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Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel

In an interview with IGN FilmForce, Robert Rodriguez has ‘confirmed’ that they are looking at a sequel to Predators.

“[The studio] said, ‘Let’s do some other ones. What other story ideas do you have?'” says the filmmaker. “Because it was like, let’s test out the market with this one. They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one. So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.”

Rodriguez says he has “an idea” of what he will do with the sequel. The next step, he says, is probably to have other writers come in and pitch different versions of his basic premise, along with new concepts. And then, as with the first Predators, he’ll pick the best one. As for whether or not he would direct the sequel…

“I don’t know,” he laughs. “I think I have too many people wanting me to do Sin City 2 first!”

Thanks to Shasvre for the news.

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  1. jk
    This movie needs a much bigger budget, you can tell with Predators there wasn't enuff money. they really need a $100-150million budget to get the best results. Fox need to stop being cheap and give it a serious budget it deserves.
  2. Apokiliptik1
    I sure hope they get the scaling right this time , I mean the predators in predators were small. They referenced the two different preds fighting each other when lawrence fishburne said, the big ones run it and the lil ones fight against them. well, when the one that was tied up in their camp was fighting the one that had a jaw on his mask , they looked the same and were maybe just maybe an inch taller than brody. They are tall creatures like 7 feet I could be a lil but think they are around there, was dissapointing to see that they didnt make them badass and taller.I mean look their masks were alsmost as wide as their shoulders looked like they had 5' 11' guys playing the predators
  3. LoL
    "To say that another predator movie would be a bad thing Is a shit thing to say"..... Hahaha not as bad as being a "fan" that LOVES any sort of SHIT they smack the Predator brand on.

  4. wolfhogg
    Predators movie was a good effort! i just wish they had made the predators more superhuman, like in 1st movie, jumping through trees! throwing huge men about like empty shellsuits!!!.Even as crap as AVP_R was,they did a pretty good job on the predator it self. His movment and stength, He wasted loads of aliens!!!. Predators are top of the food chain and shouldn't be so easy to kill off!!!.I felt they were too clunky at times in this movie and just not agile enough!.Bring on a sequel though!!!
  5. ninashi
    I love Predators they are soo amazing, i'll be at every one of them TEN times. I f**kcing love seeing my Predatotrs treated decent;y again, except pleae lose that stupid fishface Predator. He damn ugly ass!
  6. Guest
    This is screamokiemo, on my iPhone, and fkingvoodoomagicman or watever, iv said like 5 times in this comment thread that comparing avp or alien to the predator franchise is a silly misinformed thing to do bcos they are not the same franchise.. So exactly wat you accusing me of thinking is f**ked. To say that another predator movie would be a bad thing Is a shit thing to say and makes you a useless predator fan, so I wouldn't bother voicing your opinion on a PREDATOR fan site, cod your opinion is bullshit=]
  7. f-ingvoodoomagicman
    Oh no, that's terrible news, like PredatorS wasn't bad enough!  :(

    screamokiemo - the two AvPs have nothing to do with either the Predator nor Alien franchises. They are three very different franchises.

    *big facepalm*
  8. Predator12
    WOW THATS AWESOME i wanna know how many and what kind of predators are going to be in the next Predators movie, when i saw the first Predators movie, i think the bezerker Predator was probably the bad blood predator because he killed the original :o  predator of his own clan, i think the bezerker predator was part of their clan and maybe the tracker and falconer predator i dont know
  9. Guest
    first off let me say its awesome to be among other people who love predator and aliens...its people like us that keep fox bringing out the movies and keeping it alive...i am alittle confused on the crap that is being flung on the avp movies..i loved the novel aliens vs predator prey by steve perry and stephani perry..and the rest of the novels that came out..i guess i would rather see movies made of the creatures that  have come to love and know..even if their are not as good as the books..something is better than nothing my me the predators are freakin i hope they keep making movies cause i will be defffinatly going to see them..
  10. Neon_Knight
    @That guy who said you can't be a metallica fan and not like Master of Puppets - I'm a metallica fan and I don't like Master of Puppets. It's way overrated.  RTL is much better.  
    Either way, I'm a predator fan and predators was pretty meh. I mean sure, it was entertaining, and they didn't do any canon-threatening crap or destroy the effectiveness of the original film.  It just felt like a "tough guy" film where everyone was trying to be really tough with ridiculous self-indulgent tough guy quotes and it didn't really work.  It was entertaining, and for a modern-day sequel to an old film, it's good, but it's just.. not great either. Not something to write home about. What can I say?
  11. RoaryUK
    Whatever this "new world" is, even if its the homeworld I'd be fine with it, so long as it actually "looks" like a new world.  One the biggest flaws with Predators was it NEVER looked like the characters were anywhere else but on Earth, and when we do see where we're supposed to be, the effect is almost laughable rather than convincing.  Ok so it wasn't a large budget movie, but if Ridley Scott could do it for Alien, then surely anything is possible these days.
  12. Honorless_Predator
    Predators was an amazing movie i cannot wait for the sequel. i hope it takes place directly after the first, however i saw the preview for the official comic sequel and its terrible, i still have nightmares about it
  13. Guest
    Yeah I absolutely agree, I definately don't wanna see another bunch of rushed movies 'for the fans'. But Robert seems to know what works and fox definately haven't given up hope in the franchise, so hopefully we'll get a couple more really good predator movies and all that's left is to see what will follow the alien prequel=]
  14. rycher
    @screamokiemo I just dont want the sequel to end up like the AVP films thats all... I say they should take all the time they need.. Predators seemed too short (movie length). It was good but too short.. I just hope Alien prequel wont be rushed...  at least we can get two new good Alien and Pred movies.
  15. TheyOweUs1MoreAnyway
    4 Alien Movies, 2 rushed AvP films, I guess they should make 1 more Predator Movie to even the number of Alien movies that are already out, although an Alien Prequel is planned. Who knows maybe this will be part of a new "Trilogy" storyline for Predator.

