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AvP Franchise Dead, Long Live Predator?

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about a potential Predator 3 movie. Producer John Davis did an interview with Collider (news is also on Bloody-Disgusting) and he mentions what the future may hold:

You were also involved with AVP and AVPR, which are two great franchises, but they haven’t been able to work as a joint franchise. When are we going to see them go separate? Or are we going to see a third AVP?
John Davis: Well, the Governor has mentioned to me that when he ceases to be Governor, if he doesn’t run for the Senate and all of that stuff, he’d like to do a movie or two again. And I don’t know, maybe we could restart the Predator franchise.

So if Arnold wanted to do it, it’s going to get made?
John Davis: Well we’d have to come up with a really good script and a really great angle on it, but Predator was the first movie I was ever involved with, so it’s always going to have a really soft spot in my heart.

So is the AVP franchise on hold for now?
John Davis: I think we’ve logically done what we could’ve done with the two AVP movies. But I think there’s something to go back to with Predator .

So there you have it. I never thought Arnie would return to acting though, especially in a new Predator movie. However, it’s definitely a positive that they’re ditching the AvP franchise.

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  1. JordanLee
    Well it's obvious John Davis would say this because the more and more involved he is with the films, the more and more Predator we get, because we know John Davis loves his baby!    ::)  
  2. Sulaco
    I truley believe P3 will be like T3 too much time off and watered down, and huge disapointment. Better stick with AvP, because it can't get any worse. Please don't destroy the predator franchise FOX, but you will and I'll pay to see it! How f*cked up is that?
  3. Bio Mech Hunter
    The AVP franchise still has a lot of untapped potential. Even though I feel the Strause Bros. effectively mutilated our beloved creatures, canon, and the franchise, I don't believe it's beyond saving. There's plenty left to do. So long as Fox invests in a high quality film, sticks to established canon as a basis, and don't rush it. It's a very tall order for Fox Studios, though. *sigh*  Personally, I think both the Alien and Predator stand alone franchises have more than enough kick left for one last film each. But it has to be done juuuuuust right. Or their 'gonna crap on the fans again. And one more "Fox-crap-on-fan-film" might end up causing blood shed. lol    :P     :D  
    sounds good to me too but i am hoping they'll get a great script and a great director and most importantly a great director. no paul anderson or the brothers strause doing anymore avp movies, alien movies, or predator movies. i want to see another predator movie so badly!! FOX DONT RUIN PREDATOR 3 LIKE THEY DID TO AVP AND AVP-R!!
  5. Sgt. Marv
      :)     ;D     ;)     :o    Well... we just hope it's good. They better not relate Pred 3 to any AvP project. This film needs Mctiernan and Thomas Brothers to save it... save us... and maybe Fox?!  Alien Franchise ruined. dont bring Ripley back. keep it to Marines and scientists like Doom movie.
  6. Wolfs Girl
    I just wish they would make up thier f**king minds! First they say there wil definitely be an avp3 and it will be set in space. And now they f**king say it's ditched and they are looking at P3/ Well, wtf, they can't f**king do a decent follow up film, what makes me think they have a clue at all? Fox just laves more of a bad taste in my mouth every damned day. Fire them all and get REAL filmmakers working!
  7. Zetec
    I think they should make avp3 but make it a decent movie this time FOX!!!! i dont think we need predator 3 because the avp movies are pretty much predator movies but with aliens.   Fox should fork out a big budget! get a great screenplay from a good writer! either have the brothers strause to return to direct (there not that bad) or get a great film maker! make the 'space epic' that us fans want! and end avp with a bang!  Once that has been done! make alien 5 with ridley scott! and then leave both the alien and predator to rest   :)  
  8. rudy ripley
      ;)   you know there shouldn't have been a AVP 1 and AVP 2. Cause that would've messed up the franchise of the Aliens movies. I was waiting for A5 to continue with Rip or have a story about how the Aliens were let out and why they were let out. With Ripley, well, continue with her being half-human and Alien DNA. She's not yet ready to go back to Earth, and AVP1 was set on Earth and the Alien species were what; fell down to the planet? That was why it open up for AVP1. Your call.
    i would like to see something where the fans could all put an idea foreward of something they would like to see in the next avp "space" movie (even if its just 1 idea each), and if FUX (gud one by the way sulaco) hired a good director who would pay attention to us, maybe the ideas would give them new ideas and inspiration to make a great movie for us?
  10. Keep Rockin
    I'd love to see AVP 3(by the Strauses) or Predator 3 by someone knew...its just great to know that the predator character and franchise still has some life left in it.  AVP and AVP-R were practically Predator 3 and 4 with alien's making special guest appearences anyway.  And so I'm all up for P3, AVP and AVP-R told a single story that sets up the alien franchise in a pretty cool way, it'll be cool to see the Predator franchise move on from battling aliens.
  11. Sulaco
    MrFacehug// Truer words were never more spoken, anyway if P3 is the go, they need to get back to the brutality of the beast. The villian. NO TEAM-UPS FUX, I mean FOX!!!
  12. MrFacehug
    That's the first reason why I hate the team up: It destroys the predator character. The second reason is because that the team up made the predators uber-popular and the aliens hated by the general public (maybe hated is a strong word, but you see my point). And in AvP:R, it didn't matter if the alliance didn't exist when the pred was killing aliens as easy as piercing wet paper. The aliens got more left out and the preds rose in popularity. This is supposed to be AvP, not PkA (Predators kills Aliens). I mean, in a good AvP movie, there should be no team ups and no uber-preds. Then it would be equal and the crowd would appreciate both creatures.  So in AvP 3, they should have normal preds, like the one in Predator 1. Because if the aliens owned the unblooded preds in AvP, and got owned by the Near-Elder Pred in AvP:R, then it should be an equal fight if the preds were normal.
  13. MrFacehug
    Sulaco makes a great point here: A lot of different (sometimes wierd stuff) happens in the comics. In an aliens comic they introduced a king alien, in a predator one they had a predator that killed for pleasure and lived with a bunch of jungle people. And they can do all that wierd stuff in the comics, I don't mind that. And that's simply because the comics AREN'T CANON. The fact that that they included a team up in AvP was ridiculous and completely destroyed the predator character. The predator is supposed to be a villain (maybe anti-hero) in the movies, and because they made him "everyone's best friend the predator" in AvP 1 I got really pissed off. Which I'm sure that a lot of fans can agree with.  (Continue)
  14. Sulaco
    I remember some decent predator comics too, one story had a billionaire who had a predator in a captivity cage for personal entertainment. Good stories these comics are!!  HHHHHMMMMM!!! with retarded yoda face.
  15. davebhamuk
    Predator 3 should basically revisit themes from the first two films. Basically the government after the events of AVP-R get their acts together and realise that Predators are to blame for the incident. The people from Predator 2 who were trying to get a Predator specimen would be given the go ahead to do whatever they need to do etc. So a town in Afghanistan is picked to have their water supply spiked with something that will make the locals more aggressive. We'd follow the guys on the Allied side trapped in the middle of it all and the Predators come to play.
  16. AGodfather
    what is the problem  with the AVP films I dont get it????? AVP and AVPR are part of my favorite films   so can someone tell me what is wrong with them becaus e I really enjoy them YES I said it, ''I enjoy them''  lets talk about business
  17. RakaiThwei
    MrFacehug:   I have no idea why everyone here seems to hate the team up-- whats wrong with team ups? To me I see nothing wrong with it at all. It has been a prevailent thing in the comics, starting from the very first one and it has been a memorable theme to go with.   Sure, AvP doesn't always have team ups, but the original comic had it and it was by far the best comic out there.   AVP paid tribute to the comic by having a team up and never before have I heard such complaining. Whats wrong with it? Do people hate it because it spawned the Subtext Fangirl moment? (Yes, I KNOW all about that)  Why do so many people hate team ups?
  18. Predhunter
    Oh... And why i do believe that AVP franchise is dead? Simple: The Brothers made it perfectly clear that the next movie had to be in space. There´s no other way to do it...  And today, a decent third AVP scifi movie that takes action in space costs at least $100 million!!  Do you think that Fox is willing to pay the bill??
  19. Predhunter
    So, no more AVP, then... Well, i guess Fox dumbasses got what they wanted! They ruined both franchises by creating a cheap one!!   Budgets of $60 milion and $40 milion for the both movies of a combined franchise...What a joke!! DUMBASSES!!!! I can´t believe how they could be so incompetent!  This is a perfect example of what not to do when you´re ahead of a great movie production company...
  20. MrFacehug
    Well, I love the first AvP comic, but I would hate it if they did a film about it. That's simply because Machiko and the pred teams up in that one. Then we'll have another crappy human-pred alliance like the first AvP movie. I was really happy that they ditched that idea in AvP:R. Team ups can be ok, at best, in the comics, but never, NEVER on film.
  21. Xenomorphine
    Rakai: Like I said, if your'e going to use that logic, then the Aliens won in 'Aliens', too. After all, all of the 'warriors' sent to fight them ended up dying or too critically injured to be of much use - and Ripley ended up being host to a Queen.
  22. RakaiThwei
    Nish Nish: Absoloutely not at all. No mention of the Alien Origin, Homeworld-- nothing at all.  The Peter Briggs script is a screenplay adaptation of the original Dark Horse Alien vs Predator comic. It has Dachande, Machiko, basically it's a script if the original comic were to be a movie.   I've read it and it's pretty faithful to the original comic.
  23. nish nish
    ^^ RakaiThwei  I have not read the script yet, will later when I have time.  But one thing, does it do anything to ruin the Alien canon?  (Meaning Alien origin, homeworld, and space jockey's)  If so I don't want to read it, if not I will read it and a AVP 3 movie in space avoiding the above would be alright
  24. RakaiThwei
    Xenomorphine: I say the Aliens won in AvP for the sheer fact that essentially, all three Unbloodeds, Celtic, Scar and Chopper immediately died during their first hunt. Chopper being the first, Celtic being the last-- and Scar, ended up being a host to the PredAlien. Technically, in retrospect, the Yautja lost in the events of AvP-- despite Scar being alive and being blooded after his first kill.
  25. Xenomorphine
    Rakai: The first film had all the Aliens dying and lots of Predators living on in their spaceship. The Alien nest was destroyed, along with the Queen and eggs. If that's what you call 'winning', then that means they 'won' in 'Aliens', too.  Darkness: Of course a good such film can be made! It just depends on who's involved with it, just like any project on film.
  26. RakaiThwei
    Well, we got opinions out of the way-- but one thing I think we can agree upon is that AvP3 should be set in space or on a colonized world. If you ask me, I think they should do a film adaptation of the original comic. Infact, in 1994, Peter Briggs had pitched in a screenplay adaptation of the comic. Very few websites happen to have this old script and I think Fox should at least consider doing Peter Briggs' script.   You can read it here at Alien Legend:
  27. Griker
    they're ditching the AvP franchise WTF!!!!! what about AVP 3 set in the Alien future like in the Novels and Pc games what the FU!@#!@#!@#!!!!!!!!! they didn't present AVP to its fool aspect    :'(  
  28. nish nish
    Re-watching AVP R (yes I own the crappy movie and the first one, got both with coupons, so I only paid $2.86 for the both together (two disc version each))  It really did feel like a Predator movie, and I said that the first one does too.  The Aliens are hardly in the second film and they are in the first one a lot more.  I do not really think they hide the Aliens well, it was not scary, they needed a different director to get that aspect of scaring the audience with the Aliens.  I probably would have liked AVP R a lot better if it were for these things (and many other things, but I will just list these few)  1.  If the movie was not so damn dark to hide the crummy effects  2.   If the Predalien was used more and the Aliens  3.  If there was more predators  4.  Scrap that last minute ending (this is the main one, get rid of this ending with Yutani and I would have like the movie a lot more, it totally screws up 'Alien' and the Alien franchise)  5.  Did not show the Predator homeworld (leave this to the Predator franchise)  6.  Better actors and dialogue.
  29. MrFacehug
    Ok, first, I have to agree with RakaiThwei: The AvP movies are good. Second, I have to agree again: Wether or not you like the movies is your own choice. And third, the reason that AvP:R are considered a "bad" movie is because of all it's flaws. If I would think like a critic, I'd probably say that the movie was horrible. It has a bad script, bad acting and bad lightning. Really, the only thing that makes me like this movie is cause I love seeing the Aliens and Preds duking out.  And that also answers your question about who's saying that AvP:R is bad. It's critics who judge the movie from those rules, and they're actually right on that part.  And lastly, I have to comment on the thing you said about AvP:R being made by Predator fans: That's total bullshit. The directors never had the intentions in making a movie that Predator fans would love, and Alien fans would hate. They just had a special opinion on the whole thing. They wanted to please the Alien fans by making the Aliens scary and sneaky instead of action packed. And they wanted the Pred to be the opposite, cause they thought that in that way, both fans would be pleased. It just didn't work out that well.  (Oh, and sorry about the bullshit part; That ruined my otherwise polite reply... XD)
  30. nish nish
    Also, I always thought Alien 3, Alien Resurrection and Predator 2 were and are great, never understood the negativity towards them.  So what if Hicks and the girl were dead in Alien 3, I did not care.  Alien and Aliens are good, but way overrated, as is Predator.  All are good though
  31. nish nish
    That is the thing I hate about avp 2, the inclusion of weyland Yutani, WHY!!!!!!!!!?????????????????  Totallt ruins the canon of Alien, I ignore that ending, especially if they did a AVP 3.  That is a good thing they won't do it, because I don't want the mystery ruined anymore than it has been already.  Oh my gosh.........Alien Resurrection is like Shakespeare compared to AVP 1 and especially AVP 2
  32. RakaiThwei
    The older films are great, there is no denying that-- but I recall much negative hype when Alien 3 came out. Now people say it's great. Same thing with Predator 2 when Stephen Hopkins gave the Predator a thing called, oh, whats the word-- yeah, character! Now people say it's gold.  What does everyone want? Everyone from the original films to reunite for a Alien, Predator or an AVP film? Sounds like it.. Everyone wants Jim Cameron to direct? Sounds like it.   Jim Cameron has other projects to work with other than Alien or Predator. Weaver has been type casted and is so disgruntled with it, she hesitates on doing another Alien film. Arnold is busy running California, and if he runs for Senate.. well... hang it up.  Well.. if it's a crime for me to see AvP3, or even liking the AvP films, then I am guilty as charged.  I'm not robbing anyone of their opinion, if they hate it, I can accept it. There is no problem with that. But to me, from how I see the hate, it just screams alot of things..
  33. RakaiThwei
    First off, I KNOW a bad movie when I see it-- Alien Resurrection, now THAT was a bad movie over all! Hell, not even Joss Whedon can talk about the movie without bursting into tears. Seriously, the man becomes a water fountain if you talk about Alien Resurrection with him.   And AvP and AvP-R shitting all over the previous movies? What? I find that hard at all to believe. Seriously, I do. AvP was made by Paul W.S. Anderson, who has a bad streak going on when making movies, there is no doubt about it but AvP was, in my opinion, good.   AvP-R was good in my opinion as well, they returned to the Predator roots and added more to the story. It explained how WY came to know about the Alien way before the events of Alien happened.   Look, I don't know about any of you, but all I have been hearing is nothing but hate for these two movies. I for one, liked them for what they were. All I am hearing are major comparisons to the older films.. You have to account the nostalgia factor when comparing the newer films to the older ones.   (Continued)
  34. nish nish
    I think a good avp movie could have been made, but that time is way to late, that time is gone, 20th Century Fox screwed up big time with their terrible decisions, especially their terrible decision to let two inexperienced brothers direct the really pointless, atrocious and embarrassing second movie (not to mention, a easy, crabby cash grabber).
  35. nish nish
    ^^RakaiThwei  Apparantly you do not give a damn if two movies (avp, and avpr, especially avpr) shit all over the other Alien and Predator movies.  That much is clear.  It is not narrow mindedness.  It simply is common sense.  I was looking forward to AVP 1 when it came out, I enjoyed it but was still disappointed with it, and was not looking forward to AVP 2 at all, maybe except for the Predalien, but then I saw the movie was more disappointed in it than the first one, I did not think that was possible, but they achieved a worse movie than the first one.  Predalien was underused and could barely be seen.  Both trash films, and avoiding a third one is a good thing, unless the third one has nothing to do with the second avp movies would that be of some interest.  If a third VP movie was done, avoiding space joickey's, alien home world, alien origins, then that would be alright, I do not want to see that stuff done at all, leave some mystery in the series.  I was pissed with the Predator homeworld being shown in AVP 2, when that sort of thing should not have been revealed unless it was a Predator movie, which the movie basically was anyway.  I don't know why people say AVP 1 was a Alien movie and AVP 2 was a Predator movie, when both feel like Predator movies, and bad movies at that.
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