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Eurogamer Expo 2009 Coverage [Updated #3]

Updated: Added more cam footage.
The Eurogamer Expo officially kicked off yesterday in Leeds. As expected, a couple of videos of cam footage from Aliens vs. Predator have leaked onto YouTube. The first one shows some alien multiplayer footage and the second one shows some marine multiplayer footage.

Here’s a list of cam footage videos leaked so far:

Please keep checking this thread on the forum for further videos as and when they appear. Thanks to various people for finding the videos.

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  1. konradski
    game looks beta to me rob so its near as damn it the finished product youll be getting ,still disapointed the pounce attack has been taken away was a one hit wonder in me old avp2 days after your buddy stunned the intended victim you smashed his brains out .agree xeno too much all fours bullit running ,also looks very consolized . now to find out if dedicated servers and sdk are out with it on release as the mode,s of mp dont look promising
    - Cam footage (1:37 min) Predator gameplay - Cam footage (2:30 min) Alien/Marine gameplay  They're directing to the same Youtube link.   Also - the 3:00 Alien footage was awesome.   X   8)  
  3. Rob
    Why are people saying that the Alien is bad, it not out yet Rebellion are still working on it, i think the Alien is going to good to play as once the problems have been dealt with !
  4. Darkfox426
    Yep, the tail thingy was nice when he turned. Also right in the beginning, when he jumped atop that wall, it seemed to me that you could see his front legs clutching the wall? That looks nice. A minor thing, but I'd like it, when one is crawling on the ground and can see his "hands" there... certainly fits well.  The map looked a bit small, but if it was some simple deathmatch, who cares. (Well, true that the guy never lived very long to explore it much...) I want to see a huge cool SP campaign for Alien anyway!
  5. konradski
    very small map ,,draw distance looked how they were playing it looked  like it was deathmatch (no pounce .fck me that was in the original avp 2 and gave you the edge on armed bastards ,not only for attack but also for evasion in close combat)  i did like the tail swish when turning.and hopfully when the predator caught the player he was on low health enablng the death blow scene,,didnt see no tail action so i guess the stunn is now gone from the game like its predesesor(another much needed action that gave you a bit more time to attack armed assailants) but it just looks run of the mill from this little snippet and hopfully they release a demo before i consider purchasin on pc as for dx11 balls to that, dx9 like the consoles looks perfectly fine to me
  6. shakermakerman
    why are some of you saying is cus its a console????? Consoles are built for games jeez talk about making exuses, i have a ps3 and a good pc, ill be getting it on ps3 as online gaming is a hell of a lot better than it used to be on consoles...
  7. hope
    The claw attack looks a little weak... poor animation. Every other video I've seen looks excellent (for the marines and predators). I think they still have a lot of work to do on the alien. Hopefully...
  8. Hicks_0998
    Someone tell me if I'm wrong, but when the guy playing turned and did a 180, was that the xenos tail or the other xeno that was on the prowl? Coz if it was the players itd be a nice touch
  9. Fleshtrap666
    Way to double team the pred and the get owned lol. Nice move on the pred sneaking behind him his ass too..Dude must be garbage...  Yeah unless your really used to it console is always a jerky control scheme, I love the consoles but nothing beats a laser gaming Mouse and W,A,S,D.
  10. eh
    i cant f**king believe that i missed this i live in leeds ..for f**k sake it looks allright though its not gonna beat anything like mw2 but still looks as if it will hold its own i just keeping thinking it will get a 7 out of 10 review when its released
  11. Neon_Knight
    This was literally about 10 minutes walk away from me, and it was only £6 per person per day... but they ran out of tickets!  I'm so unhappy that I missed it :(    But yeah, looks frickin' awesome.
  12. Rob
    there isn't much differants with the PC or Console but the PC's contorling a charictor is difficult it puts a strane on you hands & fingers were as the Console it has a controler macking it easy to control.  Anyway, Playing as the Xenomorph looks awesome, from what i read in the latised Xbox world 360 magazien "Its the most promising campaign of all" guys here if you'v got this magazien you know what im talking about.   :D   Xenomorph all the way !
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