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AvP3 Featured in PSW Magazine

Following on from yesterdays news regarding the screenshots, it’s been revealed that the latest copy of PlayStation World will have a 6-page article on the new game (we’re currently waiting on scans). However, they have released a small tease on their website:

“”As the Colony continued digging for minerals they discovered ancient ruins that immediately caught the attention of Weyland Yutani, who began doing a more thorough sweep of the rest of the planet. That was seven years ago, and recently the company found what they were looking for, but couldn’t contain it…”

Rebellion also talks about how the hardware has allowed them to do so much more. Keep an eye out here, we’ll be bringing you scans soon(I’m popping out to get the magazine now). Keep an eye out.

Edit: Okay gang! I’ve uploaded 6 super-sized scans of the articles. You’ll find 2 new screenshots (what appear to be ingame screenshots) and plenty of new information regarding gameplay techniques and story. You can check them out in our forums. Sorry for the delay.

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  1. name
    oh man, can't wait for this    ;D    also, Cetanu I think it's a shame it's coming to console it's pretty much guaranteed the pc version will be dumbed down one way or another for the sake of your slow 360 crysis is a perfect example of where pc gaming would be at if it wasn't for consoles
  2. David
    Sorry to break it to you, Cetanu, but any PC built or bought in the last, I don't know, 5 years or so, are significantly faster than an Xbox 360.  Not to mention, PCs > Consoles when it comes to fast-paced FPS games.  Have fun moving your cross hair around in rectangles.
  3. AVP3
    I am actually somewhat impressed with the predator so far besides the whole huge body build to it somewhat of scar but its fine. The marines look like GoW-style space pirate marines are something idk. the aliens are the only thing that im worried about. They should take the body design of the avp:r alien and modifiy it a bit to scale up to every other species.    ???  
  4. Bio Mech Hunter
    Shit! Shit! Shit! I'm excited and pissed at the same time! lol So far, it's looking f**king awesome, but with Rebellion heading up development AND the Strause bros. supposedly being involved... it scares me to think what they'll do with it!   >:(   Especially considering how long we had to wait for this.   >:(    Damnit, I'm REALLY wishing it was put back in Monolith's loving hands.   :-[   Sans "The Brothers Strause" of course.   ;)  
  5. Corporal Hicks
    Okay. I've got the magazine. There is indeed lots of new details and new screenshots. However...the scanner where I am doesn't'll have to wait for me to get home after work or for someone else to scan them up.
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