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More Alien Prequel Casting News

We’re starting to receive news of other potential castings for the Prequel films:

“Since we’re playing the “who’s in talks” game, Bloody Disgusting has exclusively learned of two more names interested in joining Ridley Scott’s deep space horror Alien. Both Anne Hathaway (Passengers) and James Franco (Rise of the Apes) could be suiting up for the prequel penned by “Lost” scripter Damon Lindelof. Neither are signed on at this point, but you can add them to the long list of potential suiters including Natalie Portman, Noomi Rapace and Carey Mulligan, Twentieth Century Fox is working fast, so expect some official announcements in the coming weeks.”

As of yet we don’t know the characters they’re in talks to play.  Check out the original article at Bloody Disgusting. Thanks to Daz_85 and vortep for the news.

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Comments: 4
  1. dallas121
    I wrote previously that Nathalie Portman would be the worst choice ever for an Alien movie, but I was wrong.  Anne ''Princess Diarrhea'' Hathaway got the first prize now!
    Is this a bad joke or an Halloween prequel?
  2. TheBearPaw
    I will keep saying it anywhere, anytime, regardless of any subject: Damon Lindelof needs to be brutally killed and dismembered by an alien, his guts and gory pieces pissed on, dipped in gasoline and lit on fire.
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