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Lance Henriksen for Alien Prequel?

Amidst all the recent casting rumors going around, one has surfaced in regards to Lance Henriksen being involved in the film:

“The inclusion of Henriksen is an unexpected one. His character was cleverly integrated into Alien 3, but how will writer Damon Lindelof work him into a prequel apparently set 35 years before the events of Alien? Will he take Alien Vs Predator’s version of franchise lore as gospel, and have Charles Bishop Weyland the founder of Weyland Industries? If so, the gap between AVP’s 2004 and Alien’s 2122 would suggest that Weyland is long dead, and that Henriksen will play an early iteration of his android twin, Bishop.”

The rumor was originally featured on an article on Now Playing but was promptly removed by Fox. The above quote is taken from a Den of Geek article which voices the issues and likely outcome of Henriksen being cast. The information provided would seem to indicate the Alien Harvest script that was leaked sometime ago may have been legit. Keep watching this space.

EDIT: On his Facebook page, Lance Henriksen, debunked the rumor he’d been approached about the prequel: “According to Internet rumors, Ridley Scott has met with me and Noomi Rapace about starring in an ALIEN prequel. That’s news to me…. but I like the idea of acting alongside The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Thanks to Xenomrph for the link.

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  1. darthmaul1
    They could use him as a prototype android.  And I dont consider alien 3 and 4 as part of the franchise so to me I never saw bishop ii
  2. FrogCatcher
    True Bishop was only meant to be in Aliens, but I felt it was very clever in the way they used him in Alien 3.  After that..... well yea it got way out of hand.
  3. St_Eddie
    Henriksen's denial of this "news" confirms what I suspected and thank heavens because I hate this idea.  Bishop was an android in the film Aliens, that's all he was ever meant to be.  

    The concept of having him return in not only Alien3, AVP (*shudder*) and the Alien Prequel reeks of Star Wars Prequel syndrome... All the characters in the Alien movies are connected in some way... blah, blah, blah.  The last thing any fan wants from the prequel is 'The Phantom Xenomorph'.

    Of course, if there was a VERY good reason for Henriksen to the in the prequel, then that's fine but let's face it; there is no reason for this to happen in a credible way.
  4. Ace Predator
    Hmmm... I'm not sure. Surely i'd love to see Him play in it but then he must be a problem to put in the story if hes supposed to be in the future ???
  5. screamokiemo
    haha, just the news i was hoping never to hear.. hes too old to be in a prequel, it would just be confusing and unessesary... making it fit to the alien3 timeline would be a huge feat, but lets all just forget that he was in avp, that was the worst most disappionting attempt at a cameo by paul w.s. anderson, to have him die hundreds of years before he's born=S
  6. Ash 937
    Lance Henriksen was..."cleverly integrated into Alien3."  Yeah, I guess that's true once you find it in yourself to forgive the producers for the beginning when everyone was so cleverly killed off.   ::)  

    I'm a fan of Henriksen...I always thought the Alien series should have continued on with a rebuilt Bishop after the ending of Alien3 but, alas, it wasn't meant to be.  Time will tell, but Henriksen in the prequel is definitely an interesting idea.
  7. Guest
    IF this version is anything like the Alien Harvest script, ASH is set to play a cameo.  Perhaps Lance will play the Weyland man who creates ASH.
  8. Bug Hunt
    I say get Henriksen in. Great actor and it seems logical for him to be included to tie this prequel in with the other films. Would be cool to see him work with Ridley too.
  9. Guest
    I'm also a fan of Lance Henriksen, but for me this is simply unworkable.  Pretty obvious what FOX are thinking here, we'll be getting Predator/Alien links next, something I think could have worked... if only they hadn't screwed AvP up in the first no no no NNNOOOOOO!!!
  10. robbritton
    Seems fairly clearly based on the 'Harvest' script, albeit with added Bishop. I thought that draft had been debunked as a proven fake? If so it's quite possible that wires have been crossed, and Fox is simply stomping on the leaked script aspect, be it genuine or not? Would the legal dept. be privvy to all script details, or would they be more likely to err on the side of caution and stamp out any potential 'leaked script' story, genuine or not? i imagine the latter is the most likely scenario.
  11. Bio Mech Hunter
    They could take a page from the recent AVP game for a Weyland "successor" role! lol ::)

    Honestly though, if they could cast Henriksen into the plot logically, where it wouldn't look like an obvious plug, I'm all for it. Lance is the freak'n man. However, I think doing that would be almost impossible. :-\
  12. OneUglyMother
    Clone?  Wouldn't it be neat if Charles Bishop Wayland always had a clone of himself ready to "wake up" when the previous died?  Michael Bishop, or Bishop II, could just be another one of these clones running the company.
  13. DrGediman
    Just make him an old android.  Maybe androids age due to bio-engineering.  Why else would they have wrinkles and look old?  Maybe they are more like the replicants in Blade Runner, though not exactly like them.
  14. Neon_Knight
    Ummm it's quite obvious.  As DJ said above, prototype Bishop android.  But obviously he'd have to be made to look 30 or so years younger to fit in with the Alien3 story.

    But seriously, if anything from the avp films is considered canon, then I refuse to accept these prequels as canon.
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