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Robert Rodriguez Interviews

There’s a couple of new Robert Rodriguez interviews. The first can be found on Cinematical and the other on MTV Movies Blog. There’s not really anything new. In the latter one, he says the story will be driven by an ensemble cast and also hints at Arnie having a role.

“Rodriguez confirmed that the story will be driven by an ensemble cast and won’t take place on Earth. And he’s also hoping his version will wash away the taint of the “Aliens vs. Predator” spin-offs. “Maybe people will forget all the bad sequels and only think this one and the original exist,” he laughed. The 1987 original, of course, featured the machine gun stylings of the current Governor of California. If McG could find a way to weave Arnold into May’s “Terminator Salvation,” could Rodriguez pull off the same feat for “Predators”? “I don’t know,” he said. “That would be really great. We’ve talked about hopefully seeing if he could be involved if we see there’s a place in the script.”

Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. Pred34
    I think RR has a lot of talent  But after reading that script i believe he is absolutely the wrong man for the job. He has no business working with a character that has a honorable warrior code that doesnt like to be seen a whole lot. Predator is not like the Alien species in any way shape or form, so why try and copy their movie chemistry. Robert go back to writing stories about sick humans with no honor, hott chicks that unrealistickly shoot guns accurately, kids with james bond gadgets,zombies and criminals and things of that nature. Not a sci-fi alien warrior.
    i have a bad feeling about this movie being made. i just wished that fox didnt get another no talent asshole to direct the predator franschise it was already ruined by the dickhead paul "asshole" anderson and the pricks the strause brothers for doing the avp movies. i think fox should get John McTiernan back to direct Predator 3 or even David Fincher or someone who has more talent than robert rodriguez.
  3. Mick
    Who ever they get for the lead human role, they haft to have a super fit or super human presence or physicality to be able to fight or survive the Predators. Arnold had that physical quality and his character Dutch had a strong fighter and survivor mentality.
  4. Hmmmm...
    Brian, I'm not sure what we're supposed to be agreeing on.... that there are better actors than Arnold Schwarzenegger? No kidding. Personally, I dont want him coming back to the Predator franchise. I lost interest in him when he started "governating" California.
  5. Brian
    I read on "" that Arnold will be back to the movie career buisness. He is making a movie with a couple other guys that might be called True Lies 2 as soon as his job of being governer ends next year. But in order for him to either star or have a camo in Predators, he will have to start getting into work now but there is no way. Maybe he can make some time and have a small apperance, but starring is a whole other different question. Most likely he will have a small role. But i think they are going to have a no name small skinny guy to star. They are not going to have another big muscle head like Arnold again. Unless the one and only Arnold schwarzenegger can play his role as Major Allen Dutch Schaefer who everybody loved. There are two things that made Predator Predator. One is of course the Predator itself and another is the big muscle head Arnold. But who knows maybe this new guy will be just as good or even better. Its not always the looks that makes a good actor or actress. But Personality and skills. You can have the biggest ugliest 500 pounder star as long as he is good. This is the point that i am trying to enlighten and expand. I hope everyone has my support and agrees with me.
  6. Pyroacud
    be nice to have a pred2 pred useing hsi voice record to phuck with you  mind games with it ehheh "want some candy"? also yes honorcode yes but for once let the goddamn predators win! you whould think after  battleing som many  spiaces they whould win for once.
  7. Slugworth
    I like Predator 2. Its nowhere near as good as the original, but it definitely has the vibe of a Predator sequel. I've read/seen a lot of interviews by Robert Roriguez over the years, and he comes across as a pompous prick to me. All the special effects an "ensemble casts" in the world arent going to sway my love for Predator 2. I wish they would re-think this re-boot bullsh*t and just expand on its existing universe.   >:D  
  8. Mick
    The Predator character, scenes, action and story from Predator 2 were just as good as the first movie (thanks to Stan Winston and the director) and make it an enjoyable movie to watch as a predator fan. but the human story could of been handled a lot differently. I like Danny Glovers performance and character, but it would have been more believable if he had packed on 10-15 kg of muscle and his character could have been an ex-special forces guy turned cop.
