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Lindelof Finished Alien Prequel Script

Make of this what you will. I’m still digesting it:

“Reports are coming in that the co-creator of Lost has just turned in his script for the Untitled Alien Prequel for director Ridley Scott and the executives at 20th Century Fox love it. Why do they love it? Well, because Scott originally budgeted the film around $150 million and Lindelof’s script has a distinct lack of large action set pieces, thereby bringing that number down. Plus the script reportedly has a more PG-13 edge in terms of language and off camera violence – much like the original 1979 film.”

I would have thought they’d have realised how the public and fandom reacted to toned down Alien films after AvP. On the plus side we’ll see the return of Colonial Marines with Natalie Portman as a potential lead. Check out the entire article at SlashFilm. Thanks to Jigsaw85.

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  1. Krio
    Why is everybody talking about AVPR do not compare Alien and AVP it's 2 different movies (not same dimension if you prefer), and AVPR sucked because there was NO GORE I did not see gore only a little bit of blood!!!!!!!
  2. Ralok
    13 year old people . . . DO NOT HAVE CARS

    try to follow, kid wants to go see alien movie, parent who saw original movie during youth takes them. THEY BOTH WATCH THE MOVIE

    R rated movies can be seen, so long as there is parental consent.

    and its not like young people are really interested in the franchise anyways, this isnt some child's franchise

    its about aliens that rape you and impregnate you, then later kill you via birth.

    As well as sexually disturbing architecture and design
  3. wmmvrrvrrmm
    I think it's as if the writers are on drugs or something, it's as bad as that LA article about what Ridley Scott is understood to have said about the space jockey being a suit. There's not much sense to be made out of it worth talking to the next person about.
  4. wmmvrrvrrmm
    The Vulture article that this originates from seems like some sort of appalling fiction written as a sequel to the previous Sky Movies article about the movie that didn't give us an actual name about the information supplier. What's the point in eating this trash up truth or not?
  5. JediMasterGabe
    Well this sucks. Not only the pg13 rating, but I much prefer Aliens to Alien so I was hoping it would be more like the former. Why? Because the Alien isnt scary at all to me so a horror movie would be a waste, where as a great action movie never gets old for me. I'm not at all saying that this movie will suck (especially because I havent seen any of it) but I just want it to be as great as possible.
  6. dallas121
    Nat Portman might be the worst choice ever for an alien movie! This kind of sisi is not able to take any risk about herself and carry out a movie. To hire her as a colonial marine lead sound like a bad joke to me. That would be a pity if the Alien franchise turn out like Starwars did!
  7. yaujta
    PG-13 is bullshit, so much for bringing back the scary aliens, its guna be a kids movie, i totaly agree rycher, the head cracking plays a huge part and now we dont get to see it? wtf?
  8. LakerFan
    Well as a matter of fact, I happen to work in the "This franchise belongs to Ridley Scott & not you" department. It's been around since 1979. Perhaps you've heard of it.
  9. Rudy
    i would let Ridley to direct the prequel 1 anyway at least he is the 1 that did the original he's the father of the 1st Alien.
    this is the 1st time this prequel 1 will get a PG-13 rating and that never happen b4. let this b the 1st with that rating w/ $150 grand and it will he will do it justice. I love Alien Franchise any way. Let Rid do his thing. He's a great director and Alien is his baby. U r right frostedone both u and I have faith in him no matter what.
  10. Bone collector
    I hoenstly thought they learned with AVP?I hope there wont be another child fanbase again.The Alien gets blown over enough as it is.I do have hopes though it would be easier for me to get into the theatre.But lets just hope this Alien comeback strikes even better then predators.
  11. Mitza17
    Although i like Natalie P. as an actress,Noomi Rapace would make a better lead role in a horror sci fi movie with lurking silhouettes in the dark blue fog.As for the Pg-13...i think most of us would rather go for an RRR.Oh, and if the prequel is set for release in summer 2012,i hope the apocalypse would happen afterwards or else  :'(   ;D
  12. frostedone
    I have faith in Scott. Even if it is PG 13, it is the script and acting that really matter. I would prefer an R rating, but I could sacrifice gore and swearing for a good enough plot. (I would rather have both though!)
  13. frankaster
    @Hmmmm  but she will have a power suit or in a cgi powerloader that hasbro is going to convert into child's toys then into profit and fox will be happy :-\
    but seriously i give a dam about rating, the dark night was a great film and it was pg-13 but there tons of slasher flicks that suck beyon reason.
  14. TheAncientEnemy
    If you take away the chest bursting scene and some of the language, Alien could be PG-13 by today's standards.

    If Scott is given a lot of control then the PG-13 rating won't destroy my hopes. Honestly, did the R-rating (arguably the most-hyped aspect) of AVPR really help the film at all? It sucked just as bad as the first one for an entirely new set of reasons.

    If they get someone else to direct it or it is made in any way apparent that Scott is not involved with the project then there is no reason to think it won't be trash. However, until he drops out he will remain my glimmer of hope for this project.
  15. LakerFan
    You all shouldn't assume things. That can be a very stupid and also sometimes a very dangerous thing to do. I am not going to assume anything even if this does get a PG-13 rating. I plan on giving this movie a chance. To assume something is just idiotic. That being said, James Cameron's film had a human villain with Paul Reiser. Does anyone think Ridley Scott will also have a human villain in this film ?
  16. rycher
    the only things im worried about is, the PG13 bullshit, and the off camera violence... i wanna see people getting their heads cracked open like in every other alien film..
  17. Neon_Knight
    The existence of this prequel makes me sad.   :(

    Ridley's going to destroy his own masterpiece.  Alien is so good because it's artistic. Things aren't explained-away in some lame fantasy-nerd manner, the whole thing is an art form which is effective because so little of the film is explained or understood by the audience or the characters.  Explaining the origins of Alien defeats the whole point.

    Hopefully this whole thing will be cancelled rather soon.
  18. The Necronoir
    You guys really turn into a bunch of melodramatic ninnies when it comes to 'revelations' like this! Gratuitous gore did not make AVP-R any better than its predecessor, nor will the lack of it necessarily make these movies worse. It's all about style and execution, both of which Scott has in spades.
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