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Sam Park’s Predator 3 Script

Sam Park, who wrote a script for Predator 3 a while back has been speaking to MovieHole and says a little bit about his script:

“And “Predator 3”? “Who knows? All I know is that once upon a time I and Clay McBride wrote an unsolicited treatment for “Predator 3” that Joel Silver liked but he wasn’t interested in producing because he was creating product exclusively for Warner at the time with no connections to Fox who owns the Predator franchise. Everyone that read Clay and my story treatment thought it was terrific along with how it sets up more sequels with unusual twists. I think that if I’m ever to have a chance at pitching a Predator idea to Fox I’ll have to succeed with one of the other script projects first. “

If I remember correctly, his script was called “Predator 3: The Deadlier of the Species” and features Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, Dutch, in New York during a blizzard. A Predator comes to New York and tracks down Dutch to try and kill him.

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