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First Aliens vs Predator 3 Screens!!!

The first screenshots from the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator 3 game have surfaced in a spanish magazine called Play-Manía. Not sure what specifics the article mentions but the game will be a first-person shooter. The aliens in the game are also based on the ones seen in Aliens with the ridged heads.

20090422 First Aliens vs Predator 3 Screens!!!

Here’s direct links to high-res versions of the scans: Page 1 & Page 2. Credit goes to Takhen for scanning the article.

Update: Another article can be found in Nuts Magazine [UK]. There’s a new picture plus it says a little about the game. The game is set 30 years after Aliens on an earth-like planet that has been colonised by aliens. There’s three species-specific single-player campaigns, as well as three-way Alien vs Predator vs Human online multiplayer modes.

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    Looks amazing, what you boys think, should it have a coop game mode like nazi zombies from COD 5, imagine setting up sentrys, welding entrances, upgrading whepons, all while fending off hoards of aliens!!!!! Iam blowing my load just thinking about it
  2. AVP
    This can not be true, Please I wish to be true becouse the AVP2 is the best game I ever played... The multiplayer is awsome with gaming modes it has...  Please Please Please ..... I Want the new GAME ..... !!!!!!
  3. PGP_022
    I have a question or suggestion, it would be great as well if the new multiplayer mode had additional concepts like if your a queen you can lay eggs for Ai aliens or build your on hive in a map level. Also it be great if the humans are given more adistoinal classes like APE suit, or a combat synthetic.Plus humans being marines or corporates can fly a drop ship with in detail layout of the dropship interior and APC for players to chat or hang out or go to war and land in a specific area of choice in a map. Also it be great as well if humans could drive the apc and man the APC guns, and have a supply of turrents to set up if holding a postiion or setting up a camp in certain areas of the map to transport their men through hostile or possibly hostile areas. Also the APC can be used to ram through enemies or bust out through weakened walls or closed vechile door warys to help bail out their men if in trouble like that seen in the Aliens movie. Plus preds should have the ability to nuke the entire map like that seen in avp2 mod AJL, with better effects and sounds. Also aliens can have the ability to choose to kill or incapaciate their victims and glue them to the wall near alien eggs spawned from a earned queen playe FOR AI or player spawn(depending if facehugger mode is on or or off for players). Plus co-op mission levles can be added for players to play togehter of fight against each other in obtaining their goals. Also players should be able to play in co-op mode as a squad(number of people in a squad can be customized to host liking) in accomplishing the campaign modes for single player if they like to. Also I hope the in game play graphics are just as good as the screen shots or even better. I also had the idea that if face hugger option is on and if some one is face hugged then that person doesnt die until the alien player chooses to spawn out of the host when ever he/she chooses to. Lol it be great then players would have to watch out for their own men that got face hugged to be suspicous of the unexpected surprise lol. Also if face hugger option is off and a alien player earns enough kills to molt into a queen(if a praetorian), then any eggs the player queen lays then hatch and kill another player team the. AI face huggers or chestbursters can spawn randomly from a player host at any time as well. Plus I also think pred classes or skins should be based on predators from the predator movies, also with the main preds in the AVP movies. I also wonder if the single paler campaign mode takes place after the avp2 one. When the verloc leaves with harrison and some other marines from the corporate research facility planet. It ends with the pred ship tracking them undetected. So I wonder if that leads to the avp3 campaign, it would make sense instead of making up a whole different story. I also think aliens should be able to prevent certain doors from closing or bust through closed doors that are not reinforced.
  4. zengo
    the aliens vs predator 3 game it very god idea,but ralization i more bether,ay love aliens vs predator and aliens vs predator it goin to be a cool kill game.Avp3 on my computer wow f**king sweet...ay hope that it going to by a funkcionaly chest for avp3 game becose game with no cheat realy call of dyuti this game don have a funkcional cheat and for mee call of dyuti sucks,grafik is god but becuse dont have cheat deal of.than ay hope for funkcional cheat on avp3. 2010 avp3 coming and new Serious sam 3 that it two god games in year realy f**king god for gamers. ho agrre with mee that it a quetstion....alien or predator tell mee pleas....
  5. RotatingSpaceTurd
    This looks so awesome I cant wait! I heard that Colonial Marines has been pushed back to 2010...noooooooo!! Oh well better that than a cancellation. Anyways this AVP3 looks awesome heres an excuse to get a big ass 27" monitor...time for twin GTX290s ahahahaa. Put a sock in it HUDSON.
  6. Spoon
    Predators look perfect but still not happy with how aliens look.  Dont like their avp style mouths as they have dinosaur jaws instead of human like alien and aliens. plus head is straight instead of skull shape then it extends out long.  Model looks just like A:CM
  7. CacoDemonBrasil
    Cant wait for this game,but i hope they wont cancel A:CM,if this AvP3 is going to have a better story than AvP2,Will be very interessing
  8. Bio Mech Hunter
    The game is actually looking damn good. Which is a glimmer of hope, but...'s being developed be Rebellion AND the Strause brothers?! Aw FFFFFFf**k. I guess, now we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Damnit...   >:(   Well, that explains why the Aliens look too small, again.   :-\  
  9. Predboy
    Hicks 0998: Its been a while, but Im not going to get all woked up over something that isn't a big deal yet, and we dont even know how the game is going to be. It looks good, but so did AvPR, and we all know how that turned out.   ::)  
  10. scout n88
    Oh and i think the queen/predqueens may beable to make a area into a hive, and a gametype is that theres 1 queen, the queen makes a hive somewhere in the map and lays eggs, the eggs hach as facehuggers AKA players in alien life sycle the facehuggers get the hosts, humans predators ect... and you know the rest.
  11. scout n88
    Here are what i think the classes are: Aliens:  Drone, Warrior, Guard, Runner,PredAlien, Battle alien, Queen (queen must be unlocked in battle with server settings) Predqueen (must molt into queen when you are a predalien, read above for more info about queens)  Predators: Hunter, Heavy, Elder(unlocked like queen) , There will be more predator classes i think, and thanks for reading this.
  12. Xenomorphine
    I honestly believe that these are just some examples of painted or CGI concept art. Some of the details just come across that way, when you look at them, close up.  Also, the only in-game footage we got to view for 'Colonial Marines' looked sort of crappy (especially in the movements). The cinematic looked good, but that wasn't done with the same engine, by any real stretch of the imagination.
  13. Predboy
    Wow, people here are acting like this screenshot is some kind of masterpiece worth jerking off over. Its not that big a deal. Its looks alright, I guess, but Im not gonna start beetin off until I see something real good.
  14. Simbaca
    looks great. But in all honesty I would rather have Aliens CM. I just hope that CM isn't canceled. I also wonder if there is a cover system in AVP3 just by looking at the image. I doubt it though, mainly because this is not game play footage.   :-\  
  15. Hicks_0998
    HOLY f**kING SHIT what we have been waiting for!  Hard to believe the first AvP game for PC came out 10 yrs ago, and this is the most awesomest awesome shot of all time! Dunno about the double wrist bladed pred though
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