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AvP@GamesCom Coverage [Updated #5]

Sega have released five new images from Aliens vs. Predator from the GamesCom convention. You can find all five images in the forum.

20090819 AvP@GamesCom Coverage [Updated #5]

Two of the images are from a marine’s point of view with an alien attacking him. One image involves an alien holding someone down with a facehugger nearby. Another is of an Alien and Predator fighting and the final one is of a Predator and Marine fighting. Sega are also due to release some video interviews soon. Thanks to ikarop for the news.

Update #1: IGN have a new preview up and confirms some multiplayer details: “Up to 18 players are accommodated across all three platforms, and cross-species play will also be fully supported… A four player co-op skirmish mode is also included.”
Update #2: There are a few more AvP previews: EuroGamer, Nowgamer, VideoGamer and CVG
Update #3:
The first video interview is available to watch on You can also download it directly (19MB). The three-minute interview is with Darius Sadeghian who is a producer at Sega.
Update #4:
Some more previews: VG247, G4TV, Gamespot, Gamepro and GamingUnion. Sega have also added a Community Interview with Tim Jones. Unfortunately, no footage was shown to the public at the convention, just to the press instead.
Update #5:
Someone has added some cam footage of the Q&A Rebellion had with the press after the footage was shown. The audio is hard to hear but he confirms a few interesting things. A demo will definitely be released at some point; the singleplayer campaign is supposed to last 12-15 hours.

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  4. hikidz50
    they can shoot themeselves now sweet hey rob r u going to get this for pc or xbox cause im getting it for xbox360 cause avp3 + pc=fail   :-\  
  5. Clovers
    Yes,Hicks,I´m Aware this is Alien/Predator/ AVP site. I´m manga fan , and put the link to members Forum  like Nightmare Asylum and others,afert see thier entusiame for remake for Godilla.I´m little fan from mosters movie like Cloverfield,remake King Kongo and Host. I´m also member but having email Problemes, isn´t for  that , have put link direct in Forum. But what ever,last thing i what to hapen to this site, having dudes  like star wars fan put links that not have nothing to do AvP, for that I´m apolosige and no do that again.Hope not have hovend some Star war fan,but any  case ,i´m apolosige. I´m Portugues have some problemes to write Englis very well . I´m found this picture hope you like.     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  6. Clovers
    Where is footage from alien game play secenario? One Question, can wil play predalien , MAX. Mobile Assault Exoskeleton and extra modes? ............................. ............................. ...................... P.S this to Nightmare Asylum ,Yautja117 ,Aliensesese and Spidey3121 and everone is Big fan to King Of The Monsters , Gojira, me Godzilla.      From EX-Fan to Big FAN´S :this site manga. Remake Godzilla 1954!
  7. Boxing alien
    What the hell happened to the marine gameplay footage. I thought they said that Gamescom was going to be BIG!!   >:(    cool screenshots   ;D  
  8. DragonBossk
    The storyline mentioned in the interview sounds a bit too much like the one from the AVP2 game for my liking.  Rather than Weyland Yutani following the space jockey telemetry and finding another planet with xenomorphs, followed by experiments and a distress call to marines, all thats different is that this time its a predator planet.   Hopefully they will still add some originality to it all.
  9. EpsilonOrpheon777
    yeah i think the "spines" or "fins" or whatever the eff they are on the tails look wayyy too big.  what's up with this suddenly becoming the default design for a Xenomorph?  what happened to the "Scout" Xeno from Alien?
  10. Rob
    I like the Alien holding the Marine's head & what look's like forsing the guy's mouth open for the facehugger to do its thing looks cool.  Spoon i see what you mean about the Alien's mouth, to me it looks a bit like the Alien's in Resurrection
  11. Spoon
    Game looks very promising.  If you want my complaints about creatures I only dislike that hole on the side of the aliens mouth.  It looks more like ADI mouth where they have a dinosaur jaw.  Cant  stand that. Also double wrist blade predators make them look like crap.
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