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Alice Braga Talks Predators

There’s a new interview over on MTV Movies Blog with actress Alice Braga who will be playing Isabelle in Predators. She talks about the cast, particularly Adrian Brody and director Nimród Antal. She was also asked about an Arnie cameo but didn’t give anything away.

MTV News: So some footage is about to debut in Austin. Have you seen any of it yet?

Alice Braga: I haven’t seen. I saw it on set, some of the things. I’m really excited because it was a really cool project. We had a lot of fun on set. By what I’ve seen, the photography is beautiful. Gyula Pados is the [director of photography]. And Nimrod Antal is the director. But the predators, fans, they look really cool! I was really scared. The guys that play them, they’re really tall.

MTV News: In terms of special effects, how much is it going to be CGI and how much is going to be practical effects?

Braga: Should I answer that? They really nailed it out. I think it was nice that they took a long time to go back to make the Predators. Being the only girl in the film, I had a blast.

MTV News: Tell us about your character. She’s a special forces soldier?

Braga: She’s a girl from special forces. She’s a tough cookie. She’s a sniper. She jumps into the story and is trying to run for her life, which is classic “Predator” films.

MTV News: Such a great cast. We’re looking forward to seeing Adrien Brody in an action role, which people were a little skeptical about. What was he like on set in embodying that action hero?

Braga: He was amazing. When we arrived in Hawaii where we first started shooting the film, it was really interesting that he was willing to really get stronger because his body is naturally thin. All of us, we bonded together as a team. We were working out together. He really changed his body, which is great because he challenged himself to do something he hasn’t been doing. I think he’s done it for some films, but never as an action hero. I think he did a great job. I think people are going to be really impressed with his work. He’s a phenomenal actor and really a great person. And a great friend.

MTV News: What is it about Nimrod, in his approach on set and how he pulls everything together, that has everyone so excited?

Braga: He’s one of the nicest directors that I’ve worked with. He’s involved and passionate. Not only technically and with the crew, but with the actors. Nimrod is really passionate about action figures! He has a lot of toys in his office. He’s like a boy. Being directed by someone who loves that type of film is a blast. He feels like a kid on set telling that story. It’s great for the fans to have someone like him directing this film because he will bring what the fans want to see.

MTV News: Did Arnold Schwarzenegger show up on set? Are we gonna see that rumored cameo?

Braga: Who knows? You’re not gonna get it out of me!

Thanks to Lt. Mike Harrigan and Chris for the news.

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Comments: 25
  1. darthmaul1
    Horrible cast?? you are calling Adrian Brody, Laurence Fishburne,and topher gace a horrible cast? WTF? Yes you can still have a great cast and a shit movie and i hope this isn't one of them, but i will reserve judgement till i see a trailer and the movie.
    I am a huge fan of the Alien and Predator movies but i think Predators is gonna suck so f**king badly. the reason why this movie is gonna suck is look at what fox had shoved down our throats nothing but bullshit. they let us all down with both AVP movies. i was hoping when i first heard about AVP that it was gonna have the same feeling like the earlier Alien and Predator movies but was it. HELL NO! i was so f**king disappointed with Paul Anderson's dumbass idea about having them in Antarctica and the pyramid what the f**k is that had to do with the company knowing about the Aliens and their quest to get a live specimen. i didnt see any of that in AVP. both AVP movies had horrible cast just like Predators. who the f**k cares about adrian brody, tropher grace, and the rest of those bozos. i think this movie is gonna suck just like both AVP movies. i wanted a new predator movie but not this worthless piece of shit.

    i do like rodriguez's other movies like planet terror, from dusk till down, sin city, the faculty, and desperado but him writing this crap No f**king way!
  3. yaujta
    yea gort pred, i agree, despite the avp movies being slated.... wolf was an awsum character. but i dont agree with rodriguez being a gr8 director, his movies seem too slapstick and daft (remember the guitar case machine guns in desperado,  and dick gun in dusk till dawn)... ther fun movies on their own, but this movie doesnt need that, the first time i saw the preds with the bones off ther masks, i thaut it was guna be another crazy, over the top film, an this just looked like another daft rodriguez movie. im praying he doesnt f**k this up
  4. Gort Pred
    A true Predator fan is someone who would stand behind anything going on with the character, good or bad. I for one love all te comics, love both movies, sketchy with avp, but loved AVPR only for Wolf. The books are f**king bad ass and the gmes are a shit load of fun to me (i love AVP 2010) and Predator CJ. I am actually not trilled with what ever is going on with this movie, but I'm still somehat excited for the trailer. The only thing I like so far is that thedirector is not bullshitting to us about how "he's such a huge fan and I'm gonna do this, and that, and the predator is gonna take his dick out and whipe the chick in the face!" ya know, were actually getting a f**king director. Thats all....
  5. Brian c
    Trailer Friday... Yes!!! It came for the thrill of the hunt,something like it has never been on earth before, we cannt see it but it see's the heat of our bodies and fear.
  6. Marty D
    I am like all of u disgusted by what FOX have done to both these legendary franchises but what we all need to remember Robert Rodriguez is in total control of whats happening and they went to him to film a script he had written years ago and was told years ago wouldn't be made!!!! This film is gonna be amazing!!! The casting is off the wall slightly but Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne is exciting and all have done really well in the films they've done!!!! Lets get behind this film and if it flops then.......well it wont!!!
  7. RoaryUK
    @ Ephemeriis  Actually FOX turned AvP: Requiem into an R rated movie, after the failure of the first film, and that was even WORSE than what Paul Anderson did. In the end, it's not about ratings, or even who's in the movie....its about the quality in the storytelling.  Something Anderson did have to his credit, but had his head turned by FOX to make AvP for accessible, and hence why it really failed.  As for the Strausse Bros. they just had no clue at all and decided to give everyone what they wanted, proving that even when you get what you want with FOX as they did, if your incapable of ideas to start with, you shoudln't be let anywhere near a franchise like AvP.
  8. AVP kicks ass
    "Nimrod is really passionate about action figures! He has a lot of toys in his office. He's like a boy."
    I wonder if he has any Kenner Predator action figures in his office
  9. Luke
    If its not cheesy, and doesnt try to be like the frist 2, it wont. But if its another avpr this could very well be the death of all of this, because between the average game (avp 2010) and the horrible avp movies they are really killing the trilogy. In my opinion they need to seperate the 2 for a while and start making aliens and predator movies again, so lets hope this doesnt f**k up!
  10. Ephemeriis
    The big problem with AvP is that they tried to turn the franchise into something wasn't.  They took two R-rated movie monsters and tried to make a PG-13 movie out of them.  I'm not sure who thought that was actually going to work.  As long as they stay true to the franchise we ought to have an entertaining movie.
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