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New AvP3 Magazine Scans [Updated]

We have a few new magazine scans. The first is from Total PC Gaming; there’s a eight-page article about the game with some new screenshots. The next set of scans is from PC Zone with another eight-page article and lastly we have a picture of an article from GamePro which has two new screenshots (one seen below).

20090809 New AvP3 Magazine Scans [Updated]

Check out the gallery for the scans. (GamePro and Total PC Gaming are on the first page, PC Zone on the second). There’s some new info if you read the articles. Rebellion mention wanting to do co-op multiplayer for example. Thanks to ikarop, Rimski and jayhy17 for the scans.

Update: Lone Warrior has posted a lot of details about the Alien gameplay which he found in PSM3 Magazine. There are scans further down the thread. You’ll apparently be able to detect enemies through walls using pheromones, for example.

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