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AICN Talk To Robert Rodriguez

There’s a short interview with Robert Rodriguez over on AICN. He talks about the treatment that he wrote that was set on a jungle-like Predator planet. They’re trying to find a writer and director but it’s unknown whether the movie will be based on his treatment.

“…With a nod toward Cameron’s ALIENS I decided to call it PREDATORS. I set it on a jungle-like Predator planet. It was just a writing assignment, so I didn’t have to worry about budget constraints or how the movie would actually get made with the technology that existed back then, so I just wrote any cool thing I could come up with.

Fast forward 15 years to when I got a call from Alex Young over at Fox, who had been digging around and found my original treatment. He was eager to get it made and re-invent the Predator franchise using the treatment as a guide. So he contacted me to see if I’d be interested in being involved, and it seemed like the perfect project for us over at Troublemaker Studios…”

Arnie gets a mention but they haven’t approached him about making some kind of appearance. There’s also a little info about the rating. Rodriguez says they haven’t discussed the rating yet but his treatment was very “R”. Thanks to CELTICPRED for the news.

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  1. Andy
    You guys are morons.  The Predators have ADVANCED weaponry and technology.  You know it alls can say all you want how they cant track Dutch.  But the Predator technology can.  I would believe every bit of it.  Because thats the lore of the Predator, their weaponry and their kind are unbelievable and mysterious.  So YES I believe the Predators can track Dutch how they want, when they want.  If your creative about it, it can be believable.  Now shut-up- know it alls.  Quit while your ahead!  This movie has a REAL director taking it over and yet you still bitch!!!
  2. Predboy
    Right now, Im still annoyed about the stupid idea of putting multiple predators in a movie. It was always about 1 hunter taking down a group of hardcore badasses. Now these retards want to put multiple preds in a movie. And I will hate it if they use Rodriguez's piece of shit script he wrote before.
  3. wolfboy
    Sounds like Fox just scoured for any old scraps lying around to make a new Pred movie, cause from what I remember, Rodriguez's script for Predators was pretty bad. Though maybe the franchise needs someone to take it into a new direction anyway cause I definitely don't want another lone predator sent down to Earth to hunt.
    hey g-man!!  that was my idea of a rogue predator coming to earth with no honor and it kills everything and everyone he finds on earth. like from predator 2 having the predator seeing two kids with toy guns and the predator blasts them and having the predator hunt. also the idea of having bounty hunter predators hunting for this rogue predator. was all my idea too. great minds thinks alike. thats what predator 3 should be about and not some dumbass remake.
  5. ubcool
    the first film was set in the present , the second the future(sort of) why not just set it in the past.  get vin diesel or whoever can get a big budget choose an interesting historical confilct/location ie vietnam, iraq, ww2 africa, or where ever,  and get a writer to copy predator 1 , bingo you have made 200 million.
  6. David
    Nice Superman IV reference there BloodyJungle.  FOX has a golden opportunity here. AVPR may have irreparably damaged the alien's reputation but it renewed the public's interest in predators. If they keep this simple and avoid gimmicks then this could be the Predator sequel we all wanted.
  7. Xenomorphine
    No, all they would have got was the Predator's perspective looking very much as if it was soon going to kill its unarmed prey. There were several minutes between then and the detonation. Why would they assume the cause of it was that creature, with it looking disarmed?  And no, Dutch's heat signature was rather fuzzy and generic. DEFINITELY nothing in it you could pick out at any sort of distance, let alone keep track of through buildings and subways.  You'd also have the problem of why they bothered to wait more than two decades even trying to attempt it.  Look at a thermal image from space. You can't pick out individuals using nothing but that. :) And we know it wasn't using anything else to recognise the target, because it was never able to locate prey it knew was nearby, when temperature was lowered.  They have absolutely no way to find the guy or even need to. Besides which, it would contradict how Harrigan was deliberately left alone, once his score was settled!  The only way to do it is for Dutch to be searching for them. Not the other way around.
  8. brian
    I think its possible for the predators to find Arnold. Lets just say the predator in predator 1 sent a video recording to the homeworld before he set the nuke bomb to explode. The predators from all the predator movies not the Avp ones all got the recording of Arnolds type as a human, and the exact heat definition of him. Its alittle complicated, but it can work out.
  9. Xenomorphine
    Brian, how would Predators find Dutch, if they rely on heat vision? It's not like they exactly pick up on any meaningful facial definition. :) Even if they did, they don't know his name or anything. They wouldn't even have any way to know that he was responsible for killing the other one. Even if you assume that the mask was somehow recording everything, it was deliberately disconnected and thrown away, before their last major confrontation.  There's no motivation or plausible way for them to be hunting Dutch, except for coincidence. Much more plausible would be him in some sort of team dispatched to hunt and retrieve them. That's the only way they're likely to cross paths, again.
  10. Brian
    I got a good script. The predators come down to earth in their space ship in  search for Arnold. Thats their only mission is to find Arnold. Once they find him they will have to bring him back to the predator homeworld for a final showdown. If he wins, they will respect him and send him back to earth on one of the little predator space ships. If he loses they will either kill him or put him through another fight. All we need is Arnold to star in it. Trust me if you pay the guy 40 million, garuntee he will do it, i mean who would'nt do it for 40 million. He comes out of office this year anyway so its perfect unless he doesnt run again
  11. Ian
