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Sigourney Weaver Talks Alien Prequel

Sigourney Weaver has spoken about the upcoming Alien Prequel on SciFi Squad. It’s doubtful she’ll play any role in the prequel. She says Ripley couldn’t appear in a prequel because her first encounter with the creature is in Alien. But she’s happy that Ridley Scott is producing it.

Do you have any interest in being part of the planned Alien prequel movie, or appearing in the franchise ever again?

Well, I don’t think that Ripley could appear in an Alien prequel because she doesn’t have any access to the creature until the first Alien. But Ridley (Scott) is producing it and that makes me happy. I wasn’t thrilled with the whole Alien Vs. Predator thing. I never saw them, but one of the reasons I died in (Alien) 3 was to not have anything to do with those (laughs). Just because, you know, I think it just seemed so economically motivated somehow. I feel we did four good movies, and I’m content with that. I hope if they do something new, they will encompass the idea of where the alien first came from, because I think that’s an interesting idea — to find out what happened and “how did it get to us?”.

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  1. pgp023
    I say chuck the predators movie and alien 5 movie and focus on a Alien versus Predator movie that takes off of alien 4 and predator 2 movies that made the franchise popular and merge the two worlds into one.  Dont rewrite crappy movies for a quick buck stuffed with action based computer animations.  A movie that is too computer animation based looks too fake or cpu cartoonish.  Ever since they rushed the new aliens versus predator movies they have been crap.  So I say redeem the franchise with a avp movie that can stand up in quality to the originals or even succeed them.  If it takes 10 years to make because of the economy or their are no actors to perfect the roles currently, then so be it.
  2. RoaryUK
    I definately think there's great oppertunity to tell a unique story, IF the writers can get it right.  I dunno about the AvP thing, I think FOX really screwed that up by allowing it to be set present day, so for me that's all part of another universe that can, and probably will, go on forever.  As for the Alien Prequal, yeah I'm all for it.  I'm not so hot on finding out more about the creature, but we pretty much always assumed Weyland/Yutani must have known more than they let on about the Alien before the Nostromo incident on LV-426.  A good storyline for me would be if it was set maybe a few years before, with some deep space explorers or something, who had nothing to do with the Company, crashland on the planet,  The whole thing happens again but it's their distress signal that alerts Weyland/Yutani.  I guess it could even work out that the Alien ship never transmitted at all, they just made it up to get the Nostromo crew their, a long shot I know, but it would tie in nicely... just a thought anyways
  3. aliensun
    why would you want sigourney weaver in the prequel what is she going to do travel back in time and kill john conner or be ripleys mom and give brith to her and james t kurk nnnnoooo if she is in a new alien movie it would have to be the sequel to alien r  "RIPLEY 8: THE ALIEN WITHIN"
  4. Xenomorphine
    Rudy: Firstly, my source are all the other recent interviews and articles to do with this, which you can find on our front page. Secondly, there's been conts of fan art on the Internet for imagined film posters, going way back into the nineties.
  5. aliensun
    (note; im a bad speller) i have the alien quadrilogy and on the audio comentary ridley scott talks about doing a prequel and having the nostromo landing on LV426 be the end of the movie. i dont know how that is going to work but he has been thinking of a prequel for a long time. he also talks about the space jockey being the pilot and being part of a military operation and the ship is some kind of carrier of biomechanoid weapons, which are the alien eggs. so the prequel could be about that, but in the movie the eggs are in a cave under the ship. i also liked the idear that if you take the first alien movie by itself you could say the space jockey is killed by the alien inside it then crashs on LV426 which could of had life on it but were all turn into eggs by the alien that killed the space jockey and put them in the cave. but that is not right with the rest of the other movies.
  6. Soundwave
    predator  predator 2  alien vs. predator aliens vs. predator requiem alien prequel (alien evolution) alien aliens alien 3 alien ressurection  this prequel would bridge the films    :)   p.s id call the prequel:  A l i e n  E v o l u t i o n
  7. Soundwave
    avp movies are a crossover but its considered cannon. as long as they do this movie rite! it could make up for the avp movies.   the prequel should be set a few years after avp-r say 100 or something, it could show weyland yutani in its fairly early 'space' years like there first space crafts (reversed engineered from the hand held plasma caster) as well as the origin of the aliens themselves.
  8. rudy ripley
    i just downloaded a poster image of the new Alien prequel from and it shows the title without the "i" it says: AL E N ORIGIN. i found out when i downloaded it the letters reminds me of @ the end of ALIEN RESURRECTION where the clouds are making letters or pictures, maybe you ALIEN/PRED/AVP fans know when Rip and Call and the others reach earth but not crash landed it was the theatrical version after their dialogue, did you even seen the letters for the next Alien prequel which it reminds you and us there were gonna be another one coming? "a journey, a dangerous crash, a dangerous secret".
  9. Hicks_0998
    To be honest like so many other people here, the Nostromo received orders to intercept the signal on LV-426 so the idea to have Ripley back is absurd.  The Special Order that mother had for Ash was interesting though and obviously WY has ulterior motives the crew don't know about.  This shows the company only cares about its own interests and not those of the Nostromo's crew.  Anyway the point is this: Ripley does not get involved in the Aliens canon until the very first movie which is set around 2122
