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  1. Meathead320
    Agreed Xenomorph.  Besides he should have punched that putrid waste od flesh, Roman Polanski in the face instead of starring in one of his movies.  Hey Speilberg made a nice Holocaust movie too, but he refused sign any petition for Roman's release.   Brody on the other hand Stared in one of the Pedophiles films. I don't care if it was a nice movie, or what other things he has done.   How can someone agree to star in a movie directed by a fugitive Pedophile? Did Brody not know about it?
    boring!! i hate Adrien Brody he's a dumbass dipshit. he cant act worth a damn. i bet that predators is gonna suck BIG time!!! i rather see Ridley Scott's prequel to Alien because at least he's a very awesome director unlike the dumbass who's doing Predators.
  3. Hicks_0998
    At the end of the day we all have this pre-conceived idea as to what type of person can take on a pred in terms of physique and the producers of the movie also have their own idea so we can rant and rave all we want but itll make little difference in the end.
  4. konradski
    people forget film has moved on from the 80s when anything and everything was made.(and there were prolly more stars in their niche of film segment ).gone are the days you could waltz down to the video store and pick 3 movies up  ,,lets be honest made on the cheap(terminator,robocop,and many others most think were big sellers ),, most film now is  cinema release/straight to dvd as most rental store,s are now nonexistant (try going to see moon had to travel 50 miles just to see it over here ) especialy here in britain .think the only one ive seen latley is an indian film rental place in the town next door but i dont want to rent indian films  so brody is possibly in it to garner more interest so hows that a bad thing from a producers point of view not the fan base perception  name me a person today who has the following arnie sly and jean claude van damn/steven seagull and others had in their day(for the particular movies u knew you were getting back in the day)none i rest my case
  5. dallas121
    Ok...I try to accept Brody in the game...My felling tells me, producer wants probably to gain female fan... Probably not so bad, If we saw last super-hero movies designed for large audience... Arnie or Cerna can only make "guys movies" and Preds movie needs more result to increase movie budget. So why not Brody!?
  6. JordanLee
    Well predalien27, how could I possibly disagree with somebody who knows what a fictitious alien wants. It's sad enough that you people want this movie made, but then to turn around and complain about how it's made? Tisk Tisk.     ;)  
  7. JordanLee
    I've said it before and I'll say it again. *eh hem* YOU ARE A BUNCH OF WHINEY BABIES! I'm telling you, I'd pick a great actor over John Cena ANY DAY! And he bulked a whole lot for this role. How often do guys in the military actually look like Arnold. In all reality, not many. So quit whining.   ::)  
  8. mr magoo
    Yeah to be honest I still cant see him as a killer, just not evil enough  well he might just have to act then seen as tho hes an actor  and last thing i knew john wayne gacy was a  fat man who was involved in the community who no one would suspect being a serial killer the list goes on for true killers who,d put mucle bound men to shame   o i forgot all killers a ripped and have a scar or somthing well when i look at the armed forces of any country i see people like adrien brody all over
  9. Hicks_0998
    Correct me if im wrong but in the AvP comics, the first ones, Machiko Naguchi was an ass kicking karate or kung fu chick right? I mean, she was fighting with and alongside the preds and she didnt look like she could handle herself but she did.  Maybe thats the angle the people are taking here with Adrien but who knows aye
  10. Corporla.Hicks
    Pee Wee Herman and Eric Foreman will surely kill ev ery single Predator on their HomeWorld....  Who knows, maybe this is like a Baptism for a 9 month old Predator that has to kill prey like this, and when they reach their teens that's when they go kill real men and Aliens??  Just trying to make sense of this   :-\  
  11. stealth bunny
    I've never thought of predator being a happy ending anyway, Dutch looks like a broken on the chopper at the end after losing all of his team, so maybe no one will get off the predator home planet anyway, I think the casting choices show the film is being taken seriously rather than putting nobodys in it,we need good human characters as well as winston style predators. I think the outlook is very good.
  12. Rob
    I'v been thinking, maybe Brody's charicter is swif, agile & sneeky, but its Predator were talking about they'll deffinatly see him & brake him or the ending could be differant, the Predators could win ?
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