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AvP3 Featured in OXM Magazine

For those of you in the US, if you check out June’s issue of Official X-Box Magazine, you’ll find a six-page article about AvP3 with lots of new images and information. As usual, we’ve got the scans – many thanks to Torque Reikan for taking the time to scan it for us.

20090424 AvP3 Featured in OXM Magazine

The article goes into a lot of stuff such as weaponry and equipment. The most interesting information is about the gore. Apparently, the Predator’s trophy kill animation is one of the most “spectacularly violent sequences” they’ve ever seen in a game. So much so they expect that it will be cut to avoid an Adults Only rating in the US. You can check out super high-res scans in this post or check out our Gallery for the scans.

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