  10. frostedone
    Sigourney Weaver is aging quite nicely I think. Her not being in a prequel is fine, since she wouldn't know of the aliens or even be born if it is too far in the past.  Besides, if she is going to ever be in  a new Alien film then no sweat, she looked great in the Aliens Direct TV commercial.
  11. rudy ripley
    i think that the Alien Queen was however left the derelict ship and her children "the eggs" there. for some reason. and it was really stranded there for how long? after, 10,000 years? I wonder how the queen was let out and started to lay her children.
  12. Xenomorphine
    Rudy, it's not. It's set on a human SPACESHIP. It's going to be pretty much along the lines of the original 'Alien'. You might get a flashback to some sort of historical thing, at most. Nothing more.  The canonical nature of the AVP films is a matter of debate. The first one could have potentially fitted in canon, but the second threw up too many inconsistancies, for my own liking.
  13. rudy ripley
    yes, this is really before us, the years, 10,000 years ago. just as Sebastian said to Alexis in the 1st AVP. and yes the Preds really has something to do about this, which i made a print of the space jockeys and also the revealed story from Aliens Original Sin: it explains everything and i'm sure that the Aliens book will be the story to the Alien prequel, the opening,the storyline. thanks to Annalee Call. she knows.
  14. Griffith
    Darkness you scared the shit out of me "Sigourney Weaver On Alien Prequel" Srsly I respect Sigourney Weaver and her character but let's face it.have you seen segourney lately? check this out  Granny vs Aliens part V  And I know it's off topic but it's the same thing with Arnie involved with "Predators"and no CGI Characters will never replace real acting ..just if you were thinking in a CGI Ripley.  No Ripley involved for christ sake. Does anybody share the same opinion?  *Guarding myself for a possible backlash*
  15. Dr.PaulChurch
    Divine Strike,  totally agree. Spin Offs would be an amazing idea, hence why there are so many memorable Aliens comic storylines... as if you couldn't tell by my signature, I love Aliens:Labyrinth. What a great freakin' movie that would be, the hive sequence alone would be spectacular if done with the same love and attention as illustrated and written by Plunkett and Woodring respectively.  Fox should've just made the original Aliens versus Predator comic story into a movie- they didn't.  But maybe, just maybe, there is hope that they will look to Dark Horse for inspiration if there will indeed be future sequels in the series.  Ridley being involved is a blessing. This movie will not be bad if he directs. In fact, I know it will be amazing because of him.
  16. DivineStrike
    im glad she isn't gonna be in this. she shouldnt have been in the 4th one. and if they had gone with some other story not having anything to do with a cloned ripley and retarded mutated aliens. we would of already had a fifth movie. im wondering if all new alien movies should do what the books do and have a new group of characters each movie. with references to previous movies and maybe. im having trouble writing what i mean but im off topic anyway so ill shut up. i do have high hopes for this movie though thanks to ridley
  17. Zillamaster202
    Sorry to hear that Ripley isn't going to appear in the prequal, but it makes more sense that way because it could be 10 or 10,000 years before she was even born in the Prequal. Anyway, i would like to learn more about the Space Jocky's and if they are rivals/allies to the Predator Species or not...   ???     ;D  
  18. Neon_Knight
    Mike D, and Rob:  You're not seriously suggesting that the AvP films should be at all involved or should even remotely reference to the canon of the alien franchise, are you? The prequel could be from 10 years to a hundred years before Alien, it's up to the writers.  What AvP says about what happened or what the timeline was is completely, completely irrelevant, and should not even be considered, it should not even be briefly thought about because it's a crossover film.   You wouldn't add King Kong vs Godzilla to the canon of either of those franchises, would you? What AvP says is irrelevant, and is not considered a part of the story as far as Alien or Predator is concerned, firstly because it's a stupid crossover, and secondly because it's a stupid, awful crossover.    :-\  
  19. Rob
    @ Mike D  !!!OBVIOUSLY!!!. Did you make that up your self or did you need help!. Of Course it's more than 2000 years before the first one, what part of PREQUEL don't you understand!!!
  20. shinigami
    That Ripley would not appear in Alien prequil was obvious. But i don't think that this movie is gonna be about how Aliens were created/ where they came from. You see even in the first film nor in any other the characters didn't know nor mentioned the origin of the aliens.
  21. Mike D
    This movie is gonna have to be like 2000 or more years before the first one because of the Predators having them to hunt on Earth thousands of years ago (AVP)
  22. Bakub
    I know this is a prequel and it might turn out well because Ridley is producting it. I also think that there won't be any new alien film involving Sigourney.She is almost 60 years old , the only two thing that could be done is to get a new actor for the role or some CGI bullshit.I hope noone of these will happen because it would ruin it.
  23. rudy ripley
    see now as i understand it, ripley can't show on the new Alien movie because this one is before her and her crew. i knew i  was right that  she can't be around during the space jockeys. it doesn't appear on the timeline. but it does show until ALIEN 1. this is the 1st time not having SIgourney Weaver as "Ripley". even though making a Alien movie you have to have SIG but not anymore. this is will go in a loop from Alien Resurrection to Alien prequel to ALIEN 1.
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