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  1. jigru
    thanks very much metzo, trejo deserves to be a center of attention...jejeje but maybe this will be a excellent movie...i'm so excited, i hope robert rodriguez do himself the sequel of predators
  2. metzo
    To jigru,
    Hello Brother,

    Maxime Claudel wrote the review. It seems like he saw the movie. He basically said that :
    -the movie was way better than the AVPs
    -Two characters are not fully presented to his taste: Grace and Trejo characters.
    -Antal seems to be cautious and doesn't go too far from the first movie. You have plenty of references to the first movie.
    -he also said that the end is .....:):) I can't tell you that.

    He wrote: the franchise needed this movie. the predator is at his right place: smart, merciless,terrifying and fetishist.
    the predator is dead, long live the predator.
  3. Blixx
    Wouldn't it be neat if the movie had no predators in it? It would be an allegory were the lesson is that people are the real predators and we have to watch out!
    That' what I want to see.
  4. Guest
    Some site a read from I forgot an don't have the adress but super blacks look so differnt from regs cause they get DNA from there kills to make them better hunters from what i read but that could be a long shot though but i guess it makes since also press are slighly rascict
    I guess
  5. AmandaT800
    I know this is the latest news but just got that Predator hunter edition and its really aswome and idk who said about that arnold looks like wax there crazy its a bluray what do u exspect u know but on this looks really cool are they maken a art of predators book like how they did with terminator salvation and avatar???Oh heres my myspace its fanpage but do have real pics of me but i posted up the pics of Predator bluray hunter edition how it looks like and my other collactions..
  6. Warghost
    He just needs a Superman "S" insignia on his chest.. or maybe combine it with the "P" ..Give him the Elder Predator's cape from AVP and we have a real Super Predator! Up, up and away!
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