  9. automirage04
    A gang war in LA is what made Pred 2 seem unrealistic? Seriously? It wasn't the extraterrestrial beings, the space ships or the lasers?  Imo, Pred 2 was a worthy addition to the series, and deserves to remain so. Granted, it wasn't quite as good as the first, but that doesn't mean it was a bad film.   And for God's sake have any of you guys read the script? Seriously its worse than Alien Resurrection. When this movie drops, I think Robert Rodriguez is going to be at the business end of the same rage that the Strauss Bros. got after AVPR.
  10. SGT.Apone
    predator 2 being disregarded would'nt upset me, predator 2 did alot of unnecesery things i mean suposedly theres a gang war in L.A.. in 97 which really takes alot of realism from the story for me and danny glover is not someone qualified to deal with a predator it was like lethal weapon with a pred and was'nt the kind of 80's sci-fi/action thriller i was looking for...
  11. Bladehuntr
    Presonally i think predator 2 deserves to be a part of this series just as much as predators does. and if they want to disregard it then il be realy upset. unless the film is actually better then predator 2, which i don't think will happen.
  12. daniel clavette
    I hope that 20 century fox will be making more alien and predator solo movies in the future and no more alien vs predator movie as well.
  13. Clovers
    Folkes , this is a divorce ,no more AvP movies.Robert Rodriguez  and Ridley Scott and Camreonn Allways think AvP is Estipid crossover.The movies are fallery because Fox put dicks Director `s charnge.Olly Hope is AvP Not dead in comics and Games, becuase of this.
  14. The One and Only
    P2 gets way too much bashing. In my time on the net I've seen quite a few comments from fans that find themselves watching the second entry more than the original. While it might have a flaw here and there, it's still one of favorite flicks out there.
  15. Mick
    Why no love for Predator 2, Predator is a classic and masterpiece and if Predators is as good and entertaining as Predator 2 then I will be happy.    ;D  
  16. pvt. hicks
    But there's nothing you can do about it. Unless you write a letter, which is recommended. Speaking of, did you send that f**king thing yet? Its seriously taking you forever. Just hurry up and write it.
  17. RakaiThwei
    Pvt. Hicks, do you enjoy being an elitist or are you just natrually snarky?  Predator 2 had a good story, more human characters which were relatable, unlike the supersoldier portrayal which Ah-nold provided in the original, and it expanded the creature more so by giving it a warrior's code and a bizarre sense of morals.   Rodriguez's PREDATORS says otherwise.
  18. RakaiThwei
    (Continued)  He's being very subtle about it, but never the less it's right there. He's doing what Bryan Singer did for the Superman films but for Predator by ignoring/retconning Predator 2 and he's even outright said that his film was a direct sequel to the original, thereby ignoring P2 and retconning it. Rodriguez is very smart, and I have to give him credit for playing it smart, but we're not stupid either... No sir. Definately not stupid.   He's trying to say that his film is a sequel to the original, and for those who aren't familiar with the cotinuity or franchise, will mistake this film as being Predator 3. And thats what Rodriguez and Twentieth Century Fox WANTS. However, there are NUMEROUS contradictions in Rodriguez's concepts which conflicts with Predator 2 and he's subtley said he's wanting to retcon it...   I hope others than myself see this.
  19. RakaiThwei
    Twentieth Century Fox has said that this film is not a sequel, not a remake, but a reboot/retcon. The latter being implied by Rodriguez saying that it is a retcon. The evidence was given out by him, and he smiles about it.   “Maybe people will forget all the bad sequels and only think this one and the original exist,” he laughed.  He has said that, right here in the MTV Blog Interview, while it's not necessarily in the video, it is in the written portion of the interview:
  20. Mr. Domino
    Arnold needs to have a small role in this, just to bring some closure to the Dutch character (something even the comics never really did). A big role is out of the question, because he's simply too old, but I'd love to see him in the film in some capacity.
  21. the Dude
    wash away the taint wtf is he talking about there's no taint the alien and predator were meant to be together. this is already a bad sine    :-[  javascript:insertext('  :-[  ','short')
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