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Noomi Rapace For Alien Prequel? has posted up that actress Noomi Rapace of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has also met with Ridley Scott:

“The most interesting report is that Rapace met with and told Ridley Scott (and Scot Free’s Michael Costigan) that she grew up on his films when she left home at 15. Scott is most likely currently looking for lead actresses and with the films he has on his slate their is really only one that requires personal meetings at this stage, Alien Prequel.”

So this could be our potential lead actress. Thanks to GigerCounter for the news.

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  1. azrael55
    it's not about the look... in dragon tattoo i found her more or less fugly (she isn't, but her character was made to look rather repulsive). but she fit that role perfectly as someone who basically lacks any kind of emotions but is very strong mentally at the same time.
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