it on that platform.

Personally, I find it unlikely that Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel series, or a continuation of Shane Black’s The Predator story will continue after the acquisition.

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  1. Perfect-Organism
    Wow.  Epic if true.

    I would want the following series...

    1.  Alien Isolation series
    2.  Covenant continuation
    3.  Cold Forge series

    I can't pick which one I want more between the last 2, but perhaps a Covenant continuation merits a film more.
  2. MoonRightRomantic
    The first two movies grossed 1000% of their budget. The rest never grossed more than 3-400%. Disney doesn’t have an incentive to continue the prequels and sequels, especially not with the convoluted continuity involving the engineers (new space jockeys) and drukathi (old space jockeys). Either they will start an alternate timeline from Aliens and declare everything else as Legends-style non-canon, or just reboot everything from scratch to avoid being constrained by old continuity.

    I hope they will bring Blomkamp and Cameron back to work on Alien V. Sure, it’s definitely pandering to fans and fan theories (especially the concept art of egg-morphing and deformed aliens hooked to alien machines), but letting Ridley Scott go in his own direction didn’t work out so well.

    Did you know that Ridley originally wanted the alien to kill Ripley on the shuttle and mimic her voice? He needs other people on the team to keep him in check!
  3. newagescamartist
    Plot twist, Ridley does robocop and makes it erotic.  :laugh:

    Anne Lewis is turned into the first female Robocop and they go out on a date and slather baby food all over themselves before Murphy slips his recording/data probe into her disc port. The Robocop movies have always needed a good fisting scene like that. He'll show her things she never could have imagined. And we already know Ridley has a fondness for "fingering".  ;D
  4. Necronomicon II
    Lament all you want about the prequels but to say they brought nothing new is demonstrably false.

    1. Bald albino engineers that seed worlds with life or destroy to create lifeforms.
    2. The pathogen
    3. Charismatic, fascinating, creative, sexually neurotic android ascending to God-hood
    4. Hammerpedes
    5. Trilobite/c-section
    6. Deacon
    7. Fungoid egg sacs from yuggoth/spores
    8. Backburster
    9. Mouthburster
    10. Neomorph
    11. Hammer horror/romantic literary influences
    12. Fingering
    13. Homoeroticism
    14. New xeno design/chestburster/subversion
    15. LV-223/Planet 4
    16. Giger Li I tribute with Shaw's fate
    17. Bleak misanthropic ending
  5. The Old One
    Aside from the construction being messy, some "seam lines" where the effects are concerned; including  a  shot of a certain egg that  shouldn't  be present and a line about a certain Vincent,  I must be thick because I really don't see how.
  6. Huggs
    ...all good sequels must accomplish five criteria:

    1. Give the audience something new
    2. Identify what worked and build off of it
    3. Change the stakes
    4. Play with expectations
    5. Add new memorable characters

    Like Alien 3.

    1. Prison Planet, Impregnated Ripley, Religious Themes, Total Nihilistic Tone and an amazing soundtrack.

    2. Return to single Alien plot and gothic vibe. Action removed. Weapons removed. Family elements removed, etc.

    3. First she fought for he life, then she fought for a daughter, now she fights for us all. Ripley is infected and going to die. She is running out of time to stop the company stooges who are personally on their way this time and fully capable of finally securing a specimen on their own. The odds that she will fail are real. She is surrounded by rapists and murderers, not friends or marines, and technology is extremely limited. There is little time and limited options. It's endgame.

    4. I'm sure many expected a much different film and a much different outcome to her character arc after Aliens.

    5. Clemens, Dillon, and Andrews to start. That's ignoring medium characters like Aaron, Golic, and Morse. Charles Dance, Brian Glover and Charles Dutton aren't memorable? Charles Dance alone is a superior presence, one I'm still shocked made it into the Alien Franchise. The man is legendary. Clemens was also the only person Ripley slept with during the series.

    And no doubt this could be described in much more detail and with better examples by others.
  7. MoonRightRomantic
    According to the opinion of EntertainTheElk , and I agree, all good sequels must accomplish five criteria:
    1. Give the audience something new
    2. Identify what worked and build off of it
    3. Change the stakes
    4. Play with expectations
    5. Add new memorable characters

    “Aliens” accomplished all of these, but “Alien³” didn’t. Neither did the other sequels and prequels.

    Hitting #1 might be difficult, or easy, because the Alien franchise has had numerous sequel pitches since the original. Some of these ideas have already been recycled in the sequels. Prometheus is identical to an old “Alien 2” pitch: . To say nothing of the rejected “Alien³” pitches: , “Alien 4: Earthbound”, “Alien 5: Red Harvest” and the many, many comics and video games.

    There’s no scarcity of new settings and alien forms. I’d like to see viral aliens on Anchorpoint. I’d like to see infectious cyborg aliens in smalltown Shitsville. I’d like to see alien experiments loose on Moloch Island. I’d like to see chameleon aliens loose in a monastery. I’d like to see spider aliens scaling down Antartica Station. I’d like to see the Company experimenting with tech from the derelict and creating freak shows. I’d like to see characters visiting a freakish Giger cityscape like in the rejected pitches for Alien 2, Alien 4 and Covenant. I’d like to see a king alien stomping around.

    There is so much that could happen.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be movies. A CGI cartoon a la “Starship Troopers: Roughnecks” could work. (I don’t trust a live action tv budget to do the series any justice, especially after all the awful CGI aliens in the sequels. Practical effects are the only thing that work. If the humans are cgi too then I can still immerse myself.)

    But the new producers absolutely need to look out for pitfalls that would ruin the brand. Something like “updating” the franchise with a modern ipod aesthetic is stupid. Retrofuturism is a great idea and helps the series stand out in today’s over saturated market.
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