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Full Predators Casting Revealed

It seems the full casting in Predators have been revealed on Variety. Adrien Brody will be playing the heroic mercenary. He joins the cast of Alice Braga, Danny Trejo, Walt Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, and Louiz Ozawa.

In a surprise development, Adrien Brody has been set by 20th Century Fox to play the heroic mercenary who battles alien hunters in “Predators,” a reboot of the “Predator” franchise that is being creatively spearheaded by Robert Rodriguez. Brody will star with Alice Braga, Danny Trejo, Walt Goggins, Oleg Taktarov, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, and Louiz Ozawa.

Also Topher Grace is reportedly in negotiations to join Brody as Edwin, an accountant who is a dangerous serial killer. Thanks to Ikarop for the news.

Update: Derek Mears (Jason from Friday 13th) will have a role in the film, reportedly that of a Predator.

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  1. LV-426
    Listen, why is everyone judging the film just for the cast's bodys? For the record all Special forces guys aren't huge. And regardless, predators have a very unusual honor system so who's to say how they would judge who's a suitable candidate. If the plots good, the actors are good and its got a decent budget then I don't see why it won't be an excellant film.
  3. Corporla.Hicks
    Wow...never did I thought I would NOT look forward to a Alien/Predator movie...  Taking plac eon the Predatorplanet?!?! I remember how stupid it was when a friend made a comic where Aliens invaded a Predator Planet....this is so retarded...  Brody replacing Arnold     Topher replacing Apolo from Rocky  WTF!?!?!?!    Brody is a good actor but he ha sno serial killer image ( I agree, we don't need a muscle guy, but at least get a Leonidas guy or a James Bond or one of those guys, they look more credible, a s for TOpher, I knew he would kill Venom, he is a totall Douche, thats why his role in 70's was perfect...)  Danny is the only bad as Mofo here and me being Mexican, as Sterotypical as it sounds, Cuchillo is a f**ken awesome name for a pack of killers, I love it, he should use his knives like in Pistolero.  As long as it isnt shit like aliens for or the worse ever AVP, Ill be fine if it is like AVPR, which I actually did like a lot ( except for the Predalien laying implants )  Good thin is me expectations are non existant, so I wont get disapointed and it can only get "bettah by tha minute"right?     RIIIIGHT?!?!?!?   :o     :'(  
  4. deetsy
    I'm sorry Soul i have no idea what your talking about being upset with the actors. I mean shit at least we have name actors this time unlike the AvP movies and I'm happy it's not some stupid chick as the main character this time. Don't get me wrong I know the Predator movies and AvP movies are on whole different levels but I'm pretty excited about this cast. The only thing that worries me is the "black" super predators. If they try and make the predator black to make the coloured community happy that is dumb as hell but I highly doubt thats what they mean by black super predator lol
  5. K
    i'm just having a really hard time seeing Brody as a MERCENARY... i could see him as maybe some kind of sick serial killer reverse stalking a predator haha. but mercenary?... we'll see.
  6. dallas121
    Oh Hell NOoooooooo!!! How one of my future favorite movie ever can be lead by A. Brody??? Why Fox does that to me!!?? The only way I can agree with that casting is to be Preds winner and humans lost. That movie needs really badass head and attitude, no sissies!
  7. The Hive Janitor
    I admit and agree with you JediYauja that Brains would certainly be required if you have any chance of surviving but brawn would be just as important. If they are all from the city what skills they are good would be any use whats so ever in a jungle. At least the soldiers in the first movie had experience in jungle warfare so they had half a chance. The 2nd movie the predator hunted in city which would give the city victims half a chance. Unless all the characters lived and gained all there skills in the jungle before they were kidnapped than what chance have they got for this movie, none. Tarzan would maybe have a chance. See where I'm coming from?
  8. JediYautja
    I think everyone has forgotten that this won't be the first time Adrian Brody is up against monsters; nobody remembers him in King Kong? I think he could do well against a Predator; it doesn't just require brawn, it requires brains (Gary Busey wasn't exactly muscle-bound, was he?) Just give Brody a chance!  And Grace has the look of a psycho-killer who'd kill you in your sleep; if he plays it right, he could be in for the win.