    Oh and 1 other thing if any future sequels for AvP or Predator films are made:


    (other wise I'd avoid it entirely)
  16. Tidybeard
    Happy to hear there's a sequel on the way.  Also, Rodriguez should make the next AvP.  He'd surely do a better job than the previous attempts.
  17. screamokiemo
    rycher.. your on avpgalaxy dude, its made for obsessed alien and predator fans, so i'll voice my opinion thanks.. well since the alien prequel has been set for late 2011, it will come out first. and just cos alien and predator have had a couple movies and a shit tonne of comics together doesnt make them related or something, cos by saying they should change it up sounds like the directors of predator movies and alien movies actively discuss how to keep the right balance of both, which is a retarded thing to say...
    fans will only butcher a bad movie, they wont hate it for continuing a journey we all wanna take with this franchise. so lets support predators and robert so that this series can get stronger, instead of being whiny little girls and condemning the franchise to end badly, like aliens did...
  18. rycher
    @ screamokiemo What are you 10 years old?  ::)  You dont know what youre talking about... Youre just an obsessed Pred fanboy.. If they did make a Predators 2, it will get butchered by fans... Predators wasnt the best. they should change it up and release the Alien Prequel first then Preds 2
  19. screamokiemo
    dont forget everyone, in the new predator series, predator 2 AVP AVPR has been ditched, and thats where the king predator and all this stuff was introduced, so i wouldnt count on seeing a king predator in this sequel. and i kinda hope we dont, i especially would wanna see it fight, it would be like the yoda fighting sequence in star wars ep2, ooo yeah hes about to fight... wat the f**k was that *so bad*... some things like the homeworld should just stay a secret, it u give the viewers wat they'v wanted for decades then the fact is 50% will hate it, 25% will dislike it and become disillusioned from the franchise...

