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The Rock in Predator 3?

Horror movie website, have posted a rumour that Fox are considering choosing The Rock for the lead role in Predator 3.

“According to Sam Park, who’s script ‘Predator 3: The Deadlier of the Species’ is most likely going to be the script chosen for the eventual film, it’s an obvious choice….The Rock.

“‘I think this is an excellent idea and could insure the franchise continuing on for many years – Clay McBride and I have definite ideas for sequels with some bizarre twists for the Dutch character and the Predators that we believe will keep the franchise stories fresh and exciting for decades’, says Park. ‘Mind you I and Clay do NOT have any involvement with Fox in any way at this point. It’s their franchise and characters to do with as they please. Hopefully we’ll get a crack at presenting the Predator 3 story treatment to them soon’.”

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