    I don't understand why people are even talking about this.  FOX is so predictable.  They have a release date already?!  C'mon!  Can't you see what is happening?  Next you will hear that it is PG 13 because they "want to reach a wider audience."  They keep turning out this garbage because FOX knows people will always keep coming back in hope.  Why take the time and effort to make a good movie when they can make $$$$ like this.  Its really sad.  Hey FOX!  I have a suggestion for you!!  Why don't you try making a good movie?  You might even make more $$$.  Hmmmmmm.
  12. clovers
    like jonhnny handsome said ,has correct about fox ,alway cut the budget from alien and predator movies,and belife Robert Rodriguez is a great director and, have to gone do same problem like James Cameron and othres  did. Ps.: sorry my engles.Desculpem meu ingles.
  13. dallas121
    Great! Sounds good! I can't understand fans who pissed off every single news. When fox did AVP1...Everybody pissed off it: too much humans...For AVP-R: Humans characters sucks... And now 22 years after Pred 1, yes 22 years waiting for something or someone who can handle the franchise, Fans pissed off Rodriguez...That's uncool, this guy did good movies. Why not given to him a chance? I'm very exciting for Predators...I just hope they will kept pred sounds, and overall music!
  14. g-man
    all i have to say is this - get Stan Winston's company involved for the predator.    i think the story should revolve around a rogue predator who doesn't honor the rituals etc - a real bad a$$ who would even skin a pregnant woman, but the ultimate skilled assassin.  then have a predator or two hunt him and have an all out slug fest.  just my two cents.  i hope it turns out well.  i have a little faith.
  15. Vemados
    Future generations are gonna look at Alien and Predator as those "shitty alien movies" because things like this and the AVP movies are the only things they're exposed to.  Shit, half the people I know are already at that point.  f**k this project.
  16. Xenomorphine
    Domino, they still wouldn't be able to pinpoint who Dutch was or his location. Especially at any kind of range. :)  It's one of the weaknesses with the sequel. Harrigan's allegedly being tracked around the city, but there's no real way for the creatures to have been doing so, given what we know of them. Tracking the only humanoid blob of heat in a jungle is very different to doing so in a city, over the space of several days.  Trynig to find Dutch somewhere on Earth, more than two decades later, would be even more impossible.
  17. Brian
    I like the sound of this. So far out of the news we are getting, it looks like Robert Rodreguez knows what he's doing. The studio added " new bold storyline in the predator franchise", that is a start. Then Arnold mentioned is another good start. Having it been rated r is a another one as well. We just have to get approved by arnold to do the part and make it in the predator homeworld in space during the future. If they do that with a good story, high budget, good director, take time etc, it will be a success. July 7, 2010 is a perfect time to release the film.
  18. Mr. Domino
    The theory in the P2 novelization was that the Jungle Hunter's helmet sent back a recording of his failed hunt right before he turned into an oily spot on the ground. How else can the urban hunter's knowledge of the word 'motherf**ker' in response to 'you are one ugly...' be explained? So the Dutch being abducted theory is more plausible than at first it sounds. Mind you, its still a terrible idea, but...
  19. Xenomorphine
    I'm disappointed b yall the comments on AICN saying how it would be awesome for Dutch to be abducted, on account of his once killing a Predator. The fact taht there weren't any other Predators around to witness it or that things which can only see heat wouldn't be able to recognise him (especially after all this time), seems to escape their notice.   :)  
  20. The Wolf
    You know, I'm still not completely with the remake idea, which it still seems to have some sort of presence of a remake but the more I read on this the more friendly I'm getting with this idea. This doesn't sound half bad. It sounds like its going to be into the future a little rather than the originals.. why can't they just treat it as a sequel then? That would be simple.
  21. Mr. Weyland
    Is this me or are things moving a little to fast, we already have a release date and everything but its not even got a writer or director yet, this is a most confusing production.    :-\  
  22. Mr. Domino
    I'm disappointed already. Not because of the script (which is horrible), or because of the quality of the director (I can't deny that the man knows his stuff), but because of the nature of a lot of his past work. The thing I hated most about AVPR was the rampant gore level. I know some people (a lot of people) get off on that kind of thing, but I personally don't enjoy it. One of the chief reasons I actually enjoy watching AVP is that I can watch it with my family. I found the lack of red paint there very refreshing. There was no less mayhem and violence in AVP than in any other Alien of Predator, but Anderson spared us all the grisly details. I salute him for that. I can only hope against hope that Mr. Rodriguez will follow his example before that of the infamous Brothers Strausse.
  23. Hicks_0998
    Xeno: I guess what's happened here is Fox, in all their wisdom, have acknowledged that okay maybe the last movie of that particular franchise wasn't good so let's get someone who's written a treatment and try to "re-invent", "re-boot", or revitalize it.  We fans know what the mythos and lore of the yautja is and its history and yet some people have no clue so it is safe to say that it's just a money making ploy, quantity over quality aaaaagain.  But it is Fox, we've come to expect nothing less in the last decade or so.
  24. Xenomorphine
    "I just wrote any cool thing I could come up with," is an understatement... The news that this IS being based on that treatment is something which should seriously worry ALL fans of that franchise.  Some parts of it seriously made even the worst scenes shown in 'Requiem' look like a masterpiece.  Also, this appears to show a lack of understanding of the source material: Predators are force multipliers, in and of themselves. There is no need to have lots of them in the same film (only when they go up against several Aliens, to introduce some unpredictability). Unless the script has a cast of hundreds of humans, it completely goes against the ideal of a single intergalactic safari hunter taking down the best of our species, one by one.
  25. Hicks_0998
    Granted we will never see anything of Aliens or Predator quality ever again...but Rodriguez knows his stuff and its been pretty damn good, i just hope the director shares his vision and doesnt f**k it up ala the brothers strause
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