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AvP3 Featured in Play³ Magazine

There’s a new AvP3 article in German magazine Play³ and has the scans. Not sure what the article says but there’s a couple of new screenshots.

20090513 AvP3 Featured in Play³ Magazine

In related news, if you have X-Box Live, there’s a new video interview with the developers on there. You can spot a couple of new screenshots too. Thanks to Sykopathic, you can view cam footage of the interview on YouTube.

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  1. mario g
    one of the developers said a pred can rip a marines head of including spine, an the head will most likely blink and try to breathe for some seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and this will be a problem to german censorship)
  2. shinigami
    i don't think there will be any new info. Cuz when an article about this game was in the local PC game magazine there was no new info on this game. Though the new screens makes me happy.    ;D  
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