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Robert Rodriguez Chat Summary

For those of you who didn’t catch the live chats with producer Robert Rodriguez yesterday, here’s the main points that came out of it:

  • There will be no female Predators. Some concept art was made at the production before they had a proper script in place.
  • He confirmed the planet is a hunting planet and not the Predator homeworld.
  • The original Predator in the leaked draft has pretty much the same role in the movie.
  • There is a clan war between both tribes of Predators.
  • He said the Arnie cameo in an early draft was a ‘false ending’ only written in there so they could track it if the script leaked. Speaking of the leaked script, the leaked script was fake though it in-cooperates many elements. (The shooting script probably has additional dialogue here and there but it will still be the same story).
  • He said the character of Nolan wasn’t written with Arnie in mind.
  • The original Predator will have green blood but he doesn’t know what colour blood the new Predators will have. (In the leaked script, it was black).
  • Some character changes: Edwin is a disgraced physician and Stans is on the FBI’s most wanted list.
  • Predator 2, AvP and AvP Requiem are generally ignored with this movie. (That’s not to say it breaks continuity though I think the damage of continuity was already done with Requiem).

You can listen to the first chat over on YouTube but the other two haven’t been uploaded as of yet.

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  1. Tangakkai
    @ Gort Pred

    The first Pred is like you said, the one with the jaw-bone-head... he's the leader and main antagonist... Rodriguez referred to him as "Mr. Black"

    The 2nd one is called "Falconer" Because he has got a mechanical device that flies and scouts the area like a falcon. The "Falconer" is also the one in charge of the Hounds... like you said correctly

    The 3rd Pred is what Rodriguez reffered to as "Tusk"... I guess that's the one we can see in the trailer and Sneak peak who is holding up Oleg Taktarov. I say that because we can see Tusks on his helmet. His function remains unknown... I guess he is also responsible for the hounds and prefers hand to hand combat... that's a pretty wild guess though...
    I love PREDATOR 2 as the original and it ain't sucked, It's classic as the first and the story makes sense a lot  more than both AVP and AVP-R crap.
  3. Mills
    I agree with ASH937, Predator 2 happened. I didn't love the AVP movies but they still happened too. There is enough room in this franchise for all films to exist. Clearly, just because Predators doesn't acknowledge those movies, doesn't mean they didn't still happen. It's also bullshit when a producer or director comes out and tries to pull that shit that they are rebooting a series, like when they made Halloween: H20 and said Parts 4-6 never happened. And surprise, H20 sucked anyway, as did Halloween: Resurrection. Don't be a douche Rodriguez, let Predator 2 and the AVP movies alone.
  4. Ash 937
    I dont give a crap how they spin this one.  You cannot ignore Predator 2 or just pretend like it didnt happen.  It did.  'Predators' is Predator 3 folks...don't let anyone tell you anything different.  

    This message was brought to you by Danny Glover and Gary Busey.
  5. AVPfan:josh224
    People who are upset about no female preds: i read in one of my Predator book that the predator can shenge it sex for mating reasons, so technically they have no sex ;)  . and i dont get why this new movie wouldnt have anything to do with Predator 2 or AVP or AVPR :-\  and im glad to hear that the planet this movie will be taking place on isnt the pred home world cuz it doesnt look like the home world shown in :)  AVPR :)
  6. rchin1
    Guys relax , all the answers you looking for are when you watch the movie

    on a side note i really don't like the idea of female predators come on, gald they said no to that one
  7. Gort Pred
    Now no one said that the original Pred's fate stays the same, they just said his ROLE stays the same. And I think the only bit of the "war" on the clans is when you see that we have 3 bad ass preds and they basicly beat the shit out of the other one and then tied him up like in the leaked draft.

