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More Alien Prequel Rumours

Vulture posted an update yesterday on the Alien prequel revealing its title: Alien Paradise and various characters in the script. They firstly debunked the previous story about the prequels being delayed. This was apparently a failed attempt to cast Leonardo DiCaprio in the prequels who would have been busy filming another movie.

They mention a new character called David who is an android and Ridley Scott was reportedly interested in Michael Fassbender for the part. They heard the part of ‘Vickers’ – a fortysomething, tough-but-sexy woman – will be played by Michelle Yeoh. There will be an older businessman character in the script as well as another character called ‘Engineer 1’ who is a CGI character like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Since the article has been posted, BadAssDigest has spoken to Fox and claim the Vulture report is false. They say that the studio is only making one Prequel movie – not two as previously stated and it’s definitely a prequel and not a reboot. The title won’t be Alien Paradise either. Apparently Fox will reveal more about the Prequel in due course. Thanks to greygoose, Kirkempk, dDave and King Willie for the news.

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