  9. The Hive Janitor
    A Mexican gang member, skinny dweebs of actors like Brody and Topher Grace, and a chick of all people is going to ruin it. The hunt is all about cunning, skill, training, technology, stamina, toughness, and experience all environments, jungle, desert, etc.  That's why the predator hunted the highly trained and experienced as soldiers in weaponry, survival, tracking, hunting and killing in all conditions. Being able to cheat, lie, double cross, hack computers, sword wielding office boys, scare tactics, bad language, attitude etc which seems to me they have picked for this movie, will mean dick while your trying to evade from a predator in there jungle, it's a joke.  It would be like kidnapping dogs like a golden retriever, a poodle, a spaniel and a Persian cat to fight a wild tiger in the jungle, in its territory. Can't they see this film is doomed if they go down this track.  They should have stuck to the winning formula that worked and kidnapped individual EXPERIENCED vets from special forces & black ops kind of guys from all over the world. Guys like the characters in the movies Bourne identity, Taken, The New Bond dude, even Rambo like characters or real highly trained soldiers and field operatives in the British SAS, Russian Spetsnaz, Israeli, German, Japanese & Special forces, American Navy Seals, CIA Rangers & Delta Force, even the Viet Cong.
  10. Blaine
    No one seems to recall that when the Predator went one on one with Dutch he slapped him around like a rag doll.  Dutch only beat the Predator through planning, ingenuity and cunning.  Therefore, it doesn't matter how big the lead character is because they can't beat a Predator in hand to hand combat anyway.
  11. moofooker
    Its not trying to "Clone" arnold's crew, its wanting people who actually "look" like they can do some damage, Gerarb Butler, Micheal Jai White, Nathan Jones, at least one damn person who you'd look at and say "damn, big dude". not the Jason bourne BS look. Im glad that quality actors are wanting in this but they'd better have the right look as well as feel, if not. its a Fail.
  12. Pred34
    Man if Arnold tried being the lead in the pianist there would be laughter everwhere.If Sonny Landham was the main character in that 70s show, it would have gone nowhere. Sorry but the same goes for Adrian Brody being the lead.....all i can do is laugh at how stupid this sounds
  13. SHREK
    lost Alot of hope for this movie since i read the summary of the script......doesnt matter about the budget, the actors, the predators, the speicla effects or wateva.....the story is shit, which makes everythin else irrelevent. just have to see how bad it will turn, shame to know its a disappoinment before its even been made lol
  14. ovechkinfan84
    everyone expecting big bulky muscle guys to be the earths deadliest, well its earths deadliest not worlds strongest men.  Predators want those who kill not street fighters.  Look at people like Jeffrey Dahmer and ted bundy, some of our most serious murderers and they are normal looking. It'll be nice to have people that have acted before in this movie.  I've seen so many people on here gripe about how the acting in the AVP movies was sub par and pitiful.  Hopefully this changes that and we get a movie that can make back its budget. We'll just have to wait and see what the exact scenario of the movie is, whether the people fight back and win or if they're cunning and make a stand that is believably just to die in the end....
  15. Hicks_0998
    I think its because we havent seen Adrien in an action movie besides Kong and that perturbs people off the franchise.  As for your comments on the other 2 peoples names I cringe to mention: lol brown sugar :P good one mate.  John Cena can just crawl back to where he came from because he wont be Dutch nor will he be Dutch's son, and thank god.
  16. JordanLee
    @ Hicks - But for this movie there are actual names that are consistently reliable in hollywood, unlike Paul "Mortal Combat" Anderson or Sanna "Brown Sugar" Lathan. There is more reason to hype this up than there has been for any of these movies in over 10 years. And these people are mad because they got a great actor for once in that 10 years instead of John Cena? Please.   ::)  
  17. Hicks_0998
    Ok then heres one for you: the Preds rely on stealth, their physique and advanced tech.  That makes them badass.  Serial killers rely on tact, element of surprise, and fear.  Could this mash up work? mmmm it could go either way.  I recommend reserving judgment both good and/or bad until after we see the finished product as we all remember what happened when we anticipated AvPR.
  18. tigerija
    WHY ARE THEY PUTTING SOME LIGHT CHARACTER IN THE MOVIES ? Like avp-r was almost a teen movie, w8 "teens" were the main roles... why cant we get some bad ass actors like in aliens 4, or predator 1 ...
  19. Neftus
    Who the f**k cares what actors they will pick.. pred will kill 3/4 of em and fail at the end and its perfect like every other alien/predator movies.
  20. J-Syxx
    People at this site are f**king morons.  An oscar-award winner is cast and you're crying becuase its not an Arnold clone.  You know why most films like this fail?  Because they have to recreate the same f**king leads so its cliched as hell.  Casting someone who isn't on steroids, doesn't have an Austrian accent, and can act actually leads me to believe this film may actually be good.
  21. AncientPred
    I was equally confused and excited when I first heard about the cast. Now I am just excited. I really want to see how all of this plays out.
  22. Hudson1138
    okay guys! LOOK! have you guys ever watched Dexter? he is one of the most methodical, smartest, bad ass serial killers on television! physically! can he match up to the predator? no! of course not! however sometimes the mind is a much more potent weapon!
  23. Hicks_0998
    @Jordan: we're whinging because the same hype was built up for AvP1 and AvPR and now its happening again for Predators.  We just want a decent and worthy follow up to the original Predator but it's like trying to get blood from a stone.
  24. JordanLee
    Jesus Christ, you're all a bunch of whiners, huh? If it's a shitty action move, you want it to be a good movie, and if good actors are put into it, you want a shitty action movie, make up your minds. I'd prefer this to uummm Danny Glover? John Cena? The Rock? What the hell do you people want?
  25. RagingDragon
    I agree with some of the above comments, Brody is a superb actor.  Remember, folks, in real-life, not all deadly human beings look like Arnold.  Some of the best special operations soldiers in the world are skinny, just normal people, not bloody Oakland linebackers...  The first time you pack a 60 pound ruck 15 miles, you'll lose a few pounds.    ;)    After all of the complaints about C-list actors, not having a muscle-bound "movie" commando in the lead should be the least of everyone's worries.  I think Brody (and even Grace) will pull off their roles well, and help keep Predator, at least, in the "non B-movie" category.
  26. K
    Adrian Brody is a GREAT actor... but, "heroic mercenary"?... How the hell does THAT work?  And the actor of Jason as the Predator? Are we gonna have bulky-ass AVP1 Predators again?
  27. Pred34
    Dude u could probably knock down Topher Grace with a bb gun! And as for brody, i think my 10 year old lil brother would have a better chance at beating THE PREDATOR!!!
  28. TheTrekman
    Come on guys! We have an Oscar winner actor headlining a Predator film! I like Brody and I think he's a good choice. And look on the bright side, at least it's not Adam Brody... As for Topher Grace. He's the last person you would ever expect to be in a Predator film and that's the idea! When you read the character descriptions, Edwin seems to be the last person you'd expect to be a worthly prey for a Predator. He's supposed to be the most unassuming and the weakling of the group, but in reality this guy's a sick bastard! He's the most dangerous, but you wouldn't know it just by looking at him, and with the right script and the right director (which I'm sure we have both) I think Topher can pull it off.
  29. Bakub
    Taktarov is going o leglock the preds or what?!  And WTF is with Brody is he going to do a pinao solo so the preds will use selfdestruction......  Only Trejo is fine with this movie but who knows....
  30. FearPeteySodes
    I for one think it's awesome. I love the serial killer route for Topher and as a fan of Brody's past work i can't wait to see him in this type of role. I really hope he doesn't bulk up tbh, he would be a great contrast to the rest of the cast as a wirey survivalist.    That said if Topher kills both Venom AND Predator come find me if you want to be part of my linch mob, ill be the guy with the torches.
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