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AvPGalaxy Reviews Super 7 Aliens Warrior Prototype

Here it is. The 18 inch tall limited edition Super 7 Aliens Warrior prototype for a 1986 ‘Aliens‘ action figure that never existed.

You’d be right thinking that sounds like an oxymoron as 1986 saw no production or release of any action figures for the second movie whatsoever. In which case, this strange tribute figure may be considered a pretend prototype – a ‘Pretend-O-Type’? – if you wish. A hypothetical test shot figure based on a ‘what if?’ scenario, what if Kenner Products or other third party partnership with 20th Century Fox had continued to manufacture tie-in merchandise for the 1986 movie, ‘Aliens‘.

The Super 7 Aliens Warrior prototype was released exclusively at San Diego Comic Con in 2016 and was also only very briefly available on Super 7’s online store soon thereafter. It is an experimental conceptual item that clearly owes its origin to Kenner’s earlier Alien action figure that failed miserably at retail in 1979.

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