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Robert Rodriguez Chat Summary

For those of you who didn’t catch the live chats with producer Robert Rodriguez yesterday, here’s the main points that came out of it:

  • There will be no female Predators. Some concept art was made at the production before they had a proper script in place.
  • He confirmed the planet is a hunting planet and not the Predator homeworld.
  • The original Predator in the leaked draft has pretty much the same role in the movie.
  • There is a clan war between both tribes of Predators.
  • He said the Arnie cameo in an early draft was a ‘false ending’ only written in there so they could track it if the script leaked. Speaking of the leaked script, the leaked script was fake though it in-cooperates many elements. (The shooting script probably has additional dialogue here and there but it will still be the same story).
  • He said the character of Nolan wasn’t written with Arnie in mind.
  • The original Predator will have green blood but he doesn’t know what colour blood the new Predators will have. (In the leaked script, it was black).
  • Some character changes: Edwin is a disgraced physician and Stans is on the FBI’s most wanted list.
  • Predator 2, AvP and AvP Requiem are generally ignored with this movie. (That’s not to say it breaks continuity though I think the damage of continuity was already done with Requiem).

You can listen to the first chat over on YouTube but the other two haven’t been uploaded as of yet.

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