    and i agree with akafighter408, the only could thing about the sequel comic is that i only wasted $5 on it and its got a nice but misleading front cover..
  20. Mines as big as a house
    WoW RR that was quick!!  just be cool dude, take your time and dont rush it. 1 predator this time dude, 1!!!! not 3 or 4 or 5  keep it simple!! thats why people love classic, pussyface and wolf the best, becuase they were loners nomads PREDATORS!!!!!!!
  21. RoaryUK
    Yeah I also agree with MasterRich & deGRESSOR, this new movie is a nice addition to the series, and I enjoyed PREDATORS more than I thought I would, but let's not make an issue of it.  Predator 1 and 2 are fine and  Roriguez movie makes a valid 3rd install, but that's all it is, even if he sees it as something else.  I'd rather not have any more sequels unless they follow the continuity already set, but we know Rodriguez isnt going to do that anyway, he's just gonna make a sequel to his movie that above all else is obvious, and I certainly don't want more of the same.
  22. akafighter408
    Got the sequel comic comic the other day. I would have to say that was the worst predator comic I have ever read in my life. The art work sucked and the story was worse. It leaves off after the movie with Royce and Isabelle on the planet 2 months after the movie trying to survive off what they kill. They end up banging only to be woken up by a predator dropping off armor for Royce to fight "their" champion which ends up being a FOUR armed predator with those stupid ass top teeth. Four armed predator!!!!!! Wtf!!!!! They end up killing it thinking that the predators will take them home but they just stay stuck there and hats it. Dark horse need to step there game up with these book and stop trying to slap the together.  I want the same art work from the covers in the book I don't care how long it takes just as long as it comes out good
  23. nemesis
    What's wrong with you people who mentioned about stop bringing the sequel? Movie is also a form of art, let's see how creative the story will be, isn't it? Juz shut up & don't watch if u don't want to watch, no point to bullshit around here...
  24. andy_07
    BRING ON THE SEQUEL, I LOVED IT!!  I would love to see more of these bad bloods fighting the originals in the next one.  that would be freaking amazing!!  oh, unit-731, i have to agree with your comparison of AVP to St. Anger.  terrible, but i still liked it.  what can i say, i am a fanatic
  25. yaujta
    i thaut the movie was awsum, the only thing i would change would be the original predator to have the classic roar again, and the sound effects from the predator vision. im well up for a sequel, wonder if theyl continue with these characters or go in a diffrent direction, jus hope rodriguez doesnt go down his usual 'rediculous' paths.
  26. novaats
    If they do I hope they use the surviving characters now that they've put in the ground work - that and bring back Hanzo, his death wasn't explicit!
    I want to see Grey Back the Elder PREDATOR clan chief from PREDATOR2 one-on-one duel with the BLACK BAD BLOOD PREDATOR elder clan chief or the big SUPER MAN Elde from shitty AVP clan ,with his cool short sword in this one.
  28. MasterRich
    Well as I agree with deGRESSOR that Pred 1 and 2 are the only Predator movies that I like... I don't hate or dislike the new Predators movie I loved it and It's great to have that movie show better respect to the Franchise than the stupid AVP and AVPR films. But i don't think they need to push for more or you will just drain the life from it.
  29. Elorrra
    I can't f***ing believe I have to wait until 19th of August. Envies for you guys.
    Hungary sucks!!!
    By the time it gets into cinemas here with f***ing synchrone ruining the atmospere, you will have it on Blue-ray.  >:(
  30. screamokiemo
    frankaster - wat the f**king f**k, if they make a sequel as bland and retarded as that, i'll f**king kill myself.. hundreds of predators in a civil war, killing one another, with marines(from the alien franchise) on another planet? theres like 10 reasons why that wud be a piss pile of shit, number 1 being that predators work in small doses, thats why theyr scary, having a shit tonne wud completely ruin the f**king thing that makes them a good franchise monster. if your one of the people that keeps asking for an AVP in space and talked shit about predators so help me f**king god...
  31. Argman50693
    I think any Predator sequel that comes out now will get butchered by fans...period. Predators was a great Predator movie.  Best movie ever? Of course not. Better than the original? Nope. Competent sequel? Definitely.  Should they make more? f**k YES!!!
  32. BUGZ
    I just hope he picks a better director! And I would rather not see Predator versus Predator action. It didn't work well on Predators! Reminded me of that Power rangers! Alot of wobbly rubber flying all over the place! MEH!!!  >:(
  33. Tarak'ha
    When and if they do a sequel I hope they divulge more into the clan wars, and not from the Humans, I want to see Preds interacting between each other and actually talking.

    And how about some "Enemy Mine" action, too?  There was a hint of it with Brody and Classic towards the end of the movie.
  34. Predator:Bounty Hunter
    I want to wait to prequal Pre4dators...
    Because they two survivor royce and isabella want to
    find space ship and the new survive,the story is reborn....
  35. screamokiemo
    absolutely FANTASTIC NEWS!! i dunno what half of these retarded people are talking about saying to stop making predator movies. read the quote asshole, 'lets test the market with this one'.. personally i though predators was amazing, and knowing that rodriguez is doing another is great news. but even if u HATED predators, rest easy that the next one is gonna be 'bigger' ' new storyline, new world'. if you've lost hope in predator after 3 movies, then ur a pretty pathetic fan, maybe u should go back to twilightgalaxy and rave on some box offce shit... haha people hu only liked the original are probs the same dumbshits that wanted arny to do a cameo in predators :P
    and as for people talking up another AVP movie, i wouldnt. your all the same, u want a movie, u talk a movie up then shoot it down cos it wasnt everything u wanted. avp is a dead stick, no amount of CGI violence is gonna save that series, so id concentrate on the important stuff like the alien prequels and the next predator movie, cos this series is literally just getting started :)
  36. dachande89
    Wow I think this is good news. I liked Predators... of course classic pred should have killed them all, but thats my beef with the film. I think a sequel can be good, and definitly some pred genocide would be amazing.
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