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Predators Completes Hawaii Shoot

According to Tim Ryan’s Reel Hawaii Predators has finished its 22 day shoot in tropical Hawaii:

“Twentieth Century Fox’s Predators starring Adrien Brody (below) wraps 22 days of filming today…In his off time Brody enjoyed the sunny Kona coast…”

Hawaii acted as the jungle of the planet that the group of characters are taken to by the Predators. Thanks to Johnny Handsome for the heads up.

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  1. Gbslvns
    Why does everyone hate Adrien Brody so much? Does anyone remember he was in King Kong, and pretty good in it IMO. And better him, a fairly well known, good actor than a bunch of teenagers like in AVPR.  But anyway, the movie looks great, can't wait.   P.S. Just discovered this site recently and its great, keep up the good work.
  2. Elorrra
    My only concern about this movie is the same what happened with AVP R. NOTHING original in it! I felt like puking from the similarities to Ripley, Newt and the good old days.. I can bet that this movie will be something similar to Arnie's movie but "oh my God" it will be on a Predator planet!!! So refreshing idea! Group of "warrior humans" will run around the 'alien' bushes, taken down 1 by 1 as the story goes, trying to guess whats skinning and gutting them and ta taaaa...We will have 1 survivour who make traps and win...because of "super" Predator makes mistake. Of course I hope I'm wrong. Antal Nimr
  3. Hicks_0998
    @Katarn yeah i gotta admit Revenge of the Fallen was pretty cool, although the plot was a bit out there.  As for Terminator Salvation: i loved it! lol    :P   maybe its coz im aussie and seeing marcus was like pure awesome coz he used his real accent.
  4. Katarn84
    @ Hicks_0998: By my point of view critics always got wrong about the movies I saw. Usually lower is a critic's rating more I like the movie. Last one was Revenge of the Fallen which I loved and Terminator Salvation that made me sleep...
    I don't care where the movie is filmed.  Hell it could be filmed in my back yard.  The thing that worries me is the whole Adrien Brody staring in it.  Predators in my back yard = Good.  Adrien Brody in my backyard = Bad.
  6. Hicks_0998
    Yeah its a tough call to make especially seeing as the first 2 AvPs left us with a sour taste in our mouths.  Maybe this time round we should follow the reviews of the critics as they usually know what they're on about.
  7. Mike D
    @Katarn84, there was too Lava in sight. Watch AVP-R again and you will see it when Wolf's ship is taking off. It's to the left and below.
  8. Darkfox426
    No, they actually looked a bit like a band of blokes hired to load kegs from a truck to the bar. But I have to say that it took me several looks to recognise that there is anything "wrong" with them. I think they were not that bad, personally. Anyway, I guess Kevin Peter Hall was just "our" Kevin Peter Hall: nobody is really going to be the same. But let's see. I guess after AvP2, we have basically only two options: either it will be good enough, or we can scratch another franchise from our list. But let's not be pessimistic. With Predator especially, it is sort of hard to make it bad.
  9. Hicks_0998
    Think mate think.  Why was the first predator movie good? Because Kevin Peter Hall was the Predator, he redefined what it meant for "guy in a suit".  The AvP dickheads looked like they were trying to get out of the suits.
  10. Hicks_0998
    ya i still reckon avatar will shit all over this film simply because of the visuals, even if its story isnt good, avatar will make up for it in 3D cgi or whatever it is.  Whats predators got for it? Adrien Brody?
  11. Sexy Poot
    Yeah, about them living on a lava planet, im guessing ur referring to AvP2,. This is Predators, nothing to do with the AvP films. Im not gonna read the script, but if this is a "Pred" planet, it will be the first time we see one. The AvP attempts dont count    >:D  
  12. konradski
    warning avatar is shot the way it is to use new 3d rendering and film techniques not seen in any film to date its the spring board of whats to come via imersive film..please go read about it. cameron is very verbal on the subject and the tv adds arnt in the medium it is to be shown via its cinematic release..  >:D     >:D    @ bob blue it is hawai and predators are just bipedal chameleon tricerotops. made of rubber with a bloke called terry in them who has a fetish for latex   :'(  
  13. Johnny Handsome
    @bobby brown: So what? Just look at Avatar, they spend a shitload of cash for a "foreign" jungle planet, yet i see nothing that they couldnt have found in Hawaii with a little CG. That being said, they are building jungles at Troublemaker studios and are also using greenscreen. I dont see the problem.
  14. AncientPred
    Now that the production has moved to Texas, spy photos may come a little more easily. And we are that much closer to some sort of reveal.
  15. That other guy.
    The plot of the film, namely being shot on a predator planet sounded silly to me but hearing more about it... it kinda makes sense now. Yay.
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