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Arther Max Talks Alien Prequel

Arther Max, production designers for Scott’s Alien Prequel recently spoke very briefly about the project with Crave Online:

“Already underway on his next adventure with Scott, Max telephoned straight from Pinewood Studios where he’s already hard at work doing designs for the upcoming Alien prequel. At one point in the interview, Max even had to (very apologetically) take a break to receive in an incoming call from Scott about the project.”

Unfortunately he doesn’t talk about it much. Max has worked with Ridley Scott for years and also worked with Fincher at one point as well. Thanks to DazAvP85 for the news.

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  1. williammcnasty#awesome92
    agreed as i last read Giger is really tempermental, and yea i watched the making of alien 3, and well im glad with what tom woodruff and alec gillis did with the dog alien/runner watever u wanna call its awesomeness, the kissing alien didnt do it for me, like it was too gay to be disturbing, but i am passionate of his work and im sure he'll pull through for us die hards out there and im sure scott will be weary of his designs slash fallacies
  2. Guest
    I agree.  Im not too sure about Giger anymore...He created the concept of the original alien which set the groud for a huge franchise and mythos.  But I honestly think that the first movie was his first and last triumph of the franchise.  I'm doubtful that he understands the mythos as well as a fan would.  So he may start doing these "out there" designs again as he attempted with Alien 3.  So yeah, Ridley Scott should be careful about the new designs if he wants his film to be acceptable.
  3. RoaryUK
    I hope Gigar is in on the project too, but if I recall, he also did the creature designs for Alien3, yet FOX still shafted him in the end over creative differenced!  Not that Alien3 turned out bad, mind you, some of Gigars ideas back then were weird even by Alien standards.  And if he was involved, might we also get the "kissing Alien" ...YEWWWW  lol
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