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New Robert Rodriguez Interview

There’s a new interview with Robert Rodriguez about the new Predators movie over on LA Times. He talks about how he was approached for the movie and about spending money. By the sounds of it, Predators won’t have a huge budget. He also says they’re scouting for locations to shoot in Texas at the moment.

“The story is on the Predator planet and, well, it’s just crazy. It takes place off-world which is great, and there’s a lot of them out there.” And what about the prey? “Let’s just say if there were no predators, the humans in this story would probably kill each other.”

“It’ll be a mix. A lot of location sets and some green scene. There’s a lot of different places in Texas I have in mind, and we have a great rebate thing there now, only 60% has to be shot in Texas. We’re scouting for locations now. You can find some alien landscapes in Texas for sure. And with the right augmentation, you can make anywhere look like anywhere now.”

Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. Reaper524
    This movie is gonna blow. Period. Ever since they brought the AVP series to movies all there has been is disappointment after disappointment. Sorry, but this movie shows all the making of a complete failure and disgrace to the legend of Predator.
  2. predatorfans
    hey, why don't they con't AVP? If pred have such a cool Tech, they must have a defense structure,,like army/soldier..predator Comando..must be cool.. they come to clean the mess on the earth.. Make the comando team in 4 guys with cool stuff of tech..   >:D  
  3. Starkiller
    What do you think marshall's fee would have been for doing this movie? and what is nimrod's fee?  nimrod's obviously must of been cheaper seeing has he got this gig and not good ol' marshall.
  4. wonderboy2402
    The predators I have percieved have had a pack mentality.  A lone hunter like in one and two work awesome.  But if there is a group I better damn well see some hierarchy and chain of leadership. And it better be damn competitive amongst the predators for choice kills, gear and weapons... check out the orginal AvP prey comic, and you'll know what I mean.
  5. TheAncientEnemy
    Slaine, Very true. The problem is that, whether we like it or not, images get tarnished when they start to get lame. KISS was pretty awesome when they were fresh and new. However, being too young to know the band in its heyday, I just see them as bloated, goofy old guys in clown makeup that they are today.  The same thing happens with movies. A 17 year old kid right now might have no idea what Alien was but he damn sure knows what Alien Vs. Predator is. Worse yet, he may have LIKED it.  For me, at least, it's not so much ruining my childhood favorite or anything like that. It's just the lack of respect for good art that angers me. People don't understand that these movies were successful because they meant something and because they were passionately different films. The re-marketing of great films as low-quality, modern teenage bullshit is offensive to me not just as a fan but as an artist and a thinking human being. Great art is no longer celebrated in the mainstream and it's just a real shame.
  6. Slaine
    i dont even understand why you guys get upset when they make shit films. they dont 'ruin' your childhood or your favourite franchise, you dont even have to acknoledge the new films. why not just say 'oh well' and carry on with your lives??
  7. Gabe
      :-\   you already say it sucks but youll go in theater and youll watch it actually...dont GO then they will not make anymore (shit) predator movie, thats what you have to do because they WONT make a movie that is up to ANYONE expectation...   :-*  
  8. Xenomorphine
    Nimble, the annoyance is not without cause. Go and check the screenplay this will revolve around, which has been in the public domain for quite some while. It's linked on many articles in here.  When you read it? Then you'll know why so many of us are disappointed about this.
  9. Nimble
    "i have low expectations for this movie, winge whine, blah blah"  How the f**k can any of you tell yet?! script, director and setting....god, you cant tell if its going to suck yet. So avp and avpr did, you still cant tell.
  10. abbath-demonaz
    what I fear is LOW BUDGET=BAAAAD ACTORS I bet we will have TV series actors and no big name. This is the weakest point of AVP and AVPR
  11. Starkiller
    I too have low expectations for this movie, everything we have heard so far is not looking good. The script, budget, director.   There's no point saying lets wait and see because we kno what happens when we do that 'AVP' and 'AVPR'.  I agree with what TheAncientEnemy said on an earlier comment, ''you vote with your wallet, not your opinions''  They won't listen to us, just our hard earned cash! give fox our money and they will churn out another terrible film, which we will bitch about on here lol
  12. DivineStrike
    Im have really low expectations for this movie so i should be pleasantly surprised if it doesn't suck as bad as i think it will.  im not gonna make the same mistake i made with AVP and AVPR.
  13. Tarak'ha
    Also, sorry for double-posting.  I think when they mean "Predator planet" they mean a hunting planet, not the actual homebase for the Predator species.  With that in mind, they can either take hints from "Hunter's Planet" or "Forever Midnight".  I seriously doubt on the latter.  I think everyone and their grandma knows the goof ups in that /lovely/ story.  And if it all turns out to be crap in the end, that's what torrents are for. :D  As someone said: you voice your opinion with your wallet, not some text on the interwebs.
  14. Foundationman2
    C'mon y'all have to admit that this movie could be interesting. Even though I knew that AVP:R was gonna suck, I still went to the movie to see my favorite movie creatures on the big screen again. Regardless of the fact it sucked, I still watched it because I had an interest in seeing it. I wasn't pleased, but then again, the Bros. Don't seem to be as attentive to canonical details as we are. They haven't made the movie yet, and I think Robert Rodriguez should get a profile here, and ask what the real fans would like to see, rather than college students who are bored on a Friday night and need something to do.
  15. Verl PoP 44
    lol why do you people say youve been given crap the past few years? you havent 'been' through anything, youve been dissapointed because a film turned out bad. theres no reason you cant go on liking a film if the following films are shit....newcomers to the franchises will think them shit, but why do you all care so much? and none of you can tell weather this film will be good or bad, your complaining does nothing, even if this movie is complete rubbish, whatcha gonna do?
  16. Bakub
    It's  cool that it wont take place on Earth, but why don't the director take it to a remote hunting planet. I don't want to see the homeplanet and I'am sure that there are other fans who thinks the same.The whole mysticsm that surrounded the Predtaor is going to get los because of this. The creature will end up like another washed up B movie alien.
  17. TheAncientEnemy
    If Roriguez's style carries over into this movie then we can very much expect it to be as silly as Predator 2 and not nearly as serious or realistic as Predator.  Personally, I like his over-the-top stuff, but I don't think it's a good fit for the series (by "series" I think I am just referring to the original). Kind of like Jean Pierre-Jeunet... I've always loved his crazy gadgets combined with tongue-in-cheek European silliness, but he was definitely not right for the Alien series.  I really have no reason to think that this movie won't be awful but I also have no reason to think it won't be successful. People pretend to be pissed at Fox for "killing their fan base" but they end up right in line for the next movie. You can be as mad as you want but as far as Fox is concerned you vote with your wallet, not your opinions.
  18. Soul
    This movie is going to be the Alien:Resurrection of the Predator franchise.  The most awful piece of horrifying bowel marinated bullshit ever used to kill a great creature.
  19. mcandrew99
    idk i think if they put it in a jungle world instead of a barren world it could be koo i mean come on evan if they dnt take it out of texas it still mite be koo. would u rather it be in gunnison? n i liv in colorado n gunnison dnt look nuin lik dat
  20. DontMatter
    All most of you people do is bitche* bitch* like lil fuc*in gurls. Lets wait and see and i doubt its gonna be dark and cheap like AVPR cuz they didnt no what they were doing and he has a different directing style. U bitche about it but i bet you pay money to see it!!!!
  21. Deco
    They really shouldnt make this movie... It always comes back to the original script treatment and that is what is going to happen here - we are going to get something very near to what we have seen..... which was sheer trash - Predators talking to humans!? Predators trading their weaponry for human captives. CHRIST IS THERE NO-ONE MORE CREATIVE IN THE WORLD!! Ive created something but hell, what are the chances of that happening
  22. Hicks_0998
    @Xenomorphine: yeah I agree, the more I hear about this the more disappointed I become.  Predator wasnt about the big explosions or the amount of gore, it was about a character driven, badassery suspense of being hunted by an extra terrestrial.  This movie had better deliver the goods with all its hype as all the fans the world over are sick and tired of the crap we've had from the last 5 years.
  23. Xenomorphine
    Many of you seem to be missing the point: It's now confirmed that it's the same story as the original screenplay we know about - and all involved are happy and enthusiastic about it being so.  This is a severe disappointment.
  24. Slaine
    I for one am so glad its taking place off Earth. Theres plenty of oppotunity for a good film, and while Fox has a reputation for letting people down, i dont think anyone should judge before it comes out.  Im hoping Rodriguez tries something creative and not a simple 'hunt and kill' plot. Would like to see some twists!
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