    btw does anyone know what the role the 3rd pred has? I know we have the head dude, I know we have a poacher like pred with the animals, and whats with the other one?
  8. atomicpunk
    Hey Dash?pred.2 wasnt really that good.the acting sucked and the script was cheesey.i have to say tho that the pred 2 was the most awesome pred of all so far.the pred and his gear unmatched.he just looked pissed off vary cool pred.he and his gear made the movie not the acters.just hope rodrigeuz does a better job with these characters?
  9. Dash
    Is predator 2 "ignored" or completely 'erased' in his eyes? I can see them not mentioning it, but to contradict its existence would be dumb. Predator 2 was just great.
  10. Brian the Wolf
    I liked the leaked draft, it had its flaws, but they were simple things that could be fixed easily. I think including a clan war on screen would be trying to do to much on screen, and wont work to well, if they leave it be with the three hunters, plus the captive predator would be perfect. I think simplisety is key here.
  11. Bio Mech Hunter
    Whoah... my posts DID go through... bizarre...

    Anyway, I think it was quite obvious that the Preds in the first two films were males. If Fox ever goes the way of the comics/novels and introduces "bigger, superior" female Preds (which outright defies logic and common sense), I think I'll be done with it. lol
    I've thought that the "Two Rival Tribes" are the BADASS tribe from the original PREDATOR and PREDATOR2 and the NOOB bigass clumsy but high-tech tribe from AVP that wage a bloodbath small-head hunting wars against each other.
    I've thought that the "two rival tribes" are the original BADASS tribe from PREDATOR and PREDATOR2 that having a bloodbath war with high-tech NOOB AVP tribe.
  14. dread7154
    I honestly don't see why people think P2 was bad; it's because of P2 that we have our combisticks, discs, and subpar AvP movies... In addition, it gave us a glimpse of the predator hierarchy. The only real negative the movie had was the step down in choice for prey.. Cops? Drug dealers? They were probably too stoned to realize what was going on.. easy prey? I think so..
  15. alien90
    well he said something about ignoring Pred 2 and going from Pred to Preds... well my question is, whats wrong with Pred 2 that it has to be ignored? i loved Pred 2... and plus isnt that kinda copying Alien and Aliens???
  16. Xenomorphine
    Two of the biggest mysteries:

    (1) How people ever expected it to have anything to do with 'Predator 2'.

    (2) Why people want there to be Predators with cleavage.

    Seriously... What's to say that the ones we've seen in the other films weren't already female? Dark Horse had the right idea: If you're close enough to figure out a Predator's gender, then you're already dead.

    Plus, 'bosom Predators' look silly.
  17. rchin1
    There is a clan war between both tribes of Predators.:o  

    CAN'T WAIT predators fighting predator s yess my heart is pump for this 8)  8)  8)  8)
  18. alien90
    They might as well give the whole movie away.... what a shame that they're telling us more than we should know... ::)   They better not do that on the Alien Prequel...
  19. Bio Mech Hunter
    I'm a bit skeptical about the quality of this film. The trailer looked quite good, though. Time will tell.

    I'm more concerned about continuity and canon at this point. I REALLY don't like the idea of introducing new types of Predators. So called "super" Predators? Different colored blood? You've gotta be kidding me. It would be better to just introduce a brand new extra terrestrial hunter altogether. I can see this film going the way of Requiem quite quickly if this is the type of content we can expect. >:(
  20. Stagin 26
    MAN! NO FEMALE HUNTERS! I at least wanted one. Maybe one female predator that's trying to prove herself worthy of the hunt,or maybe a female predator that's not quite ready,but preps weapons or pilots the drop ships for the humans.I did like the Edwin charactor as a serial killer over a doctor that killed people by accident.
  21. Bio Mech Hunter
    I'm a bit skeptical about the quality of this film. Though, the trailers released looked quite good. Time will tell.

    I'm more concerned about continuity and canon at this point. I REALLY don't like the idea of introducing new kinds of Predators. So called "super" Predators? Black blood? You've gotta be kidding me. It'd be better just to make a brand new extra terrestrial hunter altogether. I can see this going the way of Requiem quite quickly if this is what's to be expected. >:(
  22. Brian c
    its good to hear that the predator planet is not the homeworld comming from RR perspective because I just needed to hear from him and thats my question on the second bulletion. I was on of the chat people talking to RR  I also asked a question about predator arcutectueir of new predator space ships, he said you will see plenty of new ones that feel old inside with that same old feeling,it was not included in this list.
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