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New AvP3 Predator Trailer

Sega has just released a brand new trailer on their official AvP3 website. It is a Predator focused trailer:

20090602_01 New AvP3 Predator Trailer

The trailer is a mix of what I assume to be cutscenes from the game, gameplay footage we’ve seen earlier this week and new footage. It is all very Predator focused with the tribal music going on. You can view the trailer at either the official AvP3 website or Sega’s YouTube channel. Thanks to sambomambo for the news.

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  1. Hunter-Hunted
    Rebellion AVP 3   support directx 11    look video  here      Leading game developers discuss the benefits of DirectX 11 gaming, and their excitement around bringing new DirectX 11 games to market working with AMD.   Cant wait end of the year  comming  the new windows 7 with directX 11 support also  the  Radeon HD 5870X2 is 2 x faster then HD4870X2  Avp3 on 1920x1080 full detail 100fps
  2. Mick
    Don’t own a 360 yet, don’t play role playing games either. It would be good from the Predator first person POV to be able to choose the traditional 1 wrist blade instead of 2. It would be good as fan of the Predator movies including parts of the AVP ones if you could choose between the different types or styles of Predator helmet displays or POV. But that’s just my point of view and if other people don’t agree I respect that.
  3. Mick
    It would be good if you could choose between different Predator characters like Predator, Predator 2 (Pussy Face), AVP-R Predator (Wolf) and be able to customize them, with different helmets, weapons, clothes and gear. If any one here knows any of the developers at Rebellion or Sega you should pass this idea on to them, as it would be a great addition to the game.   ;)  
  4. Hicks_0998
    @ Krycek: nah mate you're not the only one, it looks pathetic and makes out as though the Predator *has* to rely on bigger is better.  Ditch the movie AvP predator and go with the first Predator movie pred.
  5. Pontus
    really nice :) .. but i really dont hope the use the same sound for the pulse rifle like in the first game, i really loved the sound in the second, anyway ! cant wait :)
  6. RidgeTop
    Its not a "reboot" just because its not called AVP3.  a Reboot means a complete re-imagining like was done with the new Star Trek film.  This game seems to respect the series established canon.
  7. Shade
    Cannot wait to buy this game. Its gonna kick ass. Although it didnt seem that violent from the trailer, yet i read somewhere that it was suppose to be one of the most violent games ever?
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