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More Actresses In Talks for Alien Prequel

So we’ve seen reports that Ridley Scott may have been in talks with Gemma Arteton and Noomi Rapace. have also dropped a further 2 names into that list:

“I’ve heard that list includes the studio’s Wall Street 2 star Carey Mulligan and Abbie Cornish (Scott directed her in A Good Year). But another intriguing possibility I’ve heard more than once today is that Noomi Rapace also met and left a strong impression.”

The article also hints Rapace is looking like the likely candidate. Thanks to vortep for the link.

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  1. adervish
    Abbie Cornish was great in candy but Noomi would be a better fit.  I just watched the girl with the dragon tattoo and she was wonderful.  Played a dark and distant roll perfectly, which I think is probably needed for the new alien film.  After watching I have no doubt she is one of the up and coming stars in the industry.  If she doesnt get the role i will be very disappointed.
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