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Titan To Re-Publish Older Alien Books

We recently learnt that Titan would be publishing Prometheus: The Art of the Film. It turns out Titan is also going to re-publishing a number of older Alien books as well:

 Titan To Re-Publish Older Alien Books

“With Prometheus on the way, they are replicating the format for themselves, with Alien: The Illustrated Story: The Artists’ Edition, now renamed from “The Original Edition” to closer mirror the IDW editions. The volume will reprint the original art of the Heavy Metal Archie Goodwin/Walt Simonson adaptation of Ridley Scott’s Alien at the 14″ x 17″ size.

The volume will also include colour tryout pages, the Goodwin script, an interviews with Simonson as well as his signature on every copy. Titan are also making the original story available in colour paperback at a… slightly more affordable price as Alien – The Illustrated Story.”

This comes from Bleeding Cool and is the first official announcement regarding the re-release. According to Amazon The Book of Alien and the Colonial Marine’s Technical Manual are also going to be re-published. If you’re interested in The Illustrated Story, be sure to Like their Facebook page.

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  1. Frog
    I'm not sure I like the new promo art either.  It looks like a crumpled piece of paper.  But if that is a faded retro looking dust-jacket over a cloth-bound book then I am all for it.  (cloth bound with dust-jacket is higher quality than just a stamped cover which what the old promo art hinted at.  But I am hoping for a better, cleaner looking cover than that new image indicates.

    Old promo art...

    New promo art...

  2. predxeno
    Quote from: Cvalda on May 12, 2012, 07:37:16 AM
    And likewise, THIS!

    I think I liked the original cover with the Alien better.

    Quote from: Cvalda on May 15, 2012, 04:15:36 PM
    Quote from: LarsVader on May 15, 2012, 03:26:07 PM
    Quote from: Cvalda on May 15, 2012, 01:38:20 PM
    ALIEN: The Illustrated Story has been pushed back to September 18th. >:(
    Where have you heard this? Do you know any reasons?
    Amazon emailed me :'(

    Same here.
  3. Hudson
    Quote from: xeno_alpha_07 on Apr 22, 2012, 01:57:11 AM

    *sigh* Why did they have to add an AVP alien to the cover? Yuk.  Doesn't the original cover look 100 times better.

    Anyways, good to see this being re-printed again finally for those who have been after it for yonks.  Although i'm sticking to my original copy.

    Agreed. Aside from the Alien being from AvP, the book looks like a guide to construction equipment instead of military technology. Why would they put the powerloader and ATV thing on the front instead of maybe...a gun?

    And yeah, I spent $40 on my copy on ebay maybe 10 years ago and I'm not ever going to lose sight of it.
  4. xeno_alpha_07

    *sigh* Why did they have to add an AVP alien to the cover? Yuk.  Doesn't the original cover look 100 times better.

    Anyways, good to see this being re-printed again finally for those who have been after it for yonks.  Although i'm sticking to my original copy.
  5. Cvalda
    Just so everyone knows, Amazon US has now listed the Artist's Edition for preorder, currently priced at $40.62. I took the plunge and preordered--not a bad price for a limited edition, autographed import. Wonder how many of these Amazon is gonna get. :-\
  6. Xenomrph
    Quote from: SM on Mar 19, 2012, 10:53:06 PM
    The Nostromo isnt in Aliens.  Technically or otherwise.
    I believe the name might be up on the screen in the ICC inquest which was the loophole they used.

    I recall reading some sort of interview with Lee Brimmicombe-Wood where he mentioned it was a licensing thing which was why 'Alien3' isn't referenced directly.

    Edit-- yeah, he mentions it in this interview but I also recall him mentioning it in some other interview as well.

    QuoteQ: How did Fox get involved, and at what point did this occur?

    A: I presume Fox got involved when my publisher negotiated the license. Much to my chagrin I soon discovered that Boxtree had only bought a license for the second movie. That was frustrating, as I'd hoped to fill out the book with material from the first and third movies. However, when Fox's licensing division in Beverley Hills began to read drafts of the manual they had kittens. A whole section of the final chapter referenced the events of the third movie, and went into all sorts of detail about Alien morphology. That had to be scrapped because it wasn't covered by the license. In the end I had to cut the final chapter down by half and restrict mention of the third flick to an oblique reference.

    Fortunately, Fox were prepared to stretch things a little with regards to the first movie. As various events and items from Alien, such as the Nostromo, were mentioned in the sequel, I was allowed to drop those into the book. But a big article on the escape pod from the third movie, done originally for the magazine, was left out.
  7. SM
    I dunno if there was a licensing thing.  He talks about events in Alien and makes more vague references to events in Alien3 (including the EEV).  Licensing was an issue early on with artwork, hence the proliferation of Harry Harris stuff over licensed stills.
  8. Hudson
    Was the Nostromo even in the book? I haven't read that thing in a few years so I don't remember much. I just remember I was too young to read it when I did; I'd probably enjoy it more now.
  9. Xenomrph
    I seem to recall that he wasn't allowed to use Alien3 stuff in the book for some reason because of some licensing thing, that they'd only licensed 'Aliens' specifically but not any of the other movies. The only reason the Nostromo or Narcissus are in the book is technically because they're in 'Aliens' as well, and while the events of 'Alien3' are hinted at in the final chapter they're not directly referenced by name.
  10. Hudson
    I did an email interview with Lee Brimmicombe-Wood a few years back and he said he did some designs and specs for things like the EEV from Alien 3, but then said the files were lost on a computer somewhere.

    How cool would it be to get him to find that and put it in this new version? It's not gonna happen, but that'd be the only way I'd consider buying the book again.
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