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AvP3 Featured in OXM Magazine

For those of you in the US, if you check out June’s issue of Official X-Box Magazine, you’ll find a six-page article about AvP3 with lots of new images and information. As usual, we’ve got the scans – many thanks to Torque Reikan for taking the time to scan it for us.

20090424 AvP3 Featured in OXM Magazine

The article goes into a lot of stuff such as weaponry and equipment. The most interesting information is about the gore. Apparently, the Predator’s trophy kill animation is one of the most “spectacularly violent sequences” they’ve ever seen in a game. So much so they expect that it will be cut to avoid an Adults Only rating in the US. You can check out super high-res scans in this post or check out our Gallery for the scans.

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Comments: 19
  1. pyroacid
    i want preds to mimic device "WANT SOME CANDY?" or be able to record voice chat of players or your own to   to lure them into a hallway or room or cave or in range while up in a tree or behind a tree cloked
  2. Redskins
    Looks great, really excited for this game!  Question though. How is there scans of a magazine from June? That's like a month away....  TIME TRAVEL FTW.
  3. Starkiller
    P.S would be awesome if you could pick one of two marines, choice of 3 predators (pred1 style, pred2/wolf style & avp style) and a choice of alien, pred-alien or queen alien to be playable    :)  
  4. Starkiller
    Cool! screenshots, I really hope this is great game, what platforms is it going to be released for?    :)    I prefer Monolith's avp2 or Third Law's avp2: primal hunt   :)   I dont think rebelion's avp1 or avp: requiem game were as good to be honest    :(   thats my opinion.  Would be cool if the strause's were involved with this game (even though i kno ppl dnt like them) but they are genuine fans of the franchise   ::)  
  5. Alien³
    Looks to be what the AVP films failed to be. Awesome! This is what AVP is all about. Creatures that look like the originals and marines, god damn marines in on the action! Can't wait for this.
  6. shinigami
    I hope that they wont focus on the gore too much. There has to be a really scary atmosphere too or the result may be the same as with AVP:R (Lots of gore and NOT scary at all)     :)    But good news though.
  7. rycher
    this game loooks great and i cant wait for it to come out but im kinda getting sick of this AVp shit in games.... i mean when are we ever gunna get just an Alien or just Predator game again? they pushed back A: CM, which im having doubts thats its gunna come out soon.   >:(  
  8. avp3
    ok so its fair for gears 2 to have extremely gorey violence but avp not to have at least a nice spine ripping trophy execution. esrb these days...
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