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Sam Park on Predator 3

Over at, Sam Park, a future scriptwriter for Predator 3, has spoken about the future of the film and what would happen now that Arnold Schwarzengger is now in politics:

“You might remember a while back we heard from screenwriter Sam Park, who has a ‘Predator 3’ script he’s trying to turn into a film. Originally, he wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise his role of Dutch – from the first film – but ultimately came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t really matter. With Arnie now governor, does he still feel the same or was he still quietly hoping it might’ve been something Arnie could’ve done? ‘The sad thing for us Arnold fans is that with the right script and direction he could still be powerful at the box office.’

“‘Arnold probably viewed T3 as the last chance to prove he was viable and despite its money, it was no huge hit’, Park says today. ‘But Predator 3 could be done with any number of young muscleheads out there. The Dutch character is now long been out of play (and that is Arnie’s problem) that putting a new actor in the role wouldn’t cause any problem (my fourteen year old nephew had never seen the first Predator until last year). Not only could FOX get more mileage out of their Predator franchise, they could also create a new action star in the process. Hell, even make some more bucks off of the Dutch character in spin-offs in video games, an animated cartoon TV series, toys, etc.'”

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