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Predators Filming in Hawaii

As we already know, Robert Rodriguez is shooting the majority of Predators at Troublemaker Studios in Texas. They will now reportedly be filming in Hawaii too according to Tim Ryan’s Reel Hawaii.

August 20th – Scouts and other execs for the 20th Century Fox’s big budget feature Predators have already visited Kauai and the Big Island for possible two weeks of filming beginning in October. Predators’ execs seem to be so taken by the Big Island they’re scheduled to return next week making it nearly three weeks. The Big Island at this point has the upper hand, sources said….The BIg Island’s Gail Pyburn is coordinating local locations scouting…

August 25th – Scouts for 20th Century Fox’s $40-million creature feature are back on the Big Island for their third week of scouting Hawaii most of it where a lot of jungles have been looked at. The production would film for 18 days with an October start if the Hawaii portion is a go. That decision is expected to be made very soon…Some Hawaii production execs are being contacted about availability…

In related news, the cinematographer on Predators will be Gyula Pados who did Kontroll, also directed by Nimród Antal. Thanks to Darkoo and Johnny Handsome for the news.

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  1. ZeroG
    Cant bleave that a new one is comming out. Hope they go the extra mile with the story (Unlike AVPR - it was tooooo short!) I hope we see something new (somthing i've been wondering for ages!) Are there Female predators :o (i havnt read any comic's or fan books about it :S) some1 prolly can enlighten me  Best of luck to the makers and stars of film - can't wait!!!
  2. Rob
    Wow, that was interesting the Aliens do look Xenomorph like, capcom made an AvP game,its one of there first games. yes it would be interesting to see an Anime Aliene series.   :)  
  3. Clovers
    @Rob , @Xenomorphine ,@Hicks_0998 : The Alien Prequel Amv, anime stlyle. I`m hope you  guys  enjoy this. Is not Operation Aliens, but is the prove , least one good Aliens anime can be mande.     ;)    
  4. Hicks_0998
    @Xenomorphine: but didn't they (bros strause) say "you get to see the pred homeworld" before the movie came out? Even though it seems like decades ago when it came out, I can vaguely remember something to that extent.  If not, correct me thanks.
  5. Clovers
    Why are  dinosaurs and sabre-toothed tiger skulls , in Predator trophy room?Thats not makes sense. The sabre-toothed  tiger , ok ,but dinossaurs are extint   to 65 million years ago. Or the Predators  have ther on  `` jurassic park´´ to hunt dinosaurs?   :P  
  6. Clovers
    @Rob  I´m hear that story is about ,crasy  doutor creates alien Queen Male or Alien King, and  History is one few that have the DNA Reflex  theory  on it.   8)  
  7. Nosferatu
    Finally we get a jungle setting true to Predator.  I always thought that was the predator's best environment.  I wonder if this will be the homeworld?
  8. Clovers
    Yes,I´m hate the predalien in movie , but I´m like the predalien in AvP comics. @Rob I´m have two book:  AvP  Omnibus Volume 1 and old Remastered Aliens Labyrinth.Now think to buy , the Aliens Omnibus  Volume 3, 4 and 5. But  have some question about Omnibus 3. Is tale of Aliens: Rogue  that good? And Labyrinth collects in this book , is same  that  I´m  have ,or is more completed?
  9. Rob
    The Neca's Predalien a good buy, I have one im pleased with her. Theres 2 of them, one with the Mandibles open & one with the Mandibles closed, i have the open Mandible one, i finde this one better looking than the closed one. She hase grate detail as well.   ;)  
  10. Clovers
    @Xenomorphine and @Rob thanks.   :D   He can say the junior Quenn predalien Reproduction Method is also 'emergency' method, or just ``one close topic.´´? Is Predalien action figure from Neca ,good thing to buy? Now I´m whant Predators have  jungles like  the ones see in James Cameron's Avatar  have on trailer.   :)  
  11. Xenomorphine
    Clovers, 'egg morphing' is exactly what it sounds like: A way for the original Alien to make eggs (remember, this was before anyone thought up the concept of a Queen; now it's considered an 'emergency' method).  The two 'Predator' films came about long before the 'Unreal' franchise was probably even dreamde of, by the way.  And forget trying to reconcile the unused scripts for 'Alien 3' with the different drafts of 'Alien Resurrection'.   :)  
  12. Clovers
    Hawaii,have nice jungles ,least is place thie set to movies likes Jurassick Park and  1º Indiana Jones. Hawaii sound nice to me. @Rob  Can you , explain to me ,what is real thing propose of Egg Morphing in Alien?  @RakaiThwei  I´m have 3 questions, about Predators script/movie:  Is Producer John Davis (same producer the kill AvP:R) ivolved this movie ?  The Predators script have some female-predators, or  diferent point aspet from the predators society, in scrpt? - Predators have some inspirantion from the 1º game  Unreal?Because The Skaarj have they same atitudes  Predators have in script.(the slaves ,genectic crossover and cybernetic implants and torture thing cooperation in the human /alien weapon ...)  @Cpt.Lewis  The Alien Newborn have 2 designs in 2 scripts A:R,  the the alien/spider vampire and humanoid, but hear in  scripts from Eric Red and David Twohy , thie have on Newbors.Are thier designs same or are  diferent thing ?
  13. Chris P
    Haha, man. This film will never come out. Cause the actors will be too busy enjoying fun in the sun.    :D    I know if I was set to film in Hawaii, I would take a "sick" day for sure.    ;)    No, i'm joking.  This does sound good though, at least we'll see a more Predator-like setting